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You probably don’t want your e-commerce website to drown in the pool of websites all competing to hunt the best-selling products. With millions of websites over the internet, competition is fiercer than ever in 2020 so you want the best option that provides you with a clear strategy to run at your marketing goals.

Taking the time to look for a smart option is worth it in the long run as it could mean the difference between your biz fizzling out or going the distance. No matter how much you pay a website designer to design you an attractive website, it’s not going to simply give you the profit you expect because it merely looks good, you need to find the right products.
Many e-commerce websites aim to make money dropshipping by selling the most popular products but how do you actually find those winning hot products?

Today I am going to review one of my favorite as well as an effective tool on behalf of you.

It is known as NicheScraper!

niche scraper, nichescraper

What Is Niche Scraper?

Niche scrapper is a tool which is used for researching trending products. Though product researching is the key functionality of this tool, it performs a large number of additional operations as well. One of the positive characteristics which I have observed on this tool is its capability of providing the most recently updated products for users.

Actually that is so much worth than anything. I have come across through numerous product researching tools which upload random products claimed as they are the best selling products. Niche Scrapper is full of effective characteristics for users. 

Niche Scraper Features  

  • Product Scraper:

niche scraper, nichescraper

The product scraper scans a large number of products on online shopping platforms. It provides multiple products which great potential for dropshipping. So, you can make a list of items that are trending, and you can sell them to earn more money.

You know that Aliexpress has millions of product listed by lakhs of sellers from China. It is so exhausting to find a single winning product on which you can invest from the list. Niche scraper's dropshipping product scraper performs analysis on thousands of items daily to show which one has highest dropshipping potential. Its algorithm search out products on different aspects like no. of orders, growth rate, competitive score, and Ali score. In this section, you can also find winning product from other Shopify stores.

  • Store Analysis:

niche scraper, nichescraper

Store Analysis searches through best online stores to get details about the best-selling products, sales, website traffic, etc. This data is helpful for you to analyze the online shopping market and get knowledge about the most selling products.

This tool can be your spyglass tool for scrolling and spying the various stores at Shopify.
This feature is easy to use, just search any keyword surrounding the specific product or the search can derive data from the whole store itself.

Just enter business type as verified dropshipping, sort by store popularity and type in any Shopify store name in the store search tab. Having access to top Shopify stores reveals their top marketing products which you can then note and stock. Data about the highest drop shipping potential products, Alexa rank, traffic, sales estimate and more is all accessible within this feature.\

  • Handpicked  Products:

niche scraper, nichescraper

The handpicked products are provided by Niche Scraper by analyzing the ads, suppliers and websites. You can always choose from a handpicked item to start dropshipping without searching for trending products.

The list of winning products pop up with the product features, description, associated cost and profit margin. Even highly informative and useful data for merchants, such as Facebook audience and supplier links are analysed with this feature. For their membership users, they try to provide every single rise-fall product market-related changes by updating the list regularly. 

  • Video Maker

niche scraper, nichescraper

This one is my next favorite feature after product scraper. We all know that video performs best in Facebook ads to generate sales. Many time we do not have video available for the specific product we want to have for FB ads. This feature is easy to go for creating beautiful and converting videos by just pasting product link. It will fetch product images and you can customize top and bottom bands to write something catchy.

Niche Scraper allows you to make video ads online. You can make product videos by posting the product link, and the video maker will do the rest. You can also test your product ads with video makers.

Facebook Ad Video Maker and Product Scraper are enough to cover your Nice scraper pro plan expense.

Shopify Store Search

This is also a very unique feature of this tool. You can find the Shopify store and spy on them. There are hundreds of Shopify stores are listed on this tool including the best-selling products. If you are interested in selling someone else’s best-selling product, what you have to do is just making a click on the product image and import it to your Shopify store.

In accordance with your requirements, you can search on Shopify stores.

Here is an example for your further understanding;

  • Just assume that you are looking for dog products.
  • What you have to do is just typing your keyword as a dog in the search area.
  • Hit on the search button.
  • Within a shorter period of time, you will come across through all the available dog products.
  • You can filter the search results under different categories as well.

This option is very powerful and successful in order to find trending products and export them to your store within one minute. Instead of inventing the viral products, it is always easy to sell the products that already on trends.

How Does It Work?

To get started, you have to register on its website. And to do that, you have to click on the ‘Register’ button, which you can see in the top left corner of the window. After clicking on it, you will be directed to a page where they will ask you for your email, and password to create your free account.

Once you have created your free account, the page will refresh, and there will be an orange colour button in the middle saying ‘Start Product Research!’. Click on it, and you will get redirected to your dashboard. 

niche scraper, nichescraperHere you’ll see a search bar where you can search the products you have in mind. There are also filters available on top of the search bar for customizing your search result. And on the right side, you have your different features that this tool has to offer.
 niche scraper, nichescraperOn the top left corner, you have your Upgrade, Tutorials, Account settings, Contact, and Affiliates button.
 niche scraper, nichescraperNiche Scraper Tutorials

Free tutorials give you the edge in utilising this eCommerce product research tool.
They include…
1.    Find out Winning product list using Niche Scraper
2.    Eric Smith Left 6 Figure job to Dropship
3.    Checklist for free Shopify Stores
4.    Must-Follow these 7 Rules of Dropshipping
5.    Tutorial on Create Facebook Ad

Does Niche Scraper a scam product? 

I would like to emphasize you all that this product is a genuine product which has the potential of assisting all the e-commerce business owners. This tool offers a solid solution for finding hot-selling products.

