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Word processors like Microsoft office are good but when it gets to the nitty gritty of grammar Grammarly is the add on to use. I love that in the same email windo off to the side is a helpful grammar check- it kind of feels like my friend paperclip from word 93 is back in 2.0 form! This will catch all sorts of grammar mistakes - ones you didn't even know you were making! Heck, you'll probably learn a lot just from the add-on feature. It works with Microsoft office programs perfectly and you can be rebellious and don't have to accept any of the reccommendations if you don't want to! They're all suggestions...suggestions that will make you sound smarter - but hey, that's not for everyone!

There's a lot of reasons to like Grammarly, and integrate it into your daily life. Here's the reasons I love it: 
- It operates quickly and quietly on your device. There's no difficulty in setting it up and beginning to use it. It just hums along quietly in the background, offering accurate suggestions and feedback. 
- Of the tools I've used, Grammarly seems to be the most reliable and accurate. Very seldom do I dislike the recommendations it makes. It also has the ability to catch errors that other, similar platforms just don't seem to catch. 
- It works across multiple platforms - even in your Chrome browser. They've also improved their connection/compatibility with G Suite tools, in general, which is great to see. 
- You have the ability to customize and add words that you commonly use, but are not widely recognized. 
- Somehow it has the ability to notice correctly spelled words that are placed in the wrong setting. This is an impressive feature. 

Grammarly is very easy to use... 
Very easy to install, and compatible with virtually every device. With Grammarly, the user has the advantage of having their content always checked for grammar and syntax errors. Above that, the software comes with the option for automated correction of the identified errors, so that the user has the easiest time editing their work. 
It is a very cheap software, thus affordable to most content creators, editors, and publishers. 
Besides, it is a tool that one can completely rely on for excellent grammar in any form of writing.

An extra feature offered by this software is the plagiarism checker tool, which though a premium service, is a very useful tool for content creators, as well as scholars who need to publish their work. With Grammarly, every user is confident that the work they publish is authentic, for Grammarly is able to detect any plagiarised content, giving the user a chance to correct the violation.

Grammarly is the best-known online grammar-checking tool, which facilitates and enhance the business communication and thus enables you to sound more professional in your emails. 
This is an extremely easy to use application and works well on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It allows the customization of text and lets you select American/British English. This feature helps when you want to direct your message to a specific audience. 
It provides a proofreading to your writing on your behalf and it would point out the smallest mistake in your text-grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Simultaneously, it would improve your vocabulary by suggesting words that you would not use very often and make you customary to those words. 
After using the free version of this application myself, I found the application to be amazing and I suggested having this application for our recruiters. We use this application on daily basis now and it has enhanced the email transactions between our recruiters and potential candidates.

It checks your written text on all websites - you won't do spelling or grammar mistakes anymore. 
2. It is Windows supported, also there is a version for Microsoft Office Packet - which is perfect because many people use the Office Packet to write documents. 
3. There is free version - you can try the program and if you like it, you can use it free, but if you need something more, you can upgrade to a paid version, which is on good price and supports many useful features. 
4. You can set your own dictionary - when you use some kind of words that are written by your own and you do not want the program to correct them. 
5. The program checks not only spelling mistakes, but also grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes, which impresses me. 
6. There is a support where you can find answers on problems you cannot solve with the program. 
7. It is easy to install. 
8. It does make you happy to write and do not think about if you are correct all the time - the program does it instead of you. 
9. It improves your writing skills.


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