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What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel,Mixpanel review

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics solution that can be deployed for both mobile and web. While most analytics platforms gauge page views, Mixpanel takes a different approach by measuring and analyzing the actions or steps taken by people who enter your system or application. With Mixpanel, an action can be anything. For instance, it can range from someone uploading an image, streaming a video, or sharing a post.

Mixpanel was designed and developed to enable companies and organizations, regardless of size, to monitor and effectively analyze user behavior. This particular functionality was once once reserved for large, heavily funded organizations. Thanks to Mixpanel, customer behavior tracking is now a breeze to companies large and small, no matter how limited their time and funding.

Mixpanel Benefits

Mixpanel,Mixpanel review

Mixpanel delivers reliable and accurate customer behavior analytics for mobile and web applications. In a single month, Mixpanel evaluates 67 billion actions and then presents that data to its users in a clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-digest manner. Whether your app is web-based, or on iOS and Android, you have the ability to easily measure actions and not just mere page views.

While most data analyses often mean writing SQL queries, which is easy for engineers and data scientists, the same can’t be said for normal individuals who just want to have information that doesn’t need to be deciphered. Data analytics need not to be hard. With Mixpanel, you get a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to drill in and discover how people behave within your app giving you a closer look at how they use it and provides you insight on how how to further improve your product.

Simply put, Mixpanel is an event-centric platform where tracking does not mean recording and assessing pageviews and clicks. It is a platform that gauges your app based on events. Businesses have used Mixpanel to track events, make sales funnels and spot trends. Mixpanel is more targeted compared to other analytics service providers and the data they deliver has lots of possibilities to offer. With billions of events and insights that Mixpanel can help you gather, enhancing your product based on your users’ actions has just become a walk in the park.

Mixpanel Features

Mixpanel,Mixpanel review

Mixpanel's best component is the instinctive and clean UI. They worked effectively there, and making complex reports feels like a breeze. I accept it as the main advantage since anybody from the group can sign in and discover any information they need. 

Vocabulary. It empowers you to deal with all occasions coming into Mixpanel without keeping a different google sheet physically. Everything is populated consequently. You can blend and rename occasions on the off chance that something isn't right with your execution. You can add a portrayal and get an extraordinary outline of what you're following and why. 

Effect investigation. There are some genuine insights and ML behind these reports. It allows you to check whether a substantial component discharge essentially affected a portion of the measurements you're following without the requirement for A/B testing. 

Speaking Marcom, we haven't had the option to utilize all Mixpanel provisions like informing. Yet, seeing that the folks at Mixpanel have determined to seal the destiny of informing, we are not very frustrated. All things considered, then again, the immediate and mechanized joining with google Advertisements or Facebook makes Mixpanel a truly incredible wellspring of custom crowds. You can utilize it to gain new clients, support client maintenance, or create important transformations dependent on your client's necessities.

Other Features

  • Notifications
  • A/B Testing
  • Bookmarks
  • Annotations
  • Versatile Data Visualization
  • Point and Click Analytics
  • Visual Coding
  • iOS and Android Compatibility
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Autotrack
  • Retention Features
  • Customer Engagement

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Mixpanel’s Pricing

Mixpanel,Mixpanel review

There are three Mixpanel pricing plans. Unsurprisingly, the cost varies depending on what your company needs Mixpanel to do. Mixpanel's pricing is primarily based on an MTU system. For those of you who don't know, this stands for a: Monthly Tracked User system. As such, pricing rates are calculated on the number of users that “perform a qualifying event each month, rather than individual user profiles or events.”

Let's look at these plans in more detail…

The Free Trial

Users can ask Mixpanel for a free trial, but first, you'll have to talk to a sales rep before going ahead.

The Starter Plan

This is a free package, so at no cost, users get access to:

  • An unlimited number of employee accounts
  • 90-day data history
  • 1,000 monthly tracked users
  • All analytics features including cohorts, flows and more

The Growth Plan

The pricing for this plan starts at $799 a year. When customers buy this Mixpanel plan, they can customize it according to their needs. The Mixpanel website has a useful pricing slider to allow customers to get an accurate feel for the cost of their packages before they go ahead. Like we've already said, the rates change depending on what you need.

