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What is IO Scout?

IO Scout

IO Scout is a sales software that helps Amazon sellers identify the best product ideas they should invest in. It’s a powerful research tool with numerous helpful features. Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or a veteran, there’s a lot built into the IO Scout to help you get ahead.

At present, over forty-five thousand Amazon sellers use IO Scout’s services. It might seem initially counterintuitive to use such a popular service to get ahead of your Amazon competition. However, IO Scout uses data-backed algorithms to provide you with the best Amazon products for your specific niche. 

A testament to the efficacy of IO Scout is its continued popularity. Its primary focus is finding the best products for sale with the highest margins and the lowest competition. The intuitive design of IO Scout helps sellers utilize the following features:

-Listing builder

-Sales estimator

-Product finder

-Keyword tracker

You don’t have to engage in hours of research. Let IO Scout do the work. Its product finder benefits from over 200 million items, while its keyword tracker updates hourly to keep you informed. It’s one powerful software.


There are several features offered by IO Scout that make it amazing for Amazon sellers. Some of these features include;

  1. FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator is a vital tool for all Amazon sellers that use the Amazon FBA scheme. With the FBA Calculator fees, sellers can easily calculate the total amount of FBA fees on a product and predict their net profit on such products conveniently. 

1. Product Finder

One of the perks of running a successful business on Amazon is selling the right product. Considering that there are over 200 million products on Amazon, finding the right product requires having the right tools. The IO Scout product finder is definitely a fantastic tool for this. Apart from its vast database, it also has several filters that make it easy to browse through this database. 

2. Amazon Sales Estimator

The Amazon Sales Estimator helps sellers get the necessary information on their sales performance ahead. The estimation is done based on the BSR of the product selected. The tool also gives insight into the number of sales that can help improve the BSR of your product. 

3. Product Tracker

With the IO Scout Product Tracker, you can conveniently keep tabs on selected products and their performance. When specific products are bookmarked, they are stored in a different folder that allows you to see them easily. All necessary information about the product also appears in the bookmark and updated hourly for any changes.   

4. Keyword Scout

In optimizing the appearance of your product on Amazon, choosing and optimizing the right keyword is very vital. The keyword scout helps you find the most popular keywords associated with your product. Using these keywords in listing your products makes them easier for buyers to find in their searches. Also, once you are aware of the most popular keywords associate with your product, it becomes relatively easier to optimize your product in the Amazon search engine.

5. Google (News - Alert) Chrome Extension

The IO Scout Chrome Extension feature is amazing because it makes your work easier and faster. Instead of having to keep going back and forth to get product information, the Chrome extension allows you to get product information and carry out some actions while on the product page within your browser. All you have to do is install the extension and launch it whenever you’re on Amazon.

6. Listing Builder

Product listing is a vital part of your sales process, particularly if you sell private label products or are into wholesale. IO Scout Listing Builder helps you achieve this. 

7. Inventory Management

An efficient inventory management tool is a must-have for every seller. With this tool, you can conveniently monitor stock levels and know when to reorder. This way, you can never go out of stock on certain products. 

8. Sales Analytics

The sales analytics tool is designed to give sellers a detailed, timely assessment of their sales performance. This tool is essential to make some critical business decisions. 

Pricing Plans for IO Scout

IO Scout

The pricing for IO Scout is pretty reasonable, especially compared to other Amazon software sellers may use. It arrives in three distinct models, each expanding in capabilities.

One of the best features of the price packages is the accessibility to most of the features. Not much is hidden behind a paywall. The higher price only expands the number of products and keywords you can track at any one time. All other features, aside from the Google Chrome extension option, are available from the lowest price point.

The price packages are as follows:

  • Starter: $14.50 per month, allows you to track up to 25 products and keywords
  • Seller: $32.50 per month, allows you to track up to 45 products and keywords
  • Business: $42.50 per month, allows you to track up to 85 products and keywords

Everything else is fully available to you regardless of the package price. This includes the 200 million product database, the keyword tracker, the sales estimator, the FBA calculator, and the sales analytics.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion of our IO Scout review is clear: this software is a must-have for any Amazon sellers that are serious about what they do. It provides a whole new level of efficiency to your process, allowing you to make informed decisions on some of the most high-yield investments available. 

We hope this IO Scout review told you what you need to know about the software that is changing the way Amazon sales are being made. Now you just decide whether you can afford to work without it!

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