A considerable amount of the e-commerce budget has to spend on product testing. With this tool, you can save lots of money by testing scrappy products on wrong audiences. If you have interested in any product which has the potential of selling, you can test them by just listing them on your website and starting ads.

Eric Smith is the creator of this amazing product researching tool, Niche Scrapper. You can find him on his personal Facebook account as well as on YouTube.I have noticed that Eric Smith is a genuine guy on the internet who helps newbies to build their businesses. According to the details on his personal Facebook account, he is from Florida, United States. Though he has two Facebook accounts, this one seems the real Facebook account.

NicheScraper Pricing Plans

niche scraper, nichescraperThe software provides both monthly and annual billing options.

Free plan, Pro Membership and Annual Membership.

Starting with the free plan, it has access to fewer features.

Minimal time membership lasting three days' access to winning product lists but if you are curious yet not convinced jump in.

Pro Plan

The pro membership plan costs $29 per month. You are able to access all the software features, including unlimited video ad making for different products.

Annual Plan

You get discounted offers if you pay annually, sometimes up to 60%!

Pros and Cons Of Niche Scraper


  • Provide huge data on winning products. 
  • Can create a Facebook Ad Video.
  • Pricing is fairly reasonable.
  • Provide information about products that are trending on other platforms too.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Helpful tutorials.
  • Affiliates Program.


  • No debit card payment option is available.
  • Number of product searches is limited in the Free account.
  • Only 2 membership options.

niche scraper, nichescraperNow, we want to share with you about some reviews from dropshiper used NicheScraper

  • NicheScraper offers two things: The “hand picked products” section, and the “web scraper” tool.
    • The hand picked products section provides sample ad targeting and suppliers which is what you’ll see on ecomhunt too, but that’s not our primary focus. Those products tend to get saturated fast, but are a good starting point for someone new who wants to hit the ground running.
    • The other section is the web scraping tool, which analyzes thousands of other Shopify stores and displays their best-selling products. It also gives traffic and revenue estimates to make research more productive. This is what I still use today to do my research and something ecomhunt account doesn’t offer. Since it displays live results, the products and stores are always changing which allows me to keep up with trending products before they become widely available. This method requires some footwork because you still have to find a supplier/targeting, but is a very effective form of product research that the tool makes easier.

I tried to combine both aspects above into the service so that there's a little bit of something for everyone. If you’re strictly looking for hand picked products, I say ecomhunt group buy is the service you’ll likely want. But If you want a tool that aids in product research that you can use throughout your store’s lifecycle, that’s where the value of mine lies.

  • Another method I frequently use is to browse domain registries and get a list of trending/popular Shopify stores. From there you can spy on their best-sellers and get a huge list of products that you can try and that you already know sell well! Even if that product is saturated, you get an idea for what consumers want so that you can go on AliExpress and find similar products. A bot I wrote to automate finding winners using this method is nichescraper.
  • You can either do it the hard way and manually research on instagram/facebook etc or use a paid tool such as niche scraper, alishark etc. Personally I recommend and use niche scraper as it has a parameter in the search function that lets you see products in other stores, with alexa rank, estimates of how well the stores are doing, verified dropshipping stores, best selling products etc. All very useful information which makes finding winning products and good site/ad designs to take inspiration from far easier than if you tried to do it manually.
  • There probably is isn’t an efficient way to search for trending products by demographics yet. In case you didn’t already know, there’s Google Trends, Poweradspy, and the new Niche Scraper to help with that.
  • The other commenter’s solutions are really the best free solutions. If you are looking for software that has more in depth features you can checkout NicheScraper
  • You could either use tools that tracks trending products for you or you could do manual research. If you choose to go the manual route then I would recommend checking out other stores and see what is selling well for them. Then you can double check that they are in demand by looking at and and seeing how many orders it’s gotten recently. You want to look for a positive growth rate ideally, with a low amount of buyers since this is an indication of how many others may be dropshipping the item. Alternatively you can use tools to do this for you, I recommend NicheScraper
  • Nichescraper is good, I recommend not using the hand picked products but to use the scraping tool there to conduct your own product research. That being said, only purchase product research tools if it’s in your budget, they aren’t strictly necessary! Money spent on testing ads is just as important
  • Those are good tools, I would just personally be careful since SO many people use them the products tend to get saturated quickly as you are fighting a ton of competition. I personally built/use NicheScraper because it simply uses a web crawler to scrape other Shopify stores to show everyone's best sellers at once. It works great for me. But pick whichever tool fits your budget/has the features you feel would be most suitable for your style of research.

Wrapping Up
I tried to cover almost all of the main features of the tool, Niche Scrapper through making this review. I firmly believe that now you all have a clear image regarding what you can do with this tool.

Most probably; you might be in different levels in your online business. Therefore; it seems to be that purchasing the pro version of this tool is a kind of big investment for those who are at the primary stages in their e-commerce-based online business. My suggestion is that it is wiser to sign up for the free trial version prior to purchasing the paid pro version. Within the trial period, you can decide whether this tool really useful for you or not. If the features of this software add value to your business, of course, you can switch to the pro version without any doubt.

When compared with all the other product researching tools in the market, Niche Scrapper can be known as one of the most useful tools in the market. With the help of this tool, you have the chance to detect the fresh trends before they go viral.

You can make a pile of money at the beginning of the trend. Do not expect huge profits at the top of the trend. At the peak of the trend, the demand, as well as the competition, are pretty much higher. In such a situation, there are no sufficient rooms for increasing your ROI.

I believe that this practical review will help you to understand the different aspects of another effective product research tool. If you have any doubt, just drop me a message or else you can mention your question at the following comment area too.

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