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There are many ways to make money, but most of them require you to spend hours and hours working on something that is not your passion. Making money is hard work. You have to go out there and hustle everyday just so you can get by. But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? What if I told you that making 500 dollars fast could be as easy as 1-2-3? 


This step by step guide will show exactly how anyone can earn at least $500 dollars in a day or in a week. There is so much information on the internet about making money that it is impossible to list everything on this page, so the objective of this guide is to break down the topics as thoroughly as possible. The truth is that you can start making money today. You can quit your day job and never work another day in your life. What I'm saying here is that with the guide from this article, you could easily make hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, you do need to keep in mind that you can make money by making it yourself and not by taking it from someone else.


We are pleased to inform you that this article will demonstrate how to deal with it. This guide will show you exactly how to earn $500 dollars in a day or week. The secret is in the last part of the article where I'm going to tell you how anyone can start making at least $500 dollars every week without the work required by other methods. There have never been more opportunities to make money online than there are today, but to succeed you still have to put in a lot of work and do some effort on your part. Don't believe me? Then read on and see how simple it really is. I'm going to show you exactly how to make money online with very little effort or investment while spending your time on something that you actually enjoy doing. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Let’s start!


I. Make money from blogging/website

There have been a lot of ways in which people have made money blogging, however, the best way to know which method works best for you is to try out different methods and see what works. Blogging can be your side hustle on nights and weekends, or it could be your full time career. You don't need to blog full-time to make some extra money from it; I set aside an hour or two every day to work on my blog, and it's been lucrative for me so far.

Everyone starts somewhere, and the beauty of blogging is that there are no limits with where you can go. With a little patience and creativity, your blog could be making enough money for you to live off in just a few years!

1. Create a website or blog that is unique and reflects your own ideas and objectives. 

I’m wondering if you personally have a stage in your life in which you felt the importance of creating your own website or blog and what types of content you ought to keep on your blog but not on your own website. You might have a business that’s growing more rapidly than expected, but since it’s based in digital, and you only have a physical location, the first place anyone goes to find out more is the web. You also might be running a one-person operation with an important message or story that's not necessarily for sale, but deserves its own space online. If you want to showcase your work, build an audience, or even simply make new friends, a blog is the best way to do that. 

It is very important that you choose a domain name for your blog. Thinking about your interests in the long run will help you choose a blog name. Please take a moment to read the following tips to make your life easier. to pick a blog name: (1) Select something that will be descriptive of your blog’s subject matter. Make sure it will be easy for people to remember your chosen name, so they can come back and visit again. Keep it easy to spell and type too, so people have an easy time finding you on search engines. The wording that you choose should be something that you will be able to remember and that others will be able to remember too. If you have a name that is challenging for people to recall, they will likely forget it quickly and never come back to visit. (3) Select something unique and unlikely to be taken already. If you want a cool domain name that’s not taken, conduct a search on Google or Snapnames (our favorite place for domain names) so you can see if the name is still available. 

When it comes down to it, the blog name should fit how your blog looks on the internet. Start by figuring out what your blog will be about. You need something that will be unique and interesting enough to get people visitors. For example, establishing a website where you post pictures of your cats is not likely to attract many visitors unless you can convince people you have the world's cutest cats. A better idea might be for you to talk about an issue that concerns you and others like it, along with sharing some thoughts on how to address it. 


The best part is, it can all be done for free. You should take a look at the following free website builder selections:

WordPress - top 1 website building platform with 562 themes available ,including 3 FREE themes & makes it really easy for anyone to start a blog or create a professional website in minutes! using the powerful WordPress platform means you can create an amazing blog without any special technical skills! WP is the #1 site-building tool on the web.

The Blogger platform is the perfect way to get started for someone who has a blog and wants to be able to build, and make changes. It also includes the ability to change out themes, create pages, upload images or videos, and much more. 

Joomla - great for business, personal, or student websites!

Wix - great for anyone who wants an easy way to create their own site. Has drag and drop editing with lots of free templates. 

Weebly - perfect for people who just need a basic webpage like a blog facelift; also has some beautiful templates if you want to have any extra features on your home page such as being able to add images or create events.

You'll need a few more things to get your blog off and running. The first is a good blog theme with a simple, attractive design so you look professional. It's best to choose one that fits your needs and will enable you to customize the look and feel of your site as necessary. After you're registered your website, you may want to customize the look a little bit more by adding some blog posts and creating interesting photo galleries or other content. If you can't find what you're looking for in the theme's features, don't worry; just try using it as a starting point and then make adjustments as necessary. You'll also want to set up email notifications so your blog is alerted when new comments appear or someone makes an entry in your guestbook.

In just ten minutes with the blogging platforms described above, you can have a website up and running no matter how little or no technical knowledge you have. But it doesn't stop there! Aside from the right kind of content and self promotion, you could be making passive income each month through ads on your page or from selling your own products through the following guides. To proceed, continue reading....


2. Write articles and publish them on your site that is relevant and valuable for the audience you are targeting 

The following are some ways I've found useful for finding topics to write about:


- Stay up to date with what's going on in your niche. Read blogs, newsletters and other content that is specific to your field. Join groups or social media channels related to the topic of interest. 

