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As per researches, the income of E-commerce is greater than 12$ trillion worldwide just as think me or not SEO is the backbone of this Trillion buck sector. SEO is the lifeblood of every Internet Business. In case you are an Internet Marketing professional, blog owner, or proprietor of this service you know the significance of great Search Engine Enhancement. 

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

You can not anticipate a bachelor score on your site without an excellent Seo. The huge problem with the masses is that a ton of us don't recognize a lot concerning Internet search engine Improvement. 

That is the reason a great deal of internet site proprietors hire Search Engine Advancement specialists which cost us huge number of bucks. Not everybody can pay for to pay such a lot of cash to Search Engine Enhancement professionals. Yet what happens on the off chance that I informed you that you support your Search Engine Advancement and furthermore raise website traffic on your web site alongside your benefits without paying bucket huge loads of money? 

Yeah, you read it appropriate I will tell you about a device that can improve your site's SEO just as increase the website traffic just as sales of your website.

What is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

It is a computerized device that discovers blog sites to discuss and naturally remarks together with your internet site URL. It likewise creates backlinks to your web site and permits you to create hundreds of these backlinks in under 60 minutes. And we all skill essential Backlinking is when it pertains to excellent Search Engine Enhancement. Which's not all; SCRAPEBOX has every one of the effective capacities which can help you to construct your business online.

Features of ScrapeBox

  • Web Page Meta Scraper

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

One of the best features of this device is this Meta scraper. It permits you to stack a massive rundown of URLs and enables you to extract the descriptions, titles, just as the keywords from every URL of the rundown. 

Since it is a multi-threaded feature, you can use this scraper to procure this information from hundreds of web pages just inside a minute. Once you are done with the extraction, you would then be able to filter out those URLs that either has some kind of error or don't feature meta keywords. 

After this extraction and filtering, exporting this information to a .csv, .xls, or a .txt file wouldn't be an intense errand for you. This information can help you incredibly when it comes to either directing research on your competitors or reviewing your own website with competitive metadata.

  • RSS Submit

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

Since search engines make use of RSS feeds to discover new content, presenting your content for the same will help speed the indexing of recent URLs and will make your content easily available for your readers too. 

Hence, with the help of RSS submit feature of this device, you would be able to submit or ping the rundown of RSS feeds to several RSS Feed aggregators without confronting any hurdles. Generally, ScrapeBox has up to 150 services to submit RSS feeds. However, assuming you need, you can easily add, remove, and customize this rundown according to your own choice. 

Moreover, if your website doesn't uphold programmed creation of RSS feeds, or you would need to have custom RSS feeds with URLs from different spaces, then this apparatus even offers RSS Feed creator. This capacity can help change a crude rundown into a XML feed, making the accommodation easier and moment.

  • Comment Scraper

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

In case you were anticipating discovering such an instrument that can help you extract every single comment from a post, then ScrapeBox is the one you ought to be relying upon. Its comment scraper feature is pretty much as simple as a cakewalk. 

This speedy and multi-threaded feature permits you to stack a rundown of WordPress URLs from where you can extract comments very easily. Furthermore, the feature even comes with several choices to make things even easier for you. 

Directly from skipping comments with connections or URLs to disregarding comments with a smaller number of words and neglecting such comments with words mentioned in the boycott, there is such a lot of you can do with the help of this feature. Since these comments get saved in a text file, you can use them in more ways than one.

  • Sitemap Creation

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

There is no denying the importance of sitemaps when it comes to making URLs discovered. These sitemaps help search engines locate your content as well as slither all of your web pages so they can rank higher on search engines. 

ScrapeBox comprises a powerful XML sitemap creator that can change a rundown of crude URLs into a XML sitemap files. With this feature, it is even easier to execute this process as you can set your priorities and even experiment with settings. 

Furthermore, the best part about this feature is that it doesn't even consume a ton of time. The sitemap creator of ScrapeBox gloats of completing this process just inside 15 seconds. Astonishing, right?

Other Features

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

  • Search Engine Harvester – This feature is used to harvest a large number of connections from over 30 search engines like yippee, bing, and google. Also, this all happens in only a few seconds with the solid and powerful yet trainable URL harvester. This feature makes this instrument even more useful. 
  • Keyword Harvester – Keyword harvester is another special feature that Scrapebox offers. ScrapeBox has a very impressive keyword harvester. This keyword harvester produces a great many different sorts of keywords. These include a wide range of keywords, for example, long-tail keywords and other single base keywords too. 
  • Intermediary Harvester – ScrapeBox offers this essential feature to ensure that the users feel secure while utilizing Scrapebox for their websites. Intermediary harvester offers large number of different proxies with the goal that the user can hide their identity while the development of a specific website. 
  • Comment Poster – This is an automated feature of Scrapebox. By utilizing this feature, you can easily leave backlinks in the comments section of all the web entrances you visit. Moreover, the desired anchor text is additionally left. This feature helps to gather web traffic on a specific website and in this manner the website is being optimized.


  • Connection checker – You can easily filter numerous webpages to make sure that your backlinks exist and through this feature, you can screen the measure of traffic gathered through backlinks. 
  • Numerous Instruments – You can add on many features to this device to make it suitable for your workplace. 
  • Mass external link establishment – This feature easily posts large number of comments on the comment section of numerous websites. This makes it easy to gather web traffic.


  • Evaluating – The valuing of Scrapebox looks quite obscure because there is in every case some sort of a sale that reduces the month to month cost up to practically 50% of the price. 
  • Website – Even however every one of the services looked pretty appealing, yet the website of Scrapebox is itself not quite well optimized. 
  • Area Evaluating not Available – ScrapeBox does not explain much with regards to any sort of area specific SEO devices.

Is Manual Blog Commenting Still Effective?

ScrapeBox,ScrapeBox review

Utilizing scrapebox for manual commenting is time devouring, however, it is the best way of utilizing scrapebox, you will have a lot higher rate of endorsement on the off chance that you visit each individual blog and leave a relevant, helpful blog comment. 

I have had some success with utilizing scrapebox to autopost trackbacks to my blog list. I have discovered that endorsement rate for well constructed trackbacks is a lot higher than generic turned comments used for spamming sites. 

You will initially need to setup your grabber correctly, then you should ensure that you run the subsequent pages all put together (below.) Make sure that you use IPV6 IP addresses for your first page of trackbacks. Trackbacks utilizing IPV4 IP addresses ought to be included on subsequent pages. 

Some bloggers are so protective of their sites, they have disabled trackbacks completely. To get around this problem I have thought that it is useful to contribute to other peoples online journals by leaving helpful blog comments. You can use scrapebox for this purpose too, yet I prefer to do all my commenting physically, this way I can take my time and leave relevant comments that are really read by the writer of the blog.


Understanding the importance of search engine improvement and knowing some stunts and techniques can surely provide critical exposure to your business. And afterward, of course, it can help you in more ways than one. 

Along these lines, keeping this as a primary concern, you would not have to spend a great deal of time sorting out some way to break SEO for the best of the use. Simply use ScrapeBox, which requires just a one-time payment, and you will be all set with your business development.

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