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About Analytics, review is a content analytics platform that allows to make data-driven decisions to deliver business growth. It is built for data scientists and editors of enterprises to act on immediate insights or historical analysis to plan for the future.

Its primary features include attention metrics, subscriber tracking and segmentation that allows to track the key business information with its analytics tools. The setup process is simple and performance metrics can be accessed across various platforms such as mobile, web and content types instantly.

It also offers to schedule reports, set alerts for traffic spikes and mobile stats for on-the go users. It supports to increase engagement with its personalized experience through its predictive analysis and content recommendation engine.'s key partnerships include Amazon Web Services, Mailchimp, Amazon CloudWatch, Firebase, New Relic and WordPress.

It was founded by three engineers named Benny Feinberg on October 23rd, 2015 in the form of a startup at the University of Texas at Austin. The first priority was to create an alternative social media analytics service on top of its infrastructure of more than 300 Facebook apps Facebook’s Graph API and develop dashboard for account executives to supercharge their social media advertising efforts. Its launch was noticed by TechCrunch along with its ability to classify content more accurately than other platforms like Google Analytics for instance.


  • Sessions – Digital Analytics, review

This blog post is the first in a series of sessions about online marketing. In this blog post, we will provide a brief overview of what digital analytics is and how it can be used in an SEO strategy. Later posts will go more in-depth about keyword research, content optimization, and link building.

Digital analytics provides three main components: data collection, insight enablement, and optimization opportunity. Data collection comes from sources such as online search engines and web browser traces [via analytics software]. Insight enablement happens when someone uses their knowledge to solve problems that were previously not solvable [typically through insights found via the data collected].

  • Engagement

When the audience is captivated and glued to your page, they will stay with you throughout the entire experience. One of the most essential aspects in creating this engagement is color.

Color can be used to represent an emotion or feeling that you want to portray on your website. However, there are also rules that need to be followed when it comes to what colors should go together. For example, blue and purple do not work well together because they are too similar on the color wheel, while blue and yellow blend well because one is near polar opposite of the other on the color wheel.

  • Entry and Exit Pages, review

Entry pages are the page you come to, when clicking on a link in a search engine query. Exit pages are the page you leave after having clicked on a link in the search engine' results list.

The notion of entry pages is crucial for understanding how people use search engines, and there is research that gives information about what strategies work best for companies running PPC-advertising campaigns. For instance, it has been found that companies can increase the number of website visitors they receive by adding one or two keyword phrases in their ads that "trigger" an ad when someone enters these phrases into Google's search box.

  • Sessions

Sessions are an easy way to manage all your PhotoBanks, Photo Projects, and Photo Collections. Now, you can find any photo with just one search term. Sessions give you the ability to combine your collections with category-specific collections of photos so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Sessions have been designed for optimal performance on every device so there's always a perfect session for wherever and whenever you want to search or browse galleries. Feel free to share sessions with friends or simply enjoy them yourself!

  • Return

  • Conversions

Conversions are how much money you bring in for each sale of your product. They're calculated by adding up all the revenue you generate from that sale, then dividing it by how many units of that product were sold.

So if you sell 1 cookie at $1, and your conversion rate is 10%, then your total revenue would be $10. If you sold 10 cookies at $1 each, the total revenue would be 100 cents. The conversion rate is always expressed as a percentage so 100% would mean one item was sold for every single one of its units purchased, so 100 units were sold overall across 50 sales (the cost per unit).

  • Search Rank, review

Search Rank Express is a SEO Services Company that specializes in link building and web marketing. We will help you rank your website on the front page of Google with an SEO campaign that is sure to increase your rankings for applicable keywords.

Matt Cutts, Head of Google's Web Spam Team, said: "What we want to do is focus less on trying to come up with a set of rules and more about, you know how people search and try to understand what they might be looking for and return those types of results at the top."

If you're wanting to rank well in Google search engine results pages (SERPS) then this post isn't for you.

Pros and cons, review


  • Well designed, intuitive interface.
  • Useful, easy to configure reports.
  • Amazing training and customer service.


  • Could do a better job of rolling out new features. New features don’t get the fanfare and education they should.

Use Cases, review
Peers recommend Content Management , Engagement Management , Social Media Management , as the business use cases that they have been most satisfied while using Analytics.

Parsing Content for Analytic Use
As a website owner, you're constantly churning out content and managing your digital presence. When it comes to reading what visitors are looking at, the answers to how they behave across sites and apps and what they click most often, you need an analytics solution that performs quickly and conveniently. Analytics is designed for this use case especially well— we offer quick insights on our intuitive interface so you can see how users interact with your site immediately after deployment without any complicated configuration work.

Business Use Cases: Recommending Content Management , Engagement Management , Social Media Management      
As a new user of Parse. Pricing, review

The pricing for starts at $995.0 per month. has 2 different plans:

  • Starter at $995.00 per month.
  • Growth at $1850.00 per month. also offers a custom plan based on the customer's request

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