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Welcome to everyone want to make money online and have no budget or want to avoid the risk of wasting money on many fake promising opportunities. If you tried to make money previously and did not find the suitable opportunity or your trials failed with no results. I recommend to you some of the most trusted ways to make extra. These programs do not need sign up fees or monthly subscriptions, it entirely depend on your regular daily activity. Your inspiration to make attractive unique ideas and building awesome website upon this idea to attract thousands of visitors seeking your content to solve their problems about this idea. Your ability to learn and mastering some skills. Your ability to refer others, your welling to succeed.

Firstly, before coming to the opportunities, I will discuss the most annoying, daunting part in any business which is building reliable, happy, active followers whether visitors to your website or referrals to your programs, keep introducing valuable resources or products to your followers.



This is the greatest make money online method, most important, daunting task on the web, but worth millions of dollars if comes to life. First make a website with unique interesting content. Then SEO it to rank in the Google first page to your relevant keywords. If you beginner you well need much time and effort to make a website and mastering SEO. There is many easy applicable platforms that help you build reliable websites. I use WordPress,my precious advice to you and also to me. Start making it yourself through pracise. Do wrong things, test, then correct your mistakes. Day by day, whatever the time you spend, be patient until you become a professional web developer, also start applying SEO steps. Test your results, correct your mistakes, increase your knowledge to acquire seo expertise, by applying the juice of all this skills. You well get great websites, valuable skills. You may one day start making money as a freelancer using your skills acquired from making websites, seo, otherwise if you want quick result you need to hire someone to build your site and optimize it for you to get a website which turns to renewable. Lasting resource for make money online that does not end.

The best free known method to get tons of referrals depend upon posting to relevant Facebook groups using auto poster

This strategy well known by many marketers. Make multiple Facebook accounts. Join 10 or 20 groups a day to reach thousands of groups about making money online. Work from home, passive income, PTC industry and so on. Then buy cost effective auto poster. The best one there is the total auto poster from the totalautoposter. It cost you 27$ for 6 months, 52$ for one year. Then start making some attractive ads with your links, with patience you well seen the referrals flood into your email.

One from the best-paid methods to start for free, cost-effective is through bidvertiser

This is CPC program(cost per click). When you join, you well receive bonus 20$ to start your campaigns. Watch the results.

Other free methods make money online to apply

Expand your social media presence. Join all social media platforms. Grow your network of friends and followers. There are many ways out there to increase your friends and followers. But i realized that the best way is INTERACTION. Give one hour a day follow influencers in the market. Re-post, re-tweet their posts, tweets. I get more than 4,000 twitter followers in one month applying this strategy. While expanding your social media presence. Post your links or website to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Tumblr,Googleplus,Pocket,Discus,Stumble upon account….etc. Visit forums, traffic exchange websites, email safe lists, email exchange websites, yahoo answers, Quora digest, other social communities and promote your link.

Other paid methods

Including social media paid ads, solo ads, CPC networks(cost per click ) involving Google, Bing, Bidvertiser, PTC websites and so on.

how to earn money online fast and easy without investment

How to make money online from your website?

Your website is your interface to the world, through it you well introduce yourself, tell your stories, your experiences, introduce, offer your services, sell your products, it represent your offline store where your goods is hosted, you well earn money from your website in three aspects:

1-Google adsense contextual ads.

2-Niche marketing.


The same strategy is applied for all aspects which is dominating search engine results in the first page to the relevant search, you well start through four stages :

1-Choosing interested topic or niche

2-Mapping your website


4-Optimize your website for the search engine.

Of course all of us know that each stages from he above worth hundreds of pages, but i well summarize and discuss the most applicable aspects to accomplish every thing as easy as possible to help us succeed in this complicated process, so please follow me for the updates and completion of this work to be useful.

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to work with other businesses on the Internet. When I sign up for any company, I really want to be recommending them to everyone. The only thing need to do is refer your customers to these sites. After a referral buys something, I gain a small commission. Affiliate programs charge large commissions on some of the products.

Amazon Associates

The most popular affiliate program, Amazon affiliates, can commission up to 10% for direct sales of certain products. Because of its huge offering of products, Amazon’s affiliate program is perfect for marketeers, bloggers, and even individuals without their own website.

This A-Z Amazon Profits Blueprint reveals the secrets of promoting your affiliate links with your own blog, Facebook Ads, and other online marketing methods to generate massive profits.

EBay Partner Network

Similarly to Amazon’s affiliate program, eBay’s Partner Network helps bloggers and website owners whose products and services are specialized. It’s possible to promote almost anything on eBay since it has such a massive inventory.

The eBay affiliate program offers tools to assist affiliates in making the most of their earnings. You can use these widgets on a blog to display recommended eBay listings based on the content of the blog post or on keyword usage.

CPA Affiliate Networks and EBay are cost-per-sale affiliate programs.

