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Social media can be unbelievably tedious and it can get costly except if you have the right instruments to help you. 

This is the place where PromoRepublic comes in – an apparatus that vows to save you time making and booking social media posts. 

However, is it the right instrument for your requirements? 

In this PromoRepublic survey, we'll bring a profound jump into all that this well known social media apparatus has to bring to the table. We'll talk highlights, experts, cons, evaluating, and the sky is the limit from there – all that you need to know.

What is PromoRepublic?

promorepublic,promorepublic review

PromoRepublic is a social media the executives device that helps online advertisers and organizations produce posts and distribute them naturally. 

Two things make this social media promoting stage a decent choice for little to medium-sized organizations. To start with, it's perhaps the easiest arrangement accessible. Anybody can get it and get fully operational in minutes. Second, it's truly reasonable. It has evaluating plans for people and developing organizations. 

As a little something extra, PromoRepublic is not difficult to scale. You can add various customer records and this social media showcasing arrangement will have no issue keeping up. Simply interface accounts as you develop. 

In contrast to a customary social media scheduler, PromoRepublic helps its individuals think of thoughts for their posts. It even gives visuals made by its group of marketing specialists and visual fashioners. 

You can compare the implicit illustrations proofreader to what Canva has to bring to the table. It's very easy to understand. You just supplement the components you require and alter them on a case by case basis. That implies you can make proficient quality pictures to embed in your presents without the need on rethink the plan work somewhere else. 

All that you need to distribute astonishing substance exactly on time, you'll find inside PromoRepublic.

PromoRepublic features: A great social media marketing solution

What makes PromoRepublic special? And how can it make social media marketing easier for small businesses as well as small and medium agencies?

Here’s a breakdown of PromoRepublic’s biggest features.

Social media calendar

promorepublic,promorepublic review

We consider PromoRepublic as the best social media scheduler for the most part for this component. You presently don't need to switch between social media stages since you can run different social media crusades across significant stages from inside this instrument. 

You can interface with popular social media locales including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, it can deal with various customer accounts too. You can make spaces for various organizations which is incredible for individuals that deal with different customers.

Automation through AI

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You have the choice of planning posts yourself. Notwithstanding, you should look at the computer based intelligence computerization highlight that PromoRepublic calls Autopilot. 

Whenever empowered, PromoRepublic will plan posts consequently dependent on when your crowd is generally dynamic. This ensures that every one of your posts get most extreme openness. It will likewise tell you how frequently you should post every month and what kind of post you should post (instructive, inspirational, and so forth) 

Whenever Autopilot is empowered, you will not have the option to set the posting time. Be that as it may, you will actually want to determine which days you need PromoRepublic to distribute and which days to reject. 

This is the thing that makes it so natural to plan posts on PromoRepublic. It's ready to remove the mystery from posting on social media. You can put all of your emphasis on the actual post. The apparatus will deal with different subtleties like the right day and time to distribute.

Recycling posts

promorepublic,promorepublic review

It's improbable that all of your crowd will see your post at the hour of posting. Furthermore, you may track down some past posts working surprisingly good. In cases like these, you'd need to reuse posts and repost them at an alternate time. 

PromoRepublic has an element that allows you to reuse posts that have high commitment numbers. You should simply set it up and let Autopilot do its thing. You can even advise the apparatus when you need the reiteration to end. 

There are two different ways to end a reiteration. You can mark the calendar when you need it to end. Or on the other hand you could pass by count which stops the reposting if the substance gets republished a specific number of times. 

You can rehash a post each day or week. Or on the other hand you can indicate the quantity of days you need Autopilot to stand by prior to reposting. In the event that you set it to week by week, you can pick which day of the week you need Autopilot to repost.


Speaking with a group can be a test if your whole group works outside a social administration apparatus. Envision discussing content thoughts with your group through email or Skype. Wouldn't it be better in the event that you'd have a devoted page for examining a particular post? 

Not exclusively would you be able to add colleagues to PromoRepublic so everybody can survey your planned posts, however they can likewise remark on posts. All remarks will stay private. The ones in particular that could see them are those individuals who have authorization to do as such. 

Also, in the event that somebody needs to make any move, remarks can get set apart as settled once the issues are tended to.

Content organizer

promorepublic,promorepublic review

PromoRepublic depicts its Substance Coordinator as a Resource Administrator and Designs Supervisor moved into one. In less complex words, it's the place where you can store, plan, and create social media posts. 

The Illustrations Editorial manager is partitioned into two areas. You have your primary editorial manager where you create your post picture and afterward a more modest area that contains your resources. 

The Thoughts segment holds your own formats that are in your library. On the off chance that you don't have any visual formats saved, you can embed a foundation picture all things being equal. 

Whenever you've chosen a foundation or format, you can add items or text. Items are visual depiction components that add interest to your picture. These incorporate flags, shapes, strips, outlines, buttons, lines, and emoticons. 