- Look at articles those around you are writing and recommend; see what they're writing about and ask if you can also do a similar article. It's a good way to get a perspective on which niche topics your field prefers. For example, if one of your friends has just written about "how to blog for money," and you're looking for some ideas, why not ask him for advice on how he came up with the topic and for any further tips (just in case he forgets to include them in his blog)? If he's willing, he may also link back to your article - so, maybe you can also get some back-links for Google juice!

- The best way to do this step is to simply write articles that you personally think will be interesting or helpful, then share in the relevant places and hope that others think they're good, too. This way, you have an advantage over others because you are naturally, organically interested in your topic - which makes you different from others who may just be looking for money or for a quick promotion. If you decide to go this route, you also have to rethink your article title, which should be something along the following line: "My Thoughts are on This Topic."

- Drive around and find magazines on the topic of interest. Take a look at the topics, then see if there's anything in there that you'd like to write about.

- Maybe you have a question about a topic that you feel isn't answered well online, or that is too complicated and involves extensive data to be effectively answered. If this is the case, you could start a blog or newsletter, and answer the question yourself. Make sure you have links to your blog/website in your email signature, on your business cards and anywhere else it's relevant - and then, just hope that people visit your site, too.

- Sometimes, your field may have a problem or issue that it needs to address. For example, a lot of people may complain that it's hard to find good content on a particular topic. Maybe you'd like to create a solution for that issue. You could interview those who complain about the topic, then write about the solution you've created. (This is also a way to meet new people.)

- If you're still not sure what to write about, try writing about yourself and what you're doing online. This gives you the best chance of people actually reading your article by giving it interest. If they find it interesting, they'll be more likely to click on it. If they click on it, and then see it's a website called Ms. Money Blogs, it's easy to get them interested in your blog, or to follow you on social media.

- Make your blog engaging. If you're able to pull this off, you'll guarantee a loyal audience and, sometimes, you may even be able to ask businesses for testimonials - which, in turn, will also build your list. If you want to do this, you should blog frequently and on interesting topics. You may also want to add "blogging" to your online profiles. You can also use Twitter and FormSpring for your blog and ask people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Write interesting headlines that encourage people to click on your link. Here are some ideas of things to put in your headline:


Information that helps people do something (e.g., How to Do X)

Four Key Tips Users Need to Know

X Ways to Reduce Y

Three Ways to Maximize Your Z

The Secret to X

The Only Way to Do Y

Why You Should Write About X, etc.


- Make a compelling title, and include links that people can click to directly get to your article on your site - or, if there's a reason why someone would want to go to your website, they can link it from the article using a thumbnail, quote or image. If someone reads your article, they may also find other interesting articles on your website that you can link to in return.

- You can also see if you have any sites that shut down or are lost over time and recommend them to others. You can email them and ask permission to write about them.

- Write about those topics that are trending on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Social media is also a viable avenue for making money online. As a principal at an investment strategy firm, I get my clients to pay for a Twitter account, under my name, as I use it to make money every week. I write all sorts of tweets about things that are trending in various industries and other things I think are of interest. Whenever I tweet, I use a keyword that is relevant to the industry my clients are in. For example, with my Tweetdeck account, I can write all sorts of tweets about stocks on my clients' market pages. Whenever they retweet the message, I then get a commission. It's a great way to make money, and if you have an online business you don't need to advertise it - all you have to do is write interesting tweets.

These are just some things to get your mind started and that might work for you.


3. Submit your articles, webpage to article directories

Article directories are sites where article writers post their articles to be shared. This is a good way to increase your exposure, because people can find and read your article and share it on other websites. Generally, these article directories will provide a link to the article back to the original site.

There are a lot of benefits in submitting your articles to article directories, which is why so many people do it. An example of how submitting an article directory could help your website is if you are writing about something that gets clicks from people who don't have anything better to do than browse through random articles.If you submit that article, it will show up on websites that other people put articles that they want people to read. So if people are looking for something funny or random to read, your article may be clicked on. 

Firstly, people can easily find and read your articles, knowing that they're quality pieces of content since you've formatted them for article directories. This will also result in a lot more exposure to your work since anyone can share what they find on these sites with their own audiences.

Secondly, as an author, any time someone posts links to articles that are hosted on your site you'll get a tiny boost from the link juice. Plus, if people save or print your article as a PDF and then submit it to different sites (or mention it) then those links will also provide a boost for you!

Why not submit your work to article directories? Sometimes, authors think that because they write great content, it's not worth submitting them to article directories - and they're right. One author shared with me that he was actively writing articles for article directories, but he wasn't getting any feedback for his articles. I asked why, and he told me the reason was that he was writing these articles to attract more attention to his website. Why not approach article directories from a different angle?


Perhaps I should write a for instance, what the story is about and where it comes from. And then tell you that you can submit your articles, book, story, (movie script,) to article directories.

So for an article directory you might submit articles, news articles or anything that catches your attention, is topical and is still relevant to a wide audience months after it has reached the press. You may even want to have a look at what is being submitted and follow a similar format or style to what is already being accepted.

When you submit to an article directory, it’s important to read the submission guidelines of the site. Make sure when you are going to submit your article that the site has some features in mind to improve the quality of articles on the site. It’s a good idea to look at similar sites you can find on the web and find sites these features are already included.