With affiliate programs like Adwork Media and Affiliaxe, you can promote CPA – cost-per-action – offers such as online games, dating websites and free software trials.

CPA offers can earn thousands of dollars per day when promoted with the right network, offer, and marketing method. A few marketers earn the bulk of the CPA income, however, as is true for most online ventures.

Here are some common and easy ones to get into.

  • Adwork Media
  • Affiliaxe
  • CAN Network

2. Google Adsense

My website generated $0.18 the first week that I had Google ads, but there was a big jump the following week. It may be possible to pay my web host by the end of the month with my earning rate now.

3. Google Search

Works very much like Google ads. People use your search tool, buy something, and then you get paid. 

4. Selling Ad Space

With a web site that has high traffic, you might be able to sell ad space. 

5. Selling E-Books

Do you have knowledge about some aspect of your craft or hobby that people would pay to learn as well? Then write an e-book about it.

You ought to make some extra money. You write a quality e-book, then you simply fill orders. In fact, you could have it set up so that once the e-book order has been processed and paid for, it goes out automatically using an auto responder, so that all you need to do is go to the bank to collect the money.

Paypal has a function that will do this for you. For example, if you would like to buy this Ebook I have on here about ‘Affiliate Marketing Mistakes’ for $1.99, click on the PayPal buy now button and see the process with download link after payment done via paypal.

By far the best methods for earning money online is by CPA Networks listed above, for some of the offers you don’t even need a website. The next best would be with Google Adsense and then selling any EBooks that you have the rights to.

make money online

How to earn money online fast and easy without investment: Doing various tasks

ADF LY is URL shortener and revenue sharing website, pays since 2009, highly trusted with few or no cons, the site earns money from advertises and share the revenue with publishers when they share the shortened links to the web,after you sign up, bring your links within the shorten box of adf ly,then start to post them through websites, YouTube channels, social media platforms, forums, and so on, when someone click your link, the adf ly ad well appear for 5 seconds that what you get paid on, for 1000 clicks you may earn from 4 to 9 $, there are many ways to get 1000 clicks or more.

How to make money online 40-50$ a day from adf ly ?


Make at least 5 accounts, join 1000 groups or more for each account, choose groups with different interests about making money, beauty, news, dating, health care, weight loss and so on, choose 100 different useful articles, shorten the links, adjust your auto poster to the selected groups according to the chosen articles after adding your attractive description on these links, leave the auto poster doing the job for you and watch thousands of clicks, NB. use three accounts and reserve the other two to used if you blocked.


Make multiple twitter accounts for different niches, for example, one for making money, the other for beauty and so on, start to increase your followers, the best way by interactions with the best influencers in the specific industry, favorite, re-tweet, follow, re-follow, by this way you well get tons of followers, choose interested tweets, websites, articles, add them to adf ly, then mask your adf ly using bit ly shortener, make attractive tweets, add your links, submit to buffer, watch the results.

For example shorten some articles about social media marketing, get it from socialmediaexaminer site, they have highly valuable articles about social media marketing, use totalautoposter for Facebook, buffer for twitter start posting to more than 1000 groups, 10 twitter accounts, If receive 10,000 clicks everyday, it well make you 40 to 50 $


This program pays since 2004 and belongs to the which also owns Donkeymails, No-minimum, YouroMail, GetPaidMail, Planet-Traffic, Jillsclickcorner, the site earns money by selling ads, banner impression, email ads, the revenue of the site divided on the members according to their percentage of shares, so if you have many numbers of shares, you get more money, you earn shares and money here by many ways, reading emails, click ads, sign ups, surveys, offers, tasks, contests, lotary and so on, In order to make good money from this site, you must increase your shares by doing all activities that add shares to your account involving the site described activities , but if you want more shares quickly you can buy shares and keep active every day, grow your income by getting more and more referrals quickly by buying ad coops( mass campaigns by the site, through promoting your links all over the web by using free and paid advertising and so on, build website and SEO it (optimize it to rank in the Google firs page of search for relevant words ), this is very hard work and need long time if you intend to do it your self, however it worth your effort and time if you suceed in this process and become SEO expert, this means a lot money for you, otherwise if you have some budget search for web developer, seo expert to make your site to get quick and better results.


This program also belongs to multimoneygroup, it pays since 2005, you well get paid reading emails, click ads, sign ups, make reviews, offers, lotto,…etc, the best way to get referrals is upgrading through the program, i get 8 referrals within the first month after upgrading to super big donkey with only 7.99 $


Another one owned by multimoneygroup, It pays since 2002, you well get paid reading emails, paid to click, paid to sign up, point to click, paid manual surf, paid auto surf, lottery game, heads or tails and so on, the best way to get more referrals quickly through upgrading, they advertise your link to grow your network and subsequently their network.


Another program also owed by multimoneygroup, many channels to make good money including paid to click, surf, search, reading emails and so on, the best and quickly way to get referrals is through upgrading, otherwise start to promote through social media specially Facebook groups using auto poster and many ways, read it in my second post.


