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Today, Facebook is gradually becoming a familiar sales channel for many publishers. Among many marketing channels, such as Zalo, Youtube, Website, Google, Facebook are still considered the most potential marketing channel. So why?

  • Facebook has a large number of users.

With 58 million Facebook users, Vietnam ranks 7th in the world. According to Facebook statistics, Vietnamese people spend at least 2.5 hours per day on average to access Facebook, and the average age of users is from 18-34. Accordingly, shopping demand on Facebook also increases.

  • Facebook is very pervasive. 

With the activities of favorite, commenting, and sharing, Facebook is an environment that helps information to be widely disseminated quickly, creating a strong spread. This is a favorable factor for the sales business.

  • Diverse sales forms

With many features available on Facebook, users can choose from many ways to sell on Facebook, such as:

- Sales on personal accounts (profile): Direct products on the personal page to promote

- Selling on Fanpage: By creating a fan page, you can reach more potential customers by running ads for the product.

- Sales in Group: Group is a community that shares a passion, a hobby, or an interest in a common problem. You can join these groups to promote your products.

By now, you probably know why Facebook has become the most potential affiliate marketing channel. So how to do Affiliate Marketing with Facebook effectively.

There are 3 popular ways to do affiliate marketing with Facebook, they are:

1. Do affiliate marketing on personal profiles 

This is how affiliate marketing is used a lot, especially for newcomers to the industry. The reason is that this is the simplest, easy-to-reach, and interactive way with the relative and friend client file on your friend's list.

However, not everyone can successfully apply this method because it is only suitable for accounts with many friends and frequent interactions.

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing with this method, you must build a personal brand and enthusiastically support customers. Besides, you need to note some points as follows:

A. Build quality and reputable profiles

Regularly share useful knowledge and information related to the product niche you are selling. Besides, please enthusiastically support and advise people interested in the product with the experience and knowledge you have.

B. Make selective friends

Do not make friends with untrusted virtual nicknames,

Identify your potential customers, how old they are, and what interests they are, then take the initiative to make friends with them.

You can join groups related to the product niche you are selling to make friends with group members interested in your product niche.

Making friends with people with the same interests will increase engagement for your posts, helping the article to be distributed more widely to your friend's list.

C . Take advantage of the friend limit

Each Facebook account has a limit of making friends with 5000 people, so take advantage of this limited number of friends to make friends, chat, interact, and share as much as possible. Remember, each friend is a potential customer of yours.

D. Join Groups

Want to sell goods on a Group? You find the Group related to your product and contribute to it. You cannot just advertise your products on Groups, resulting in you being identified as Spam. Selling products on Group requires time and patience. You need to advertise your products most naturally. Here are some suggestions:

- Let's stir up interesting topics.

- Never post the same thing on multiple groups at once:

- Don't tell people to "inbox" for you. If you have a valuable suggestion for them, post it.

E. Buying and renting facebook accounts with large followers, celebrities,  KOLs

Usually, the influencers are executives in groups. You can find groups related to the products you sell and establish relationships with the executives in the Group. Like their pages, interact with their posts, follow them on other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, ... Once you have established a relationship, contact them via messages expressing hope. Wants to cooperate through benefits for both sides.

F. Join sales

To build a good personal brand and sell on your personal page, you need to note the following steps:

- Build quality content

Note should only post value-sharing articles, such as tips, product reviews, manuals, ... related to the product you are selling. Invest in an image that is polished, authentic, clear, quality guaranteed instead of taking pictures online because this will help create trust for customers.

- Post-sales marketing with an 80/20 ratio

This means that you should not post too many marketing advertisements but follow the ratio of 80/20, which means that in about 10 posts, you post only 2 sales. Posting too much can be offensive, reduce engagement, or even unlink.

2. Create a fan page for affiliate marketing 

Fanpage marketing is also a very effective way to reach a large number of customers. To sell goods on your Fanpage effectively, there are some points to note as follows:

Create Facebook fanpage

Create Facebook fanpage

A. Optimize SEO for Fanpage

Although SEO is a commonly used term in Google, you also have to do SEO when using Facebook for affiliate marketing. Here are some notes:

  • Once your page likes reach 25, you can request the right URL for your Facebook page. URL Vanity is a shortened, easier-to-read version of the original URL. It's also easy for search engines to recognize your brand. Here is an example:

Original URL:

Vanity URL:

  • Backlinks are also an important part of SEO. A backlink is like a vote to increase the reputation of Fanpage.
  • When writing your status update, make sure you are using relevant keywords. Google prefers the keyword in the first few words. You can also add a link to your affiliate site in the article.
  • Note that 'Facebook Notes' ranks very well on search engines. They help promote special events or products very effectively.