Also, by submitting articles to directories, you're driving traffic and getting rankings. It's a great way of improving your website's SEO. This will help increase traffic and rankings of your site. It is a good way to get into the top search engine listings and make sure your content is accessible by the public. Each article submission increases your backlinks. As more and more backlinks increase, the chances of you ranking higher in search engines increases automatically. There are many article directories which you can use to submit your articles. You can also submit your articles in article directories which are completely free. Some of the best article directories that are completely free are:

These article directories help you improve your article writing skills and also let you earn some money along with bettering your search engine rankings. It is one of the simplest and easiest low-cost tricks to implement off-page SEO techniques. You can submit your articles to as many article directories as possible to increase the number of backlinks.

You should structure each article properly. Write all your articles once and structure them as a story. When you have all your articles ready to submit, that is when your off-page SEO begins. You should have a few articles ready to submit immediately. This increases the chances of you ranking higher.

For more detail about the top article submission sites, you can read this article.


4. Promote your content through social media channels

Write on popular social media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Social Sharing Buttons made from those social sites can be used to market and promote content. Everyone visits these sites every day and they make for easy promotion when done right. With a few hundred shares on these sites, your story could easily get over 1,000 visits which can translate to a lot of new visitors for you.

Use hashtags and keyword phrases in order to increase searchability of your content by others and make it easier for Google searches to find. This requires some trial and error as not all keyword phrases work with all audiences; experiment with different ones until you see what works best.

Don’t flood your Facebook or Twitter feed with posts in the early days, since people will get used to you, get bored, and move on to other content. Give people time to get to know you as an author first before you start throwing posts at them.

We have a site that is linked to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr automatically as well as manually posting on Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit from time to time.

For myself, I guess I have found Facebook is good for short-term traffic, the problem is that it often disappears after a couple days. I mean, it's great when you post in groups relevant to your niche. It's helped me get over the starting line.

I started with an absurdly low expectation, because I heard a bunch of people get lousy feedback on Twitter. However, I have found myself feeling rather lonely lately, and since I had retweeted something that a podcaster from a subniche of mine retweeted a few days ago, my Twitter experience suddenly soared from zero to sixty. My engagement with that has resulted in the most active followers among all my social network accounts, so it’s nice.

The medium tier digital experience I get from Reddit is a good thing, and in recent times has only been topped by the recent Twitter explosion for me. I've had some success with Pinterest, though I've had difficulty with People sometimes pinning my stuff. That's impossible for me to control though. Instagram has been the worst. One view every year. It should work better...

There are also 60+ resources from Reddit that may help with your social media marketing and can read this case study if you want to know why social media marketing plays a vital role in the growth of your business. And this is my favorite case study, with this easy startup, you can grow your business from $0 to $323,010.43 in 14 months. In one massive post, everything you'll need to do it yourself is covered: Facebook ads, landing pages, a website, pricing structure, sales aids and everything else you'll need.

I have been using some methods above to promote content for a few years now and it works; but with your niche you must do the research and message to the right person. I use it to promote and sell advertising services for luxury vehicles and make money off of the statistics on car ownership with the average demographic. I also use Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to market different services for the store, event and website. Social sharing buttons will also allow you to market and promote your content for free but you do have to make sure you have a compelling message and are promoting something that's all unique.


. 5. Make money from your blog by selling ad space and promoting other people's products 

After achieving the 4 steps above, it's time to start making money from your blog/website. The only work required is advertising and promoting other people's products on your blog or social media account. You also earn commission by selling ad space to other bloggers with no upfront costs! Making money from blogging, whether you sell ads or promote others' products, can be done in just 5 minutes daily (and bonus: it's tax-free!), leaving you more time to include high quality content in your posts and establish yourself as a credible expert in whatever niche you choose.

Are you considering selling advertisements on your website but aren't sure where to start? This guide answers all of your questions.

Selling ad space involves reserving blank or available areas of your website in order to host advertisements. These ads are sold by programmatic means, through bidding processes, or directly to advertisers. Various types of advertisements, including banners, sponsored content, and videos, appear on the Internet from time to time.

There are many factors to consider when creating video ads although video advertisement runs on a more recent platform, and many factors can affect how a video ad is received by its subscribers. Read on for some tips.

How do ads work on my site?

Ad space on your site is available for purchase by third parties. These third parties are called advertisers, and they seek out available ad spaces through an automated bidding process on an advertising exchange, such as Google's AdWords or Bing Ads.

How do I start selling ads on my site?

Start selling ad space on your website by listing your website on an advertisement exchange. You can submit your site directly on the exchange by entering your site's URL and listing its available ad space. The amount of traffic your site gets, and how valuable that traffic is to advertisers, establishes the prices you can charge for ad space.

How do I choose the right price for my website?

Ad prices are based on the ad space's value to the advertiser. In the early days, their value was mainly based on the number of views it got, but with today's advertising exchanges, any number of factors can influence this. These factors include the kind of site it is, who it attracts, the site's design, upcoming promotions, and how much it costs to sell the space. Your job is to sift through them until you find the most accurate way to assign a price to your space.

Most ad exchanges, like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo! Search Marketing, include a recommended amount of money to spend for a given ad space. This recommendation is based on the value of an average viewer. This is called the average cost per click, or "Avg. CPM." Remember that CPM means cost per 1000, views, so the number shown is just an average. It's useful for getting started, since it's a rough estimate, but it probably won't work out that well for you.

What factors are important to consider?

Online ad space is a finite resource. How much you get depends on the quality of the site you are offering. Here are some factors that affect your ad prices.