Another program owned by multimoneygroup, it pays since December 2005, you well get paid reading emails, click ads, surf websites, promote the program, sign up, grow your business by getting more referrals quickly through upgrading, buying referrals, otherwise apply free advertising through many ways discussed later.


_ELITE WEBSITE,advertise your business and earn for free, This is a type of traffic exchange program, you earn credits surfing people websites and use the credits to advertise your website, the best thing that you also earn some money reading solo-ads, up to 20 a day through all the day worth.003 $ for each solo ad you read, also you earn 6 cent per 100 ad surf


Great program to make money, multiple ways to earn doing surveys, reading emails, playing games, doing search (up to 15 cent daily ), completing offers, watching videos, the minimum payout is 30$, after sign up you get 5$ bonus, by regular work you well reach the minimum payout and more, keep working with others.


Another website similar to Inbox Dollars, you earn money doing surveys, playing games, doing search, watching videos, completing offers, you well get sign up bonus 5$, you well enjoy when you get invloved and stucked in the website.


Great highly reputable GPT program, multiple ways to earn, you well get paid clicking ads, reading emails, doing search, listeninig to radio, completing surveys, surfing websites, but be careful about their warning system which punish you with warninigs if you do not follow their instructions carefully, if  you accumulated more than 3 warninigs, your account may be banned, so keep working carefully.

11-Treasure Trooper

_GPT website (get paid to), Earn cash with offers, surveys, search, videos and so on, there is huge amount of surveys but with geographic limitations, your profits comes from advertisers ranging from 0.5$ to 160$, it is a good place to make much money specially the offers with free trials.

affiliate marketing


This site is a kind of rewards sites, you can earn cash by completing offers, surveys, playing games, contests, shopping, this site pays since 2006, this website have a great advantage which is the payment wall where the payments proofs to all members are shown , some exceed 1000$, also another great advantage is the forum where is members share their experiences about the site.


Great program with beautiful funny interface,  earn money completing surveys, offers, tasks, radio listening, watching videos, social sharing, playing games, you well enjoy your time working with the beautiful interface and make some money.


The first GPT program, pays since 2006 with multiple ways to make some money, beautiful interface, social community, forum level evaluation, earn coins by viewing ads, completing surveys, offers, watching videos, awesome program you well enjoy it very much and make good money, read my guide about making money from Get-Paid (coming soon ).


The best online PTC, pays since 2007, mainly start as PTC, Now you can earn money by viewing ads plus completing offers, surveys, tasks, luck grid, The best thing in Clixsense that it do not use the rented referral system which considered the biggest scam to collect people money, it depends on direct active referrals.


ELITE Free rewards and paid ads program pays since 2001, you well recieve email ads in your box, click the ad and get 2 cent, they may send one email per two-three days, they have affiliate builder program to build your referrals system with a very little cost 6$ per month.

17-Global TestMarket

Earn money online giving your opinion, the most famous and best free surveys platform online, completing surveys, refer your friends to make extra cash.


Great program, highly paying reading emails and doing surveys, send more than three or four emails per days with surveys to complete starting from 50 cent, have geographic targeting with less or no surveys for middle east, but still you can earn 10 cent daily from reading their emails, keep working and refer others to increase your earnings.


Earn money completing surveys, referring friends, the best survey program for middle east and north Africa, infrequently send surveys to your email inbox, some of them highly paying.

20 -Become an affiliate and Earn money online

This program from the best affiliates programs online will teach you how to become a successful affiliate. It offers written, video lessons, tools, tips, and supportto beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey.

21-Make 6-Figure income,Explode Your Business And Build Your List For Free

Make 6-figure income, THE is a recent Best program to make money online, with some of the best known successful marketers involved in this program, it mainly about getting leads and building your customer email list, i searched many reviews about this biz opportunity and read most of them, still confused, however if you want to involved, you can try it one month cost 1$ $, otherwise build your free list for free, it also have excellent advantage as the site contains all sources of traffic and categorize it to be easy arranged and accessible, if you tried it and get comfortable, so ok to upgrade and pay them 99$ a month but they help you earn money through clickbank,generally no risk to join with the free one month trial they offer.


This is Elite PTC site paying since 2009, multiple streams to make money, get paid to click ads with different levels, completing offers, completing surveys, surf websites, clix wall ads, Facebook like ads, luck grid, PTSU offers, traffic exchange, radio listening,the site earns money by offering high quality advertising services.the minimum payout is 60 cent with multiple payment options including Payza, Paypal

23-Get paid to chat

Wow application is a new chat application similar to whatsapp, but this program share its revenue from advertising with the users, you well get paid sharing others, sending connections, accepting connections, making calls, sharing anything, referring others you well enjoy chatting, also making some extra money.

24-Get paid testing applications

Here you compensated upon testing applications from appcoiner website and writing reviews for the tested applications.

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