B. Increase likes for Fanpage

  • Buying "Likes" for Fanpage will not increase the effectiveness of Fanpage
  • Fanpage likes are not just a number. It must be something more important. You want people who really like your page. They must like your content and want to share it with their friends and followers.
  • To get started, email your lead list to let them know that you've created a Facebook page. In your call to action, indicate if they want more updates from you, like your Fanpage. However, do this skillfully if you don't want a harsh reaction.

C. Run ads for Fanpage

Facebook advertising should be an important part of your strategy when using Facebook for affiliate marketing. According to a study by eMarketer, 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook ads to be the most effective paid advertising channel on social networks.

And why is it so? Billions of people see Facebook ads every month. Facebook displays advertisements that are relevant to users' interests.

Visit Facebook Ads, and click 'Create Ad. Facebook Ads Manager will appear.

Run facebook ads

Run Facebook ads

Choose the right advertising target. For example, if you want to increase your page likes, choose Engagement. If you want to redirect users to the Squeeze page to collect their email addresses, choose Conversion target.

Facebook will then ask you questions related to Audiences, Placement and Budget, and Schedule. Answering these questions will help you customize your ad.

One thing to remember is that Facebook Ads only complement your other Facebook marketing efforts. It would help if you continued to generate organic interactions by creating and promoting high-quality content.

D. Regularly create content that is useful to users

If posting too much can make users feel annoyed. If you post too little, people will forget you. Typically, one to four posts a week perform well, depending on the type of content. For example, if you post entertainment-related articles, you will need to keep the frequency high if you post videos or articles once a week.

You should invest in creating visual content. According to an infographic by Neil Patel, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks.

The 80-20 ratio works best when using Facebook for affiliate marketing. This means 80 percent of your posts should be entertaining or educational, while 20 percent of them could be ad-targeted.

You can also create games and puzzles. The idea is to build relationships with your audience and then deliver value through your products or services.

3. Create groups related to the field or product that you do affiliate marketing

Building a community of interested members in the niche, you are selling will be a good way to help you reach potential customers. To build a quality group  when doing affiliate marketing, you need to pay attention:

  • Set operational rules and content administrators control topic consistency 

When creating a group, it is important that you define and demonstrate the goals when forming a Group and make sure all members are aware of them.

Agree on group content by setting content moderation rules, what types of content, what topics and information are allowed to share, and what content is not allowed.

For your group to really become strong, make sure that the content you provide in the Group is unique and different from that on the Fanpage. If the content in the Group you provide makes no difference, the members will not receive any extra value and feel unnecessary in the group. Let's discuss more in-depth issues within the group.

Please moderate the content of the post and comment to ensure the content posted in the group is always consistent and in the right direction. At the same time, choose the hardworking people to interact with to invite them to become moderators for the group.

  • Activate badges to pay tribute to active members

Facebook has excelled at creating cool features for its users, one of which is the badge feature. Please take advantage of this feature to recognize the contributions of group members when they actively participate in discussions and post in the group. When you activate this feature, badges will appear next to members' names when they post, such as emerging stars, visual storytellers, etc. This will encourage members to participate in contributing to the group actively.


Create badges for active members

Create badges for active members

  • Promotes relationships between members and mentors 

Facebook offers the ability to set up mentoring programs on your team. This feature allows members to reach out to Mentors on your team to gain expertise, achieve more personal and professional goals.

To activate the mentoring program, click on the button "more button," select "Edit group settings." Then scroll down to “Sections” and click “Add next to Mentorship.”

Set up mentors

Set up mentors

Then, choose the right mentoring program for your Group members, such as skill-building or career advancement.

Mentoring program

If you don't see what you need, scroll to the bottom of the window and suggest a program you want Facebook to add.

Select the list you want to addClick “Turn On” to activate the program of your choice.

After creating your Mentor program, make sure you notify all team members by posting announcements. Also, if you know someone who can do well in the role of Mentor, contact them and invite them to join the program. Members will be happy if their contributions are recognized.

  • Ask the members who want to join the Group.

Ask 3 or more questions for members who want to join the group to understand better the value they are looking for and what they want when they become a member.

To create pending member questions, click the "More" button and select "Edit Group Settings." Under "Request a member," click "Ask a question."

Ask questions for Group participants

Ask questions for Group participants


Above are the instructions and tips of  Groupbuyexpert to help readers achieve higher efficiency in Facebook affiliate marketing. Always focus on the above, focus on your plan, not afraid of failure. Success will come to you soon. Good luck!!

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