Quality Content: Sites that offer high-quality content, such as news, videos, or music, will get a higher price, since the viewer values them more. This is because the viewer will not want the content interrupted, and clicking on ads is a distraction. The viewer knows that regardless of the ads, they'll get enough content to satisfy their needs or wants, so there is no point in clicking on the ads, and the viewer is willing to pay a higher price for uninterrupted viewing. Ads that intrude on high-quality content will get lower prices.

Loyal Audience: A loyal audience is an audience that relies on a given website for its content. This is opposed to an audience that only uses a site when the need arises. The audience that uses a site regularly is more valuable to advertisers, since they are likely to click on any displayed ads. Therefore, loyal audiences get a higher price on their space. This is because they are not distracted by the ads, since they know the site well enough to know that they can wait until the ad is over to get content on the topic they need. Therefore, a loyal audience pays a higher price for the same content since they recognize the value of what they are receiving. This is why sites with loyal audiences have higher payouts.

Feel: These are the emotions and feelings a visitor forms while on your site. For example, romantic interest, passion, escapist thought, or parental love are feelings that usually feel good. These feelings get the viewer to click on an ad.

Recency: Recency is the relationship between your site's relevance to the ads above it. If there are already a number of ads above you with the same content, there's no reason to get someone to click on ads lower than you. However, since you have the same content, your site is more likely to get ad views than its surroundings. This makes your site more valuable to advertisers and gets your site a higher price.

Consider these four popular monetization strategies to start earning passive income from your growing audience.

1. Display ads

These include banners and other typical forms of advertisements that are embedded into your content. In most cases, this is the most widely understood monetization strategy.

In an effort to personalize user experiences, some websites will now include sponsored content, which are products or content that are targeted to the individual reader’s demographic and interests. This format offers a valuable bridge between the experience of the brand and the interest of the reader.

2. Sponsored content or native ads

As mentioned above, sponsored content, or native advertising, is becoming increasingly popular. These are articles that are written by the publisher to match the content of the publisher’s site and readers expect these to be from the publisher themselves, instead of a third party.

Advertisers will have a direct relationship with the publisher, but will retain the editorial voice of the site. Publishers will retain 100% of the running revenue, while also being able to offer higher rates to advertisers and more targeted inventory to marketers.

3. Text links

Text links are still effective, but may require more technical skills, as the link will be embedded into the HTML code, which needs to be coded into your site or blog’s pages.

There are a few advantages to this method, as the ad will receive more personalization, the format will be engaging to the reader and is likely to receive higher CTRs (click through rates). Other advantages are that your site is likely to be more visible on all of the major search engines, and it is likely to be featured as a rich snippet in the results, which means it is treated as content during search engine results.

4. Premium ads

Premium ads are a type of sponsored content in which the publisher shares the revenue. A premium ad will include more images , headline text, or videos. This format is ideal for advertisers that want to feature a prominent ad during a reader’s visit. If you’re not ready to offer a premium ad, then you can also offer banner ads or sponsored search to increase your presence on Google.


6. Become an affiliate for a company that sells physical goods

Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon affiliate program is one of the main and profitable affiliate programs in the world and you can make money with it. Amazon offers a program called associates, where they will pay you a small percentage of the fee for any product that someone buys after following a link from your blog. Your blog has to be about a topic that relates to the products they offer, and it has to have quality content. A lot of people sell other peoples' stuff on their websites and then just put links back to Amazon in order to make a commission off of them. This isn't right! You need to write your own reviews, or at least have your own opinions about whatever it is you're linking to in order for this method to work well for you.

If you have a website, you can sign up for affiliate programs and sell products based on your site. This is another way of making big bucks, but only if you really know the ins and outs of the internet marketing world. You have to be willing to do something that takes time, dedication and effort, and you have to be able to keep up with everything you're doing to make sure that it always gets the most out of it. This can be a very profitable way to make money on the internet, but you need to have what it takes for it in order for you to see the results.

A lot of people have bought products off of Amazon just by following a link back to their site, so many people tend to use this method to make money off of Amazon. Here are some more helpful methods for making money from Amazon. Though most people will want you to become an affiliate with Amazon, this isn't how you're going to get rich here. In order to make money off of Amazon, you need to get yourself a decent amount of traffic, and you need to know how to write a quality review. That is the best way to make money with Amazon.

There are many guides available on the internet to show you how to make money with the amazon affiliate program and I will not talk about them here. I will talk about something different and will provide you the latest update with some case studies with success success stories. I want to share what I do in real life to make money with the amazon affiliate program

These are Journey Discussions from blackhatworld members to show you how to make money with amazon affiliate program: This one grow amazon website to $1000 per month discussed how it all started, which plugins he uses, and how many posts he has currently, along with the words he uses in his posts.... A guy named FSLharoon shared his journey in ranking an affiliate site using expired domain, with no backlinks he really ranked high in two months, you can check his case study here. Other members also shared their Experience building an Amazon website without backlinks, Zionbar was personally making more than $500 a month with his site.

There were several members who shared how they made money with the Amazon associate program. This is one of my best favorite topics, FIthrowaway3453453 shared proof he grew his amazon affiliate business from ten grand to nine hundred fifty-five thousand dollars in 7.5 years, (with a graph to prove it). It's been years since he updated, so you can read it and I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Interestingly, this also has been a long-time topic, and it takes 3 years to build a successful Amazon Affiliate program, StayMotivated has been making $24,000/mo with Amazon Affiliate since April 2020, the course was basically an answer to all the questions from Reddit members regarding his Amazon affiliate business, so it's quite good for people who would like to grow their website and thereby become a successful affiliate. It describes how a student can take his unique Amazon Affiliate website from the beginning of a $118 per month to a marketing price of $3,103 per month in just eight months, he has already sold the site for $62,000+ and still has the website for sale.

