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Scrunch originator and CEO Danielle Lewis offered some guidance to would-be business visionaries searching for outside financial backers. Individuals put resources into individuals. In any case, they likewise put resources into individuals that know their poo. 

The equivalent could be said of powerhouse promoting by and large, and of Lewiss organization specifically, an internet based commercial center where the principle item is People. We call them powerhouses, yet truly theyre simply individuals that know their poo. What's more, brands are hoping to put resources into them. 

Toward that end, Scrunch was bornlaunched in December of 2015 as neither the first nor the last powerhouse commercial center meaning to associate brands with forces to be reckoned with. When of Scrunchs dispatch, the powerhouse commercial center was as yet a generally new thing. At this point, however, we as a whole generally realize what's in store similar to highlights. The capacity to look, interface, arrange, and work together with powerhouses for crusades is primary, with shifting levels of mission the board and revealing from one stage to another. What's more, how does Scrunch pile up? 

Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

Without delving into The Details, their new achievement lets you know that the stage isnt lacking. Theyve accomplished consistent development and speculation in the course of the most recent few years while landing enormous name customers like Vogue and Mini. Most outstandingly, the as of late reported association with NewsCorp at the same time appears to be a major result for their past endeavors while setting out an enormous development freedom for what's to come. 

What might be generally noteworthy with regards to Scrunchs gains with these enormous names is that the actual stage isnt essentially something marry suggest for huge organizations. It doesnt totally look or put on a show of an undertaking instrument; the look and feel of the Scrunch brand is the perfect inverse of grave and stodgy Newscorp, while its pursuit calculation isnt very capable of parsing the information on the 20 million force to be reckoned with profiles put away on the stage. The errors in the quest arent precisely major issues for the stage all in all, yet they may demonstrate disappointing for huge showcasing departmentsmore on that in The Details. On the in addition to side of this, Scrunch is likewise evaluated for private companies, making it helpful for even the most restricted of spending plans. For those on the little side of the business-size range, Scrunch resembles an extraordinary method for getting intoand stay inthe powerhouse promoting game.

What is Scrunch?

Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that is designed to enable brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media influencers. Scrunch has one of the world's largest influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of datapoints. They are currently in the process of staking their claim in the blogging/social media influencer space. With a strong social presence and recent acquisition of Ominus, Scrunch is capitalizing on that momentum to acquire new users and build out their influence/subscription base. It will be interesting to see if they can successfully grow and scale while still maintaining a strong net promoter score (NPS), and if there is still enough interest in the space to support this growth.

Scrunch Inc was founded by Danielle Renquist, Ben Lindbergh ,Simon Vincent, and Hunter Walk (a former Bain Consulting Group) in 2014 after leaving Bain & Company.

Scrunch discovered at least 15,000 content creators with more than 2.7 billion monthly impressions across 180+ social networks.

The company is backed by Forerunner Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Wellington Management Company LP, General Catalyst Partners and others.

Scrunch is currently in the process of rebranding all of its products, with their subscription offering being renamed "the Scrunch Subscription" on August 31st 2017. 

What we use the tool for?

Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

We have been using Scrunch for a few months now. It has helped with identifying many influencers in different sectors due to the variety of topics it allows you to search.

With a Starter account there is limited access to the influencer directory and you can only create and share one custom influencer list. However, we use the service exclusively as a discovery and identification tool. In this sense it works quite well, especially when the search terms and filters are defined.

We find the format of the influencer list very easy to read. The site is responsive which is great on mobile devices, however it does have a tendency to be slow when browsing through long lists.

One thing we did notice was that we had to repeat the search request due to some influencers not appearing in our customised lists. This can be quite annoying and repetitive if you are searching for and trying to identify multiple people in one sector. However, this appears to be a glitch within the application or something we were doing wrong rather than a system failure.

Overall Scrunch is a very good platform for finding influencers in different sectors. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to search for, identify and communicate with influencers in different sectors. It's well designed, has a lot of features and I like the layout of the web app. However, I do think that there needs to be more emphasis on the fact that there is no paid account option. Daniel Pearson

The Details

Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

As a force to be reckoned with commercial center, Scrunch acts precisely as you would anticipate. You login, you search, you interface; crusades are characterized, necessities determined. Charges are arranged and content is created. Reports are made and information is broke down. Scrunch does this, so the inquiry is: how well? The appropriate response relies upon the element were discussing. 

The reasonable depressed spot of its capacities is in its hunt instruments. The actual device is really modern, as far separating results goesScrunch accumulates and lists a ton of information for their profiles, allowing clients to refine their outcomes by area, social channel, devotee range, and surprisingly post recurrence. A decent touch is the capacity to look just in the rundowns youve made, as well. 

