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You may be selling goods on eBay as a part-time job, a left-hand job to earn 5 to 10 million a month to cover family life. Or like me And many others that is a serious, full-time job - Building a business that really generates a few thousand dollars or more on eBay. Obviously, Selling on eBay, Amazon is more and more popular in Vietnam, and it will grow stronger in the future when e-commerce is growing, and people's demand for online shopping is more and more. higher.

Having taken eBay selling as a serious business, we need to focus on building account credibility and find ways to avoid suspended accounts. We must understand eBay's laws, constantly updating eBay's policy changes.

But not everyone understands eBay's rules clearly. Without understanding the law, an inevitable consequence is that on a fine day you will most likely receive an email notification from your SUSPEND account from eBay. Suspend has become a business obsession on eBay. For newbies, you can be Shocked, anxious, or turn down bored by giving up dropshipping here.

OK! In today's article, I will guide you through the most basic steps to suspend eBay if you accidentally or intentionally fall into a risk situation in this business.

Of course, we won't get the guarantee we will get reinstated all accounts after being suspended but why don't we try.

Step by step to get back Suspended Ebay account

The opening story, On a beautiful day, while hanging out with your lover, or chatting with friends about a passive income on ebay. Then you received an email from eBay “Your account has been suspended”

OH No! Shock is the first feeling that comes to mind when reading this email. But try to ignore that emotion. And calmly consider the issue:

First of all, you review your account. Review all your buying and selling actions on eBay.

If you are a newbie you most likely made basic mistakes like copying photos, titles, descriptions freely from another seller or another website to add to your listing. And this does not allow eBay.

Or you are simply new and you do not know that you must not sell the copyrighted work without the permission of the owner.

After that, you need to calmly read the email content carefully. eBay won't just exactly why they suspend your account, but read it carefully and go through its history. One of the reasons for account suspension is:

  • Failure to pay fees on time.
  • Your payment method has expired or is no longer available.
  • Violates eBay policies such as VeRO - copyright policy.
  • Selling fake goods, counterfeit products of a certain brand.
  • Arbitrarily copy photos of other people added to your listing.
  • The listing contains offensive content.
  • Selling simple, forbidden list products such as drugs or homemade weapons, explosives.
  • Leave Vietnamese in listing.
  • Buying and selling cheap products (under $ 1) in order to exchange feedback for each other.
  • Unusual trading activity such as a list of goods right after setting up an account.
  • Set up multiple eBay sales accounts.

… .. etc

Sometimes you do not know if a certain product is really allowed to be sold on eBay or not, you simply see other sellers selling and you also sell. This is a common mistake, especially among novices. It is also not possible for you to fully understand all of the eBay policies prior to listing.

So take a deep breath to calm yourself. 🙂Excessive anxiety won't help in this case. After looking at all the issues to find the cause. If it is a slight error such as an unpaid fee, you just need to pay the fee to eBay or update the payment method, your account will be automatically restored.

Contact Ebay

If there are no instructions in the eBay mail on how to recover your account, you should actively contact them through the following channels: email, live chat, call and talk directly.

Tell them you got an email Suspend on your account and you're very worried about it right now. Please connect to the person in charge and may be able to help you resolve the issue.

Important Notes When Communicating with Ebay

Always stay calm when in touch:

You should always remember that eBay supporters are just doing the job they are assigned to. They don't have any personal thoughts against you, even they are very enthusiastic about supporting you as much as possible. So speak in a calm, professional, and reasonable manner. Avoid blaming eBay or insisting you do nothing that eBay suspends you. Please wait patiently until suspend is connected to contact them.

Be prepared to call eBay:

  • EBay account ID.
  • Account registration information such as full name, address, sdt, email.
  • Account passcode.

eBay always needs to check one of the above information when you call them. Be especially careful when you ask someone to call eBay.

When talking, if the support staff checks your account and finds that your account is resilient they will ask you to answer your question and provide documents for verification.

Based on your eBay sales history to answer questions. In terms of paperwork, be prepared carefully and honestly. Review documents carefully before submitting them to them.

Some of the documents that eBay often requires when it comes to verifying your account:

  • Photo of ID / driver's license/passport.
  • Bank statements.
  • Purchase invoice: Take a photo of the invoice with the goods you sell on eBay. This will make it easier for you to pass this verification round.

After submitting all of these documents. You will wait for Ebay to process it within a few days. And if nothing changes happened. Then you will receive a mail notifying successfully suspended removal as shown below.

How to maintain a quality eBay account (avoid suspending in the future)

If you want to make a lot of money then you need to take good care of your eBay account. However, not everyone knows how to raise a quality eBay account. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Create secure cookies for your eBay account in the first 10 days:

For the first 5 days, all you need to do is spend 3 to 4 walks on eBay, 3 to 5 minutes at a time. You just need to click to open all pages in the Help and Contact folder and Browse by topic.

Find the products you're planning to sell and create your own collection.

For the next 5 days, you need to repeat the work of the previous 5 days and spend a minimum of $ 1 on purchases, one item per day. This helps you find more feedback coming from sellers, the higher the feedback rating is, the better your eBay account is.

Select keywords such as earrings, jewelry, handmade ... these are low-priced products, pay attention to Freeship products. Also, avoid auctioning or buying digital products such as ebooks, photos, menus, and menus that will lock your eBay account.

Create a list products first

From 10th to 12th, you continue to walk, pay attention to feedback back and forth with sellers to increase interaction, or actively contact to get feedback from the sellers.

On the 13th day, create a list of products under $ 10, avoid non-physical and dangerous products such as ebooks, egift, images ... You should choose the products you used to use, the auction time is not too short from 7 up to 10 days is reasonable. Add new image descriptions. After completing the product list, choose Save and continue later.

On the 14th, through the next 24 hours, you open the Draft folder, select the list now to public the product.

Complete the care process

This is the last step in making your eBay account more resilient. If your product is a BID customer, you must buy and send the product to the customer. After 7 days, you create a second list. Remember to continue with the step 1 process, maintain purchasing 1 product per day. And to avoid violating eBay's terms, your account will be "trusted" and very high quality.


Of course, it's better to understand and comply with eBay's laws to avoid suspending your account. The universe is always changing, and so is eBay. Make sure your knowledge is up to date, check and read all eBay messages carefully. Ask experienced people before starting work to ensure the fastest and right direction.

I wish you all success!


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