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Are you looking for an application from reputable publishers to make money online but do not know which application to use?

Google Opinion Awards app is a mobile survey tool that rewards cash in the Google account every time a user completes a short survey. This is an app from Google, so you don't have to worry about safety and credibility!

How Google Opinion Rewards work?

Before we learn how Google can help you make more money, we need to consider how the Google Opinion Awards work. Maybe you've never used it, or maybe you've used it once and forgot about the app.

Google Opinion Rewards is not limited to Android users. If you own an iPhone, users can also install this app and benefit from the same paid surveys. Note that if using an iPhone, rewards are transferred to your PayPal account, and if you use Android, the rewards are transferred to your Google account.

You can finally delete and recreate your Google Opinion Rewards account


Once installed, Google Opinion Rewards requires users to sign in to their regular Google account. The user will then receive a pilot survey to ensure that the user understands his or her role in this win-win relationship and identifies the basics of the participant. Close.

Google Opinion Awards survey users based on recent shopping experiences. If you have a shopping experience, you can completely participate in the survey.

Each survey takes about 10 seconds to complete, and a reward, usually a few cents (several hundred dollars), is added to the account. In a few weeks, you can make enough money to buy something in the Play Store.

Click the Buy button when ready and make sure that Google Play balance is selected as the payment source.

Now you have a basic understanding of how Google Opinion Rewards works. In the next section, see how to make more money with this application.

Enable location services for Google Opinion Rewards

Often users will receive questions regarding online purchases, but many surveys from the Google Opinion Awards may be relevant to recent user journeys. With location services enabled in Android, you will have a better chance of getting surveys related to the places you have visited.

But why is that? Put, in most cases, information is gathered to help improve  Google Maps. Ensure the Location settings are selected correctly by opening  Settings> Lock screen & security, scrolling to  Privacy,  and selecting  Location.


Make sure the Use location option is set to  On,  then scroll down to  Advanced and confirm that  Google Location Accuracy is also enabled.

Instructions on how to put addresses on the latest free Google Maps 2021

This uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks for location setting and is the best option if you want to make a lot of money with Google Opinion Rewards. Note that it is also privacy-related.

Always update the Google Opinion Awards app.

In addition to activating location services, users need to make sure the app is always up to date. Changes to the survey crawl system may not be compatible with many older versions of the Google Opinion Awards, so installing the latest version of the app is a big plus.

To make sure the app is up to date, open the Play Store app on your phone, go to the menu, and select Settings. Click Auto-update apps and make sure the setting is enabled. Use the Over Wi-Fi only option for the best results.

How to get more surveys with Google Opinion Rewards

Everything You Need to Know about Google Opinion Rewards - Sandy Ground

It would be nice to have a bunch of surveys every day, but this won't happen. However, users can do a few things to make sure they can respond to as many surveys as possible.

  • Check apps daily and make sure notifications are turned on for the Google Opinion Rewards app.
  • Respond to the survey promptly.
  • Women: It seems that women who shop regularly or spend large sums of money have a better chance of getting more rewards with Google Reward Opinions.
  • Regular shopping trips to famous stores: Sitting around indoors is not the way to generate many Google surveys.
  • Honestly: The app also occasionally generates "fake" surveys to filter out inaccurate answers. Tip questions can be about a site visited or related to participating in a done activity. These tricky questions make it easy to spot untrue answers and will keep users from making a lot of money in the long run.

You will be amazed at the benefits of increasing your Google Play balance, so remember to check the app, answer honestly and promptly!

Use Google Rewards for Christmas

It is worth mentioning here that users will make more from the Google Opinion Awards during the last quarter of the year (September to December). This is when people usually shop online during Christmas.

Companies contract with Google to survey users who want to know about your shopping habits, so they try to gather this information thanks to Google's instant surveys in times of need. sShoppingincreases to the highest.

So, if you want your Play Store account to increase with Google Opinion Rewards, make sure you have installed, updated, and checked regularly during the pre-Christmas period.

Don't let the reward expire!

What is Google Opinion Rewards?


It is a great feeling to see the balance in the Play Store increase. Every time a survey is completed, the updated balance in the account will be displayed.

The Google Opinion Awards credit will expire after 12 months, so keep using the app and use the remaining credits. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and effort.

One good way to prevent this from happening is to make a list of apps and games you want to buy. You can do this by clicking the Add button in the wish list. Wishlist items can be viewed by clicking  My wishlist in Google Play.

Wrapping up

If you have any comments or questions about the above article and the knowledge to support making money online, please comment below!

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