Become an Amazon Associate

Clickbank is actually quite difficult to define. It is a marketplace and payment processor for the sale of Digital Products on the web. These products can be Software, ebooks, site/club membership or anything that can be downloaded. There are a number of competitors such as paydotcom and Plimus but none are on the same level as Clickbank in terms of products, affiliates and revenue. They claim to process a sale every 3 seconds and have processed over $1.2billion of sales since they started in 1998. 

Clickbank doesn’t actually sell anything, they act on behalf of the Vendor and take a percentage of each sale. They don’t even promote products on their site, each Vendor has their own Sales Page which directs the Customer to a Clickbank hosted payment page. If you are a publisher of a digital product or membership site you can sign up for free account

Clickbank is a huge affiliate network, so there are hundreds of products on it. People who are highly successful in Clickbank are the ones who are promoting high converting offers. A successful businessperson knows that it is not easy to choose which product to promote and to know which product will make them money. To figure that out, you should do some market research, and find products that are doing well that are currently on the market.

Since I was introduced for the first time in the internet marketing industry, it was Clickbank who was the first program that I ever joined. Why Clickbank? Why should I prefer this over the others? First of all, Clickbank has been online for more than ten years already, and it’s still going strong over and over again. Affiliates are growing each day in getting themselves to promote Clickbank products with the affiliate links on it. The products there in Clickbank were really awesome and I think it is worth it for me to promote them in many ways. Speaking of different ways to make money online with Clickbank, here are some of the few methods that are proven effective to them:

1. Article marketing: this is one of the most powerful and proven methods to earn money on Clickbank. I have researched recently on Google on some bloggers that do earn commissions on Clickbank on their articles. Actually they build backlinks on some of the top article directories like Ezine and GoArticles. People are looking for some answers or articles about a specific subject on search engines. Once they found your articles in any article directory with a backlink on the resource box, they will click the link of the related product, offer or website and to buy it. When your customers or visitors attempt to purchase a product from your article's link, you get commissions.

2. Video marketing – this is another kind of method that affiliates are making money with Clickbank. Everybody loves to watch videos in their respective niches, especially when it comes to internet marketing. You can profit through this method if you are an internet marketer who would like to promote Clickbank products to targeted viewers. Utilize search engine optimization for this marketing technique, and you will be able to generate some web traffic. But for Youtube users (which is a high market value), they can apply for Youtube Promotion Program in order to have call to action overlay ads in their videos. There are internet marketers who are very successful on this Clickbank method, but it needs a lot of work.

3. Quora Answers method: this is probably the easiest. You need to search for some relevant questions that are related to your Clickbank products. They could be looking for or suggesting something that relates to your product, or they could just be looking for some information. You just need to provide a good and reliable answer to that question and put the link in the source box, which needs for him to trust your answer and click your resource link. There are some marketers who are successful in this method too. The BlackhatWorld forum has a thread where the member stevenman555 from the site writes about how he’s been able to make as much as $1000 a day with both Quora and Clickbank and it’s a guarantee thread from the guru member, I would like to mention that this topic also covered how we can also drive traffic to clickbank offers by using quora answers.

There are still a lot more methods on making money online with Clickbank, and all we need is to work hard and put some effort on it. Best of all, think outside the box on creating your own Clickbank methods. Our purpose to become Clickbank affiliates is not only to make money, but we also help people about the things they want to know about the products. Here is an illustration of how a reddit user shared how he got his first sale through affiliate marketing, even though he knew nothing about it before. 

7. Accept guest post on your website and make money from guest post

Guest blogging is where you write a blog post for another website in exchange for their pay. There are many ways that this kind of content marketing can be leveraged to promote your brand and make money from it through guest posting. Guest posts keep search engine traffic coming to your site, which leads people to stay on longer because they’re interested and don’t want to leave without reading all about you. It helps with virality by giving others content that they know will be enjoyable or helpful based on what he heard or read from someone else. If you are an expert in a niche subject


Guest posts have been around since the early days of blogging and many people are still not aware of how it works. It can be a bit tricky at first, but once you understand it, it becomes second nature. Here is what you need to know: You post an article on your website that talks about something related to your niche or industry. Once this article goes live, other bloggers will read it and have the option of writing their own articles about the same topic- while linking back to yours or pay you money for your articles already published.


As a blogger, you can make money by accepting guest posts on your website and then publishing them to monetize your blog. As a business owner, you can use this process to generate traffic and leads for your business. Blogging is one of the best ways to do it because it's inexpensive compared with other forms of advertising such as paid ads or social media campaigns.


You might be wondering how to make money with guest posts. The truth is, there are a lot of ways you can do it. If you want to make money from your blog post or website, one way that you can start doing so is by accepting guest posts on your website. While most people think about making money with their own content first and foremost, they often forget that they can also accept paid guest posts and turn them into the main attraction for their site in order to generate revenue.


