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Pexgle Reviews

Pexgle is possibly one of the most exciting services available for people starting their own eCommerce store. As anyone that has dabbled in e-commerce knows, success lives and dies by the products you sell.

Find something hot and your sales will skyrocket to get the desired profits needed to secure more products. Find something that nobody wants and you’ve only wasted valuable time and resources trying to market and sell a useless product.

It’s a fine line and many people struggle to find a balance, especially when operating their first eCommerce store. Even the most experienced store operators can struggle to find hot products, with a lot of hard work, patient, and a bit of good luck usually needed to find those hot sellers.

This is where Pexgle comes into play. The service removes most of the legwork needed to find a hot product by allowing you to track what other stores are selling well and how product adverts are performing on social media.

Considering the time and effort Pexgle can save you when it comes to finding hot products to sell, it’s certainly service worth trying out if you’re looking to run a successful eCommerce store.


What Is Pexgle?

Pexgle is new software which was introduced to the e-commerce world by the Pexda team. Pexda is a great spy tool that I have used during my dropshipping journey. It helps the user to get brand new trending products data every day. Pexgle released as an advance extension as a Pexda. Pexda is a product research tool which has specific features that no ever product research tool has in the market.

Here, I would like to mention that Pexgle is an advanced product researching tool as well as a spy tool.

Advantages of using Pexgle

  • Pexgle dashboard combines all of the important information on your target market with in-depth, full feature reporting.
  • You can track your competitors in many different categories and focus on the scaling part.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, ongoing free feature updates, and advanced personalization.
  • You can try Pexgle for free, for a limited time.

pexgle reviews

Features of Pexgle

  • Pexgle does ‘micro-targeting’ to show you unsaturated products within your niche.
  • It helps you research winning products and keeps them private.
  • Unique personalization capabilities.
  • The industry’s largest winning products list.
  • Fresh data with in-depth analytics.
  • Multi user account access for your team
  • 7User-friendly interface

Pexgle Review: Pros & Cons

Pexgle Pros

  • Pexgle has a different algorithm that no other tool has
  • Set and Relax method
  • Save the time of product research
  • Save lots of money from testing products
  • A simple tool that any beginner can use.
  • Can keep track of competitors winning products and facebook pages and ads

Pexgle Cons

  • Pricing might be too high for the beginners.

pexgle discount code

Pexgle Pricing & Plans Discount With Promo Code

Perhaps the only drawback of Pexgle is its pricing. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest service to use but well worth the money in our opinion. Monthly and annual plans are available which can provide you with substantial savings in the long run.

  • Pro – $99 per month with a monthly plan or $82.95 month with an annual plan. Pro is the basic package from Pexgle costing just under $100 per month/$82.95 per month with an annual plan (billed annually). 
  • Guru is the most popular package from Pexgle costing just under $199.95 per month/$149.95 month with annual plan (billed annually). 
  • Business is the most expensive package from Pexgle costing just under $499.95/$399.95 with annual plan (billed annually). 

As you can see, paying for Pexgle’s main features will require an expensive investment that not all eCommerce owners can afford. The annual plans offer some impressive savings but are billed annually, meaning one massive payment to cover the service for the year.

pexgle review

Final Thoughts About Pexgle

This tool unique’s feature is the ability to give you with products specific to your input data, not the same public products that typical winning product scraper provide, that gives you a competitive advantage. It also feature a very powerful Chrome Plugin that will work either on any Pexgle Shopify and Aliexpress page. The GUI is as simple as effective, easy to navigate and accessible. I highly recommend it! Get the 7 days Trial to and you won’t be disappointed! After reading this Pexgle review you will get prompted with a special limited offer.

This is a great idea if you know you’re going to be using the service for the entire year but can represent a massive outlay that many won’t be willing to pay until they’re certain they love the product.

A great idea is to take advantage of Pexgle’s seven-day trial deal for their Pro plan for just $1.95. You can also use our code “SCAMTEST20” for $20 off if you decided to stay with Pexgle.

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