Any text you add can be altered to make them all the more outwardly striking. You can change the textual style, size, separating, and line-stature. What's more, there are choices to make the words strong or stressed. 

There's additionally a part called My Thoughts. This is a vault of photographs or components you've utilized and saved before. In the event that you'd prefer to utilize a fresh out of the plastic new resource, you can utilize the Transfer to import your photos.

Post ideas

promorepublic,promorepublic review

The most intriguing part about the Illustrations Proofreader is that you have the alternative to utilize formats. These formats work since they permit you to distribute posts that aren't only limited time in nature. 

In addition to the fact that it helps you fabricate better associations with your adherents, yet it likewise assists you with posting reliably. 

You don't need to make illustrations in the event that you would prefer not to. Formats previously accompany great pictures. You should simply refresh the text. 

There's additionally a subsection called Forthcoming Occasions. This is helpful in light of the fact that you can make posts around specific occasions. You don't need to do investigate any longer. PromoRepublic has a rundown of occasions and occasions — even those that infrequently occur or are praised. 

Post Thoughts is additionally an incredible spot to explore content. The Articles area orders pertinent posts that you could connection to in your post. 

You can likewise discover statements that your devotees may discover fascinating. These are incredible for Instagram posts. 

Discovering incredible stock photographs is a colossal obstacle in the creation cycle. You could pursue stock photograph destinations yet that can get costly quick. In any case, that is not an issue for PromoRepublic clients since the apparatus accompanies its own library of stock photographs. 

Whenever you're finished altering the picture, you can go straightforwardly to the Post Supervisor where you can prepare it for distributing. 

The high level altering highlights, numerous model posts thoughts, and visual formats make PromoRepublic an incredible choice for independent ventures. It can assist your substance group with conceptualizing and timetable social posts, regardless of whether they have no past visual computerization experience. 

It's likewise useful for advertising offices on the grounds that PromoRepublic makes it feasible for organizations that deal with various customers to introduce proposed posts thoughts rapidly.

PromoRepublic pricing overview: A great value for money

promorepublic,promorepublic review

As a SaaS platform, access to PromoRepublic is sold on a monthly basis. PromoRepublic offers four paid plans after a 14-day trial of the Starter Package (content calendar, graphics editor, and access to thousands of templates). The figures given below assume monthly payment. You receive a discount of 20% for annual payment. 

  • Solo, $9/mo – 3 social profiles, 0 team members, excludes Pinterest, 100,000+ post ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, basic post statistics
  • Standard, $49/mo – 10 social profiles, 1 team member, 100,000+ post ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, basic post statistics, separate workspaces for each client
  • Professional, $99/mo – 30 social profiles, 15 team members/clients, can add an additional 30 social profiles and 15 members for $49, 100,000+ post ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, basic post statistics, advanced reporting, separate workspaces for each client, collaboration & approval workflow
  • Advanced, from $182/mo – custom social profiles, custom  team members/clients, 100,000+ post ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, time slots, basic post statistics, advanced reporting, separate workspaces for each client, collaboration & approval workflow, platform on your domain, interface branded just for you

You can also buy a content bundle containing 20 unique templates tailored for your business, starting at $149

Is PromoRepublic for Whom?

Would it be a good idea for you to pay $49 each month for PromoRepublic to oversee up to 10 pages, numerous social media the board devices like Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, Support, MeetEdgar, and ContentStudio? All things considered, it depends. On the off chance that you: 

Furthermore, your business intensely relies upon social media promoting, PromoRepublic can build natural commitment through great illustrations 

Need to offer social media the executives administrations to your customers and bring in cash as an advanced promoting organization or specialist, PromoRepublic would be a decent alternative. 

Need to get post thoughts for uncommon days and occasions? PromoRepublic is up there. 

Yet, in case you are a blogger and an advertiser who need to have a social media showcasing device with incredible provisions like mechanization, content curation, and so forth, PromoRepublic isn't intended for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Content ideas library of 100,000+ Post Ideas for 17+ industries
  • 6,000+ templates with images and GIFs
  • Built-in Holiday Calendar
  • Graphic editor
  • Workspaces
  • Curated article content


  • Limited editing options on the graphics editor
  • Only the English language is supported
  • No content ideas for other languages
  • No link tracking services and analytics is basic

Final thoughts on PromoRepublic

promorepublic,promorepublic review

PromoRepublic has set up a good foundation for itself as one of the top social media advertising devices available. 

Furthermore, it covers three significant parts of social media – content creation, planning and revealing. 

The most noteworthy part of PromoRepublic is its emphasis on saving time. Specifically, the colossal library of social media illustrations and inherent editorial manager permits you to get straight down to business quick. 

As a specialist, this will permit you to save time so you can spend it on more significant customer assignments. As an entrepreneur, you'll be certain realizing that your group can be undeniably more proficient while getting an incentive for cash. 

Thus, assuming you need to put forth your social media attempts more powerful and further develop content dissemination work processes – check PromoRepublic out. 

They offer a free preliminary so you can ensure it is ideal for your necessities.

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