The Growth Plan gives users everything in the Starter Plan plus:

  • Up to 25,000 MTUs
  • 12-month data history
  • You can run ten predictions at once

Pricing rates vary, but customers can save up to 30% if they pay annually rather than monthly. The pricing starts at 1,000 MTUs, and the more MTUs you think you need, the more it costs. For example, using the slider on the Mixpanel website, where you to have 10,000 monthly MTUs, you would buy a Mixpanel pricing plan that costs $304.08 per month or $3,649 annually.

Within this pricing plan, you can add extras. For example, starting with the 1,000 MTU option, for an extra $19.48 a month, you can add on a “Messages and Experiments” option. This allows you to send a very targeted message to users by SMS, push notifications, and email.

For an added $12.98 a month, you can buy Mixpanel Data Pipelines. This allows you to keep your data in sync. You can export Mixpanel data to your own data storage solutions, like, Azure, BigQuery, Redshift Spectrum, and Snowflake.

The Enterprise Plan

Pricing for this plan is customized, so no prices are visible on their website at the time of writing. This plan is aimed at larger organizations with inevitably more substantial budgets.

Anyone wanting to buy this pricing plan gets everything in the Growth Plan plus:

  • A single sign-on portal
  • You can set roles and permissions
  • Customizable data history
  • Group/B2B Analytics

You also get access to the add on options listed above under the Growth Plan. That's in addition to another add on called Group Analytics. This allows users to analyze data by company, device, and account (or by any other category you use to define your customers).

Mixpanel says this is a way of allowing companies to “measure and improve the health of your accounts.” In other words, a business can look at which customers are engaging with them and which look like they might be moving on elsewhere.

This aspect of Mixpanel also allows users to track the activity of products you're renting. They use the example of a rental bike, but you can apply this to any product such as tool hire, car hire, and so on. It will show how often that asset is rented out, for how much and so on.

There are features every Mixpanel pricing plan has. These are listed below:

  • Advanced data management: This allows you to categorize events and actions to help you better manage your data.
  • Access to APIs, infrastructure, and integrations that share data between Mixpanel and other tools.
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts: These are instant notifications that inform you when your metrics go up or down unexpectedly. You'll also see which users cause changes.
  • Codeless maintenance: This gives users the ability to fix common problems like duplicate data, without writing a single line of code.
  • Core analytics: This allows you to analyze what makes your website/app visitors want to engage with you.
  • Custom dashboards for email, mobile, TV,
    and web-based devices. This empowers you to look at your metrics while you're on the go, and you can share them with colleagues too!
  • Exploratory reports that permit users to assess their customers’ behavior patterns
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Predictive analytics: This gives you information about what makes a user more likely to stay engaged with your site.
  • Two-factor authentication to enhance security.

How Mixpanel helped us to make decisions?

Mixpanel,Mixpanel review

At the point when we were planning new route, we could really look at the most widely recognized ways in the application and settle on some educated choices when planning the component. 

We are constantly working on the item, and with restricted assets, we can't hazard fostering a component no one will utilize. So what we do, for instance, this moment is some market testing. We discharge a fake element or a MVP and watch whether clients are interfacing with it; thusly, we can focus on the improvement of parts. We can zero in on things that are popular by our clients. 

When fostering another element, we can trade a companion of clients who may be conceivably keen on it and meet a few rules and send an email to inquire as to whether they're keen on testing it. 

We utilize chosen Mixpanel partners to work on the expectation to learn and adapt of Google Promotions crusades, grow the compass, and advance offers dependent on assembled information.


While Mixpanel's estimating looks extravagant, without a breakdown of which organizations really go for the paid-for choices, it is unimaginable to expect to dive further into this for more prominent knowledge. Notwithstanding, given there are heaps of provisions accessible with the free choice, more modest undertakings can utilize Mixpanel to beneficial outcome. They ought to partake in a more noteworthy comprehension of who their clients really are in close to-no time! 

Have you at any point utilized Mixpanel previously? Provided that this is true, we couldn't imagine anything better than to get your contemplations on what we've said in this survey. Get in contact with us in the remarks box underneath and we should launch the discussion!

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