Do you want to become a paid writer with the option of accepting guest posts and earn 500 dollars within a day, a week, a month and make $500 straight away? Are you looking for a way to build your blog's traffic and increase the number of readers on your site? If so, then accepting guest posts from other bloggers is one of the best ways to do it!


The reason I have been unable to make any money from blogging is because I have faced many challenges in blogging. For one year I did not make any money from blogging. When I first started blogging, I realized that it was a burden on me that I can't afford. So, I made the decision to stop doing it.


One day someone wrote a guest post to my blog, PostInTrend - Live Your Dream Life, and I decided to share the post with my readers. They stated that they wish to contribute to my blog in exchange for this, they would also spread the word all over their social media platforms. I said ‘Yes’ to the question, then “Continually”, I would receive the same for one week. After that, I created a separate page in my blog that is titled “Write For Us and All Guest Post Submissions”.


I added some instructions where I would explain what I am looking for and what content format should be used. Since then, I have received a lot of guest posts from different writers. This is a strategy that works for me especially that I still do not have any physical money to pay for this guest post service but only through the internet.


A few days ago I received the same email offering, however, I repeated that we charge $10 per post, I received a positive response from them and they're willing to pay me. After one positive response and I replied the same to all the mail I got and made around $50 in the first month.

Another day I received a request from a writer for $300, I said “Yes” and paid the writer for his guest post service without any review. This is how I get paid for Writing Guest Post without any worries with the writers, they will not disappoint me again because they will be afraid of losing their writing jobs.


All I did was just make my post contain the writer’s links to his site and social media and all I needed to do was to send a request for payment for the guest post service. This is a freelance job that I can do any time on the internet.


Usually I do not make a lot of money online, so I started another blog and added my blog address to it and in the next month I was able to make $100. I started 5 blogs and now I am earning $500 for passive income from these blogs every month. I have done this over and over again. And I made good money. This is how I make money writing guest post, you can also try this kind of thing if you like or if you have something that you want to promote.


This is the only best form of passive income that offers you two additional benefits, namely you will receive a free high-quality post and you will also receive a remuneration if you have uploaded and published the same.


II. Dropshiping


Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce that gives you the ability to sell products without having to purchase, warehouse and fulfill orders. You simply provide the link for the product on your website which can be found in instances where you are an affiliate marketer or by finding it somewhere online and then your customer purchases it from a third party supplier

Mainly drop shipping works with physical products, but it can also be used to sell digital goods and services(plr, ebooks, tutorials) if you will market them properly. I started using this method when I was 15 years old and since then I didn't even touch any other internet marketing method. I'm making more than $4k per month now by selling only 30-40 dropship products via Pinterest

There are many people that don't understand how dropshipping works and why it might be profitable. To keep this article simple, I will not talk much about dropshipping. I want to show you how dropshipping works, why it can make you money and keep you away from burdens of running a blog. Nowadays the majority of new internet marketers make money through affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing is basically a type of advertising where people recommend products and get paid for it). You may already know that if you promote products having high commission rates then your profit margin will be very big. But what if instead of selling affiliate products you can sell Dropship Products? It might be better because it means less time for promotion, no need for any additional effort.

How does it works? Using dropshipping you can create an ecommerce website without any hassle. On your website, you will place some product images and a short description. Then, you will also link to the supplier's site where merchandise is sold (see example below). When the customer arrives on your ecommerce site, he/she will see a picture of that particular item on this supplier's site. So, after that, he/she will go to this suppliers' page and activate checkout on that entity. Then, all customer information (name, address) should be provided to the seller before the order ship out. After the payment is confirmed, the item should be shipped.

A few tips to help you on your way:

1. Pick a profitable niche and start researching and brainstorming ideas for products.

2. Find suppliers that make products you want to sell at wholesale prices from China or other countries where labor costs are lower than the US or Europe (places like Vietnam are getting cheaper, too).

3. Build a website and set up a shopping cart.

4. Start getting traffic to your website through SEO, PPC or other methods (this step is not required but it will definitely help you increase sales).

5. Find affiliates to sell your products for you (in this case the affiliates will often have their own websites, so they'll also be helping with organic traffic).

6. Once sales start rolling in, reinvest them into your business by adding more items to sell or by hiring staff to take care of customer services and other tasks such as updating product descriptions and taking care of customer complaints.

The Blackhatword member shared a post in which he shared some tips you can use to start your own dropshipping business, you can read more here.  

I have never heard that many people talk about making money with dropshipping online stores. I didn’t know that this profitable business is still living on the Internet! Today I will try to explain how we did it and how you can do it too.

We are a team of two people – everyone above the age of 21 can participate in the game. We work from home, so we have time to do it. I am generating our revenue from my side (I am a programmer), my girlfriend is generating her revenue from her side too (she is an artist). We started working on our dropshipping store on January 1, 2018. So we had only one month to do everything that will be described below and make money with e-commerce business. So without further delay I will tell you how we did it.

At first we made a lot of mistakes, which you are not going to make if you read the whole article. I am going to write about how we started with the dropshipping business. We started on January 1, 2018 and till March 15th we did $282k in revenue. That’s exactly 282k$ for 2 people with full time jobs. And no – that’s not an error – it’s 282 thousand dollars (we see it every day). We have a lot of people asking, if we really made this amount of money, so I am going to show you how we did it.

This is a business that I started on January 1, 2018. So at first I was working as an online freelancer and then on February 10th I created my store (I have since closed it). On March 15th until the moment when I’m writing this article, we got $2k. But only 3 days – that is not even enough to share it with you. This is the result of our hard work and continuous promotion.


