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Jungle Scout is a tool and extension for finding products , especially on Amazon and aliexpress . The beginners and sellers established on Amazon use this tool to identify cost-effective products for sale in their online store . So, does this tool really allow you to make sales and maximize your success in e-commerce and dropshipping 

What is Jungle Scout?

Let's start from the base, jungle scout is a program that allows you to exactly analyze the sales of a certain product or multiple products on amazon.

It gives you a lot of information:

  • Daily sales;
  • Monthly sales of that product;
  • The total gain brought;

Now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why this tool is so important to doing Amazon FBA!

It allows you to understand exactly what to sell!

I show you the screenshot of one of our customers who uses Jungle Scout to find new products to sell and who in just one month made € 40,000 in sales!

Real screenshot of one of our customers in his first month of activity on Amazon FBA with Jungle Scout!

Understand why it is so important to have this Tool?


Let's try to do an actual research and let's assume we want to sell Blendin products ...

With jungle scout you just need to open Chrome (there is in fact to install a Jungle scout extension on Chrome) and type the product or products you are looking for ...

Here's what comes out if I search for blendin and use the extension:

amazon jungle scout

With this tool you know exactly that 11 daily sales on Amazon ...

Now try to think of looking for products to sell through Amazon FBA and do it with Jungle Scout! You will surely know which product to invest in.

How does it work?

You can find many alternatives to Jungle Scout, however, the problem is that this tool is one of the very few that works on Amazon Italy or A very useful tool of this tool is Keyword Scout  ( which can be easily replaced with ), a very useful program to use!

So now you know exactly that this program not only allows you to find the products to sell but also the keywords and the turnover by product range or niche.

In fact, one of the crazy features of Jungle Scout is the Product Tracker.

Soon we will also see the other features but first a small premise ...

Jungle Scout (Web App)

Jungle Scout has not always been called that but the most interesting part is that before it was only  Jungle Scout Web App , this online software that can be  used, not only from the Chrome browser, but also from the Firefox browser, I do not recommend you to use it from Safari because it will create some problems for you.

It's the Web App part is something really useful to use, it allows you to find niches and research the most profitable keywords.

But we have already seen this, but I want to give you other important information about this program ...

However the best features are:

  • Niche Hunter
  • Product Tracker
  • Product Database
  • Keyword Scout

If you want   Jungle Scout Web App  you can do it via  this link.

Niche Hunter

JS niche research is really something very useful. It allows you to research really profitable product ideas and the best niches.

JS Niche Hunter helps you find products where you have fewer competitors but higher earning potential and increase your turnover.

This is why this tool is indispensable!

niche hunter jungle scout

Product Tracker

With  Product Tracker  you will be able to "spy" on sellers and enter their market with a straight leg! You will understand who is currently selling that product and you will be able to see and analyze all of their other products as well. Thanks to the  opportunity score you  will know if it is possible to penetrate the market and if you can succeed against that particular seller!

junglescout web app tracker

Product Database

How does Jungle Scout Product Database work ?

This JS feature allows you to find your ideal product based on certain search filters, for example you can filter by:

  • Category;
  • Selling price.
  • Ranking on Amazon.
  • Net profit from the sale.
  • Number of Daily Sales.
  • Number of reviews (very important for climbing!).
  • Number of vendors competing.

This feature is something SUPER to skim among millions of existing products not only in Amazon Italy but all over the world! You will be able to understand the margin you can make and above all analyze the competitors and the competitiveness score!

If you want to earn € 10,000 a month with just one product, all you have to do is set and find which of Amazon's products can actually give you that profit!

junglescout database amazon italy

Keyword Scout

This tool, although it is replaceable with others on the net, is very useful for generating thousands of keywords to help you find your keyword list for your ideal product campaigns.

You can use them both for the organic part of the search on Amazon and for the  Amazon PCCs .

So you will be able to know in real time the search volume of those specific words and the CPC offered. You can use other tools like this one, or to search for search keywords such as: ( ).

keywords tool amazon fba jungle scout

Prices and opinions on jungle Scout for Amazon FBA and more ...

ok, i think if you have read my article up to this point, you will have understood my enthusiasm in making you understand how essential it is if you want to start selling online .

In fact, if you want to start selling in Amazon Italy or all over the world you must know that this Jungle Scout Tool is essential!

In the article you have found more links that tell you about a 30% discount on Jungle Scout and how you can get it at this figure but we have not analyzed the costs well ...

So now I'll explain how much this program really costs!

Jungle Scout Prices

There are many versions but the one I recommend to activate first is the one that costs less or the Web App. My advice is to start with that one and then eventually upgrade!

Jungle Scout price:

  • Jungle Scout  start at $29 per month

Suite and professional plans offer more premium features as you can see below.

jungle scout prices

Official price table on the site

My final opinion on Junglescout

Despite the great content contained in the database, there is still a need for some research on Amazon. Once you have found an interesting product, you can add it to the Product Tracker, which will show you information about the product after it has collected it for a few days.

Don't just rely on Jungle Scout's database to find items for you. Search Amazon directly for more opportunities. Sales estimates are not always accurate, sometimes they are skewed by a large margin. If you find an interesting product, add it to the Product Tracker so it will let you get a better idea of its sales volume.

By the way, selling books is a whole different game, so Jungle Scout is not a tool you will use if you are interested in selling new or used books, or launching your own book.

In summary, Jungle Scout is a great tool to use if you are thinking about doing competitive research to sell on Amazon .

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