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What is Kompyte?

Kompyte's competitive intelligence software enables businesses to collect, organize, analyze, and act on competitive changes in their market. Serving thousands of product, marketing and sales roles in over 20 industries, across the globe, Kompyte compiles over 3.5T data points a year to help companies take advantage of every opportunity to differentiate, provide unique value and maintain a competitive advantage.


Kompyte Main Features Review

Kompyte Web Tracking

You can get the latest updates on any promotions, pricing, and features with the help of web tracking. With the help of Kompyte’s time machine, you can analyze changes and spot new trends. Moreover, you can also spot hidden updates. 

Kompyte Search Marketing

With keyword recommendations, you can attract more traffic. Inside the organic results, you can benchmark your ranks against your competitors. Moreover, you can detect any new competitor instantly with the help of this software.

Kompyte Social Monitoring

Now you can monitor your followers count with the use of Kompyte’s Impact score. 

Kompyte Kompyte’s Reports

Competitor analysis is made easy with the help of Kompyte’s reports; you can create pricing comparisons and products. There is also a custom analysis that enables you to include Kompyte’s insights. No time is being consumed as the reports are automatically updated.

Kompyte Battle Cards

Improve your sales with the help of battle cards. For this purpose, use Kompyte’s competitor battle card template or you can customize or create your own report. Moreover, you can even run usage reports to track the influence rate of your battle cards.

Kompyte Knowledge Boards

With the help of knowledge boards, bring your data together, and from that board, you can analyze the right bits of Intel for the particular project.

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Pros of Kompyte

  • Social/Blog Monitoring: We can see how many social/blog posts our competitors are making, how many engagements (likes, shares, etc) they receive, and what their engagement rate is.
  • Competitor Page Monitoring: We are able to see before and after pictures of web pages after our competitors them. This feature enables us to quickly and easily see competitor's changes in copy, creative and pricing.
  • Benchmarking: Kompyte benchmarks us against our competitors for effectiveness in SEO and paid ads.

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Cons of Kompyte ​​​​​​​

  • Kompyte has a tool that is supposed to track ads after specific keywords are bid on by competitors; however, competing platforms offer greater visibility and analytics for this function.
  • The Notebook function in the tool is meant to be a repository for notes and mentions across the organization; however, it doesn't seem to be automatically updated and it requires a lot of manual processes to function.
  • The SEO analysis is reliant on keywords that we provide - the tool would be much more valuable if it pulled in raw organic data outside of what we are specifically targeting or tracking.

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Kompyte Pricing Plans and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Kompyte is one of the most varied and all-inclusive tools I’ve ever seen, so its pricing depends on what you need.

However, there are three basic pricing options—Enterprise, Pro and Lite—that offer varying coverage levels.

While pricing is unclear on their site’s Plans page where they offer a free 14-day trial, Kompyte prices start at $36 per month, according to GetApp.

Generally speaking, most companies will be fine with the Pro plan.

If you have a smaller or larger company, it might be better to look into the Lite or Enterprise plan respectively.

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It’s easy to see that Kompyte is a great, versatile, easy-to-use tool to help businesses grow their traffic and customer base.

What’s even more evident is that any viable business in today’s market must stay on top of competitor analysis to remain competitive at all.

My recommendation is to sign up for the Kompyte’s free trial and get a full grasp of how much they have to offer.

If you like it, you might win yourself more traffic than ever before.

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