1. What we sell


We sell clothes (hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts). 99% of our products are imported from China. Our main supplier is AliExpress. We have a lot of suppliers on AliExpress but the most of them provide us with relatively low quality products, so that’s why I had to do some research and find out how to get good quality goods for a decent price. This is the only way to grow your business – if you want to increase your revenue you have to pay attention not only on selling but also on finding good suppliers! Our profit margins in my dropshipping store are from 40-60%.


Some of our products are only sold on AliExpress (we save on shipping, they don’t have to pay customs, etc) and sometimes we sell some of them in our store too (for example, hoodies and t-shirts are only sold in our store).


To keep it simple by the end of this post I will show you what the entire assortment looks like. We also launch new products occasionally. The main reason to add new products is that not all hoodies, t-shirts or sweatshirts look good on AliExpress. Chinese suppliers may provide us with bad quality fabric or they may even deliver wrong size hoodies in a package with more than we ordered. So if we have some new products (for example, it can be a new type of t-shirt) we always check the quality and then use them in our AliExpress store.


2. How to hire your employees


I am going to show you how I managed to get my current employees. I hired people from different countries, who live in different countries. We don’t have formal agreements with them – it’s just a partnership (a partnership in which we give each other money – it doesn’t matter). Everything is done purely on trust and that’s why there are no problems between us. None of them have ever had their identity checked (we don’t even know who they are):


But we are thinking about it. In the first place there is a possibility to face problems with the IRS if we don’t have a formal agreement and also it would be much easier for us in case we need to deal with immigration, etc.


Only two of these people work full time for us, the rest of them are part-time workers. When one person has some free time he can make some extra money by working for us and he may or may not get any money. But this way everyone gets paid (this is why I also can’t say that all my employees make full time wages).


Some of them have their own business, others have a steady job and some of them work on a part-time basis. None of them has worked for me before.


3. How to hire your suppliers


This is also the most important part! We are an e-commerce store selling wholesale goods – we sell t-shirts for $2, hoodies for $10 and sweatshirts with long sleeves for $3. When we started the first part of our selling was done through AliExpress and it was, of course, a great advantage for us because they provided us with a lot of potential customers. At that time we sold a lot of t-shirts to our first customers. As I already mentioned above it is very important to have choices in your products. If you sell only one type of product you can’t really offer a lot of different variations. It makes it much easier for customers to find what they like if you have some more options in your store.


We are an e-commerce store selling men’s t-shirts. As you can see in the picture below there are many different styles of the t-shirt. This is why we wanted to offer more than one option for each design.


Another issue is that we don’t like doing business with 100% Chinese suppliers. We have seen many companies where everything was made in China, a lot of stuff was going through customs checks and it wasn’t possible to move this goods from China to Europe or America. Many customers were very unhappy with this way of selling and they didn’t understand why we couldn’t use local companies as suppliers.


So we decided to start our own company and create a place where we can sell everything that we need. We can find our product easily, because it is easy to trace the supplier. We don’t have to deal with any customs nor any more inventory problems. And the best thing is that we can control what has been made for us in our factory so that there are no defects or other problems with the final product.


Do you need a logo?


You know what? Sometimes you don’t need a logo if you are selling something online. So you could simply have text printed instead. If you do however need an image to go with your design, we can use your logo or add one for you. We will also help you to decide what the best option is for your business needs.


Do I need a designer?


You can do the design work yourself, or you can save time by using our professional designers. If you do the work yourself all you have to do is send us a picture and some text. If you use our designers, we can add the entire design from scratch and we will also find a way to implement it with your product.


How much does it cost?


Our designers are professional so it doesn’t make any sense to spend too much on them. We usually charge 200 USD per design process (for example this one).


Designers will do all the work for you (we will help you to make the right decision). They will take care of:


* Logo design * Designs for different parts of the text * Texts in various languages * Design of graphics (logos, shadows, etc) * Creation of photos and illustrations * Creation of textures for designs (you select the area where you want to put them and this we do using Photoshop)


If you need any other kind of work – we may charge a bit more. I can say 200 USD is a good price because it’s reasonable for our business. You can get something similar to what we are doing with 500 to 600 USD.


Let’s move on to the next part.


4. Prices and profit margins


A lot of people make a mistake in pricing their products. We started with 400 USD/piece price – so we were selling t-shirts for $2. In our city the minimum wage is about 300 USD, so almost all our co-workers were able to afford buying one of our t-shirts! As soon as we changed the price to 200 USD/piece, we suddenly saw that our sales went down and it was much harder for us to satisfy our customers.


Because of this, we decided to sell hoodies for $10 and sweatshirts with long sleeves for $3. We wanted to make our prices as low as possible, but we didn’t want to sell the cheapest stuff on the market. We set a price at which it is worth it for us and also customers can earn from buying our clothes (so that they see in us an opportunity to make some extra income).


For a hoodie the gross margin is 40-50% while for a t-shirt it is 60%. We don’t set any price policy for sweatshirts, because they are much harder to sell than t-shirts and hoodies. So we just add or remove some money from our standard prices.


