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Payoneer allows money transfer between accounts. But not everyone knows how to make a transaction. Money-related transactions need accuracy so as not to lose even the smallest amount of money. In this article, instructions on how to transfer money between Payoneer accounts.

Payoneer allows money transfers up to $ 1000 / day. For me, I use Payoneer to receive money from Amazon and pay for Wr only. Compared to Paypal, making money transfers from Payoneer to your Payoneer account does not cost any.

Notes on transferring money between Payoneer accounts

  • Fund transfer must be activated. Including sending and receiving accounts.
  • The lowest amount per transfer is 50 $
  • Account must be fully verified.
  • The email to receive money should be accurate to avoid transferring the wrong person, causing money loss.
  • There is no fee for transferring money.
  • Sent money will be received within minutes.

Payoneer to payoneer transfer fee

It's completely free to transfer money from Payoneer to Payoneer.

How to transfer money between Payoneer accounts

Step 1: Sign in to your Payoneer account.

Step 2: Send money order.

Select Pay >> Make a payment.

Next, fill out the receiving account information form, including:

  • Recipient's email (email to log into the account)
  • Amount

transfer money payoneer 2

Then send the request and wait for the transfer. After a few minutes, the receiving account will receive the money.

Just like that, it's simple, but for those who are new to Payoneer, it's not easy.


In short, the way to transfer money between Payoneer accounts is only through the two basic steps above. With those steps, I think anyone can do it.

Hopefully, the article will provide you with more payment skills and more boldly in using the service at Payoneer. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below for the fastest help!



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