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Places Scout,Places Scout review

Places Scout is a powerful and versatile suite of tools for Local SEO and Lead Generation. If generating leads or optimising your business for local visibility is part of your Digital Marketing Strategy then Places Scout is well worth taking a closer look.

A tool like Places Scout offers the best of both worlds:

It helps you locate and evaluate potential customers and helps you rank your website higher on Google.

The software uses different variables to determine the potential of a location for your target audience. It works on Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages and Facebook Places.

It is not just a tool to check competitive data of locations, but it offers actionable advice on how to get more visibility in Google for your business.

It also helps you analyze where you are located with its Business Analyzer feature. The map view shows the locations of your competitors with pins that you can click on to get detailed information about that location including reviews of the business itself and the places around it, industry breakdowns for that business, top keywords used by people who search for businesses like yours and more.

What’s Included In Places Scout?

Places Scout,Places Scout review

The essential capacity of Places Scout is to make contacts records, or leads. in characterized regions for characterized catchphrases. So. assuming you needed a rundown of locksmiths in Cambridge, or specialists in Bath, this is the best device for you. Not exclusively will you get the names yet in addition email addresses, web subtleties, MOZ and Majestic backlink and SEO subtleties in addition to far reaching web-based media information also. Spots Scout will let you know if the business it finds are confirmed with Google My business and Google+. 

You can, much of the time, sift through information that you dont need. Theres additionally a decent Citation research office and great contender examination apparatuses also. 

Added to that, theres survey checking and rank following in addition to an office to do professional reference reviews exceptionally convenient for little SEO offices and specialists. 

Places Scout,Places Scout review

As far as an incentive for cash, its everything down to volume. For more modest, limited positions its truly reasonable yet assuming you were creating huge records you would have to watch out for the expenses as the credit framework can begin to pile up. Regardless, Places Scout is so amazing but easy to utilize that you nearly dont mind the expense. It works and it works effectively. 

Theres a free preliminary so I would ask you to attempt that in case you want to do any of the things that Places Scout does. The paid plans start at $19.99/month for up to 250 leads each month. Backing is generally excellent and they hit you up rapidly when anything turns out badly. On the off chance that lead age or neighborhood SEO is essential for your advanced promoting procedure then, at that point, Places Scout is most likely an unquestionable requirement.


Places Scout,Places Scout review

Places Scout's powerful and accurate rank tracker allows you to monitor your local and organic search rankings and find out where your business appears in all the major search engines

Gather and Monitor Reviews from Google and 20 Top Review Sites, providing you with a complete picture of your business' online reputation with overall summary metrics, new review alerts, and multiple data views.

Powerful citation analysis capabilities give you a complete picture of both your client's citations and your client's competitor citations. Each citation found is verified for NAP accuracy and consistency.

Places Scout's hybrid lead generator / competitive analysis tool provide a wealth of strategic intelligence data for businesses that appear in Google searches, giving you a competitive advantage with over 400+ data points available for any business.

Listing NAP Audit reports provide you with a picture of how your business’ NAP info appears in the top major listing sites, allowing you to easily identify which sites have inaccurate NAP info for your business and correct any inaccurate data.


Places Scout,Places Scout review
Places Scout offers full support for multi-location brands and enterprise SEO, with unique multi-location summary metric views that allow you to easily digest, summarize, and filter large amounts of data for all of your locations.

Places Scout offers full support for multi-user accounts, allowing team members to collaborate, share documents, and see their individual NAP information in an easy-to-access dashboard.

From social media reports to website reviews reports to competitive analysis reports, Places Scout has the flexibility to be customized for your specific needs. Data can also be transferred between customers or teams within your organization for full analysis between them.

Places Scout offers a fully customizable NAP Agreement, giving you the flexibility to include all the important information your clients need to make informed decisions about their company's NAP info.

Powerful search rank tracking metrics include: organic search rankings, interstitial traffic, and paid search traffic for a complete picture of your business' market performance. The metrics are easy-to-access and provide a comprehensive view of the many factors that influence rankings in Google and other major search engines.

Multi-Location Reputation Summary Views

Places Scout,Places Scout review

Places Scout's multi-location reputation summary views provide aggregate summary metrics across multiple locations, allowing you to easily digest, summarize, and filter large amounts of data for all of your reputation reports in Places Scout.

These views can also be used in conjunction with the reputation summary filter to allow you to quickly find the reputation reports in Places Scout that match your filter criteria.

When using the default reputation summary view, the report additionally displays a table of all reputation reports across all locations, with a column for each of the following report types:

Certain metrics shown in the default view, such as positive reviews and negative reviews per location, are only available on the "All Places" report.

The default view is built from an aggregation of four fields: number of reviews at a location since last visit, number of reviews total since inception (i.e. since startup), positive reviews at a location since last visit and negative reviews at a location since last visit.these methods, it is suggested that you refresh (F5) the page to ensure that all of your data is loaded into memory. make it easy to see which locations are performing well, as well as those performing poorly, giving you the ability to make quick decisions on where your resources and efforts should be emphasized rather than having to view report data for each individual location.

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