5. How to find good quality products?

In essence, you should start finding good quality products on AliExpress and then contact the supplier who has them. The most important thing is that you have a lot of producers on AliExpress (because they are cheaper than local ones). Try to find out which supplier has the lower prices. If you don’t know how to sort it out, look for the supplier with the lowest price. We have tested this and as I said we found a lot of big differences in prices between AliExpress suppliers. We of course also use BigService a lot because they have a lot of producers and there is a huge number of different products in their warehouses.


In the first place you should look for products with the lowest price. There are many people who want to sell cheap stuff on AliExpress but they don’t have good quality goods, so they end up with many complaints from their customers. Also I would like to mention that we don’t sell any products with the Chinese quality level. We try to always buy from AliExpress suppliers who provide us with Chinese or Italian level of quality goods (but it all depends on your business).


6. How to find good suppliers?


There are two ways to find manufacturers – either through BigService or on Alibaba. On Alibaba we will have a lot of manufacturers, but they will be much more expensive and they won’t provide us with as many options as on BigService. But sometimes we do also go to Alibaba to find suppliers. The main purpose of BigService is that you can speak with the producers directly and you can also see their feedback.


Also, as I mentioned before we always search for manufacturers who are close to us (near our business). It makes it easier for us when we have problems with shipping. We prefer manufacturers who are ready to ship their goods abroad and they must be able to provide a tracking number so that we know when our product will arrive – it is not nice when the customer thinks his or her order has been lost during shipping and then suddenly the delivery arrives.


7. How to order on AliExpress?


The first thing is that always use Paypal. This payment method is very safe and reliable. If there are any problems with your credit card, Paypal can help you solve the problem quickly (and also there are no problems with chargebacks). Don’t forget that you can also use Paypal for other types of payments.


I will tell you about the most important options here:


* ORDER AVAILABILITY: this is where you can see how many items there are available in a certain period. After a few days you will know that the product is out of stock and so you can change it with another one or cancel the order. * ORDER BUTTONS: + ADD TO CART – it means that you add goods to your cart. + BACK TO SELLER – this helps us to get more information from the seller about his or her products (specifications, photos, etc). * ORDER SUMMARY: here we can check our order (price, quantity) * RELEASE ORDER AND PAYMENT: if you have added the goods to your cart, you can go to this point and then pay for your order + PAY FOR EVERYTHING – it means that we are ordering all the goods in one payment. But if you want to pay for different products separately – you can also do this. + PAY FOR ALL BUT THIS – it means that you want to pay for all of the products except one. * MAKE A PAYMENT – here you can see how much money is left from your order (payment) * CHECK MY PAYMENT DETAILS – it will show you all of the information needed to fill out your payment information.


8. How to make a real profit?


Some of our customers are thinking why we don’t sell the cheapest t-shirts on AliExpress, because they know that they will get even better quality (at least in my opinion) in this way. We have had the same problem in the beginning, but now we have decided to offer only good quality products. We want to earn more money from advertising and other sources.


For example 1-2 years ago, we could earn about 100 USD per order when we sold t-shirts for $1-2, but in 2015 we earned twice as much profit for each of our orders (and it is still rising). And the most important thing is that our customers are happy with us because they don’t receive any defective goods or non-working products. We check everything before shipping and sometimes even after shipping. As a result – our customers get a better product at a higher price and they buy more from us.


9. Short view about the whole system


The thing is that when you start selling on AliExpress, it is really hard to make money With some time and experience, however, you will be able to earn decent profit (for example 400-600 USD in one month). But I am still convinced that a business should be profitable from day one because it gives you extra strength and motivation to close more sales!


10. How to save money on AliExpress?


We have found a way to get to our suppliers and it works really good. We do this with t-shirts and hoodies, but you can use it for other kinds of products as well.

First, we go to the section where we want to order clothes from AliExpress (for example T-shirts). 

Now we find a new product and we click on it. With this process, you will be able to see a lot of different products in one section. As another example you can see how many different products there are in t-shirts from AliExpress. So you can see that there are a lot of options in AliExpress. The more products you order from a supplier, the cheaper it will be for you (because you save money on shipping). 


11. What about taxes?


This is the most important thing in this business because if you have a monthly profit of, for example, 400 USD then you will need to pay taxes for this (it depends on your country). It can be different types of taxes (for example VAT or sales tax) and it can be up to 30% of your sales. The thing is that if there are any problems with your earnings – you will not receive any money.

12. My advice: don’t start selling too quickly, learn as much as possible and don’t be afraid for any mistakes.


Everything is great if you sell good quality goods and they are still in demand. If not, then the profit is zero and this is bad for your future! I have many similar stories in the company where we are partners with AliExpress (that is how we started to work on AliExpress as well) and we now work with 40 companies from Australia and 30 from UK. Everyone of them has a different story about his business on AliExpress – some were able to find cheap t-shirts, others could not find any at all (even if they had lots of money).


Also, you will learn a lot by yourself – you will understand what to do, what to sell and so on. Don’t use Google or Alibaba as your main tool – it can be too complicated and you can easily make mistakes. After all: it is your business! You know exactly how important it is! For example we had some issues with AliExpress when we were selling used bikes (we are not very experienced in this area). We spent a lot of time searching for these products and then we realized that here on AliExpress there were many products that were more expensive than in the rest of the world. But now we don’t have money for this. And now I ask myself: was it worth it?


When you start your business, think about all the details and try to avoid mistakes because the internet is full of them. These are just my thoughts on how to succeed in AliExpress – maybe they can help you in some way!

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