While leading an inquiry is generally torment free, going through the outcomes isn't as simple. The actual interface is somewhat of a jam-packed wreck, with the powerhouses and their going with information traversing 14 sections you need to look to see. To be reasonable, you can alter this and show any of the sections you need, however the default view is everything. Also, that is overpowering for a first time frame userits simpler for somebody to chase after explicit data they realize they need than it is for them to parse through a lot of information theyre not certain they dont need. Tapping on a profile simply befuddles the screen more, as an overlay slides in from the right, yet not as far as possible. This implies it just somewhat darkens the outcomes behind it, such a large amount it is as yet noticeable and swarming the screen with words, numbers, and symbols. 

Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

Concerning the actual outcomes, the channels make it simple to get pretty explicit with what you need. Indeed, youll find matches to your measures. Yet, youll likewise observe different profiles have snuck in that most certainly arent what you were searching for, and are clearly the aftereffect of something turning out badly in Scrunchs calculation as it records powerhouse information. A quest for U.S.- based picture takers incorporated a powerhouse who was plainly Russianher bio said she was in St. Petersburg, and her email address finished in .ru, however Scrunchs calculation just locked onto Petersburg, which is the name of a city in Virginia. 

Looking for forces to be reckoned with in the Oceania district got me a profile of a lady in New York City. She had remembered the expression west coast for her profile, thus Scrunch concluded that she was in New Zealand. 

An inquiry of Food and Drink bloggers suggested Scott Adams, an American funny cartoon essayist who has a past filled with expressing horrendous things. 

I could continue and rundown a greater amount of these, yet the fact of the matter is this: these buggy outcomes were not confined episodes. The greater part of the outcomes I got were applicable, however this happened enough to make it clear theres something in the mystery ingredient that isnt very right. It's anything but a large enough arrangement to counterbalance what takes care of business on Scrunch, however it certainly should be tended to. 

On the mission the board side, things are vastly improved. The stage handles everything as you would expect, with two champion elements actually significant: 

To start with, theyve coordinated the revelation apparatus into the mission segment, also, so you get suggestions for powerhouses as youre characterizing the models about them. Its simple from that point to waitlist individuals you need to welcome on to the mission. Furthermore, since youre ready to refine results similarly as you can in the independent revelation instrument, youll have the option to browse records youve currently made. 

Second, you can keep notes on each force to be reckoned with and join it to their profiles, which is extraordinary for groups that need straightforward joint effort. Scrunch isnt the main apparatus to do this, however it is the main Ive seen that permits you to design the text in the note for comprehensibility. Significantly more helpful is the simple method for remembering hyperlinks for the notes. Just feature the text and add the linkthis is incredible assuming you need to feature some previous substance to show colleagues. 

At the Power level of membership, the announcing surpasses assumptions for a commercial center. These sorts of stages commonly go for the basicsan powerhouse commercial center is something conditional, thus the announcing ordinarily reflects what you got for your speculation (reach and commitment shrewd). Scrunch dives deep into the crowd, giving some helpful socioeconomics like age, sex, and race. Surprisingly better is its giving an account of the psychographics of a forces to be reckoned with, so advertisers can get a genuine vibe for the preferences of their ideal interest group (and designer missions to those interests). The incorporation of psychographics ought to be viewed as no joking matter: powerhouse advertising is, all things considered, about truly associating with crowds. Half may be male, and a big part of them female; 40% of them may be in Australia, with the rest dispersed over the globe. Almost certainly, inclinations and affinities bring together a group of people than where they come from, for sure their sex is. That implies its bound to make those sorts of true associations utilizing Scrunch than another stage that restricts your bits of knowledge.


Scrunch tool,Scrunch tool review

Scrunch has a few different pricing levels:

  • Starter $0/month
  • Basic $199/month
  • Power $299/month


As force to be reckoned with advertising pushes ahead its hoping to turn into the normthat is to say, powerhouse showcasing may one day simply be called promoting. On the off chance that this is to be the situation, then, at that point, private ventures will require apparatuses like Scrunch to take an interest. With the free starter plan, you should go for it however your chance to attempt it. Scrunch isnt great, yet its one of the better commercial centers weve seen, particularly for private companies. While the hunt has its issues, it actually functions admirably in general. The mission the board and revealing are sufficiently powerful to fulfill huge customers (and fashion noteworthy associations). Individuals at Scrunch didnt design the force to be reckoned with commercial center, and they havent yet consummated it. Whether or not they do is insignificant, becauseto rework their CEOthese are unmistakably individuals who know their poo.

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