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What is Seller Snap? A brief introduction.

Seller Snap offers an AI-powered, automated Amazon Game Theory Repicer and Analytics platform. The repricer scans the competitive environment to analyze competitor price decisions and detect their behavior. The AI-repricer then applies the optimum strategy for each individual listing to maximize profit and avoid price wars. Thereby, outsmarting the competition and allowing sellers to win the Amazon Buy Box at the highest possible price.

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Seller Snap has built some very crisp and efficient tools that allow you to achieve the best results possible, regardless of how the market shifts. By applying “Game Theory” techniques, Seller Snap further strengthens the game to help you evaluate the market situation and behave accordingly to improve your  Amazon sales.

Their best-received tools include the fully automated Amazon Repricer and Seller Snap Analytics tools.. Their algorithmic repricer uses real-time data and Amazon price change notifications to make instant repricing decisions to ensure that you stay competitive.

What does Seller Snap help you do?

The primary motto that Seller Snap thrives by is “Reprice. Analyze. Grow Your Business”

The platform provides some of the market’s most innovative Amazon Repricer and Business Intelligence Tools, designed to keep Amazon sellers in mind to help them save time by preventing price wars and eventually optimizing revenue and profits.

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Their AI Algorithmic Repricer, developed with Game Theory in mind, would apply the optimal strategy for each individual listing to maximize benefit.


Powerful BI tools give you useful insights to help you monitor and automate your store. Find out why more than 80 percent of Amazon sellers beginning a free trial with Seller Snap chose them as their Amazon repricing tool and analytics platform.

Advanced Repricing Tools

Seller Snapunderstands the unique challenges faced by Amazon sellers and thus have developed a comprehensive repricing toolbox, providing you with the option to tailor the repricer to your business needs by combining AI with customizable conditions to meet your specific business goals.

Low Sales​

Establish the desired repricing behavior in cases where a particular selling speed target is not achieved. This helps you to set up repricing powered by rpm.

Follow your competitors

Any time a competitor adjusts his price, the device will automatically adjust your price.

Suppressed Buy Box

In cases where Amazon suppresses the buy box, identify the desired behavior.

Follow a related ASIN

Set the price automatically based on price adjustments from a related ASIN. This is useful for repricing packaged products or private labeling.

Competing with Amazon

When Amazon competes for the Buy Box, adjust the repricing behavior.

Change pricing during specific hours or days

Defines a particular crackdown technique depending on the time of day, or unique weekdays.

Pricing Plans

Seller Snap Review

Seller Snap offers four different price plans so that you can choose whichever suits you the best. The four price plans are:

  • Accelerator Program – $250/month
  • Standard – $500/month
  • Premium – $800/month
  • Unlimited

All plans come with Seller Snap’s AI-powered Game Theory Repricer and Analytics tool and 24-hour customer support.

Features Included:

  • Repricing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 24/7 Support

You should keep in mind that analytics features vary upon the type of package you chose.


Some of the best reasons to choose Seller Snap are:

  • Ease of Setup
  • Tons of Useful Features
  • AI Repricer
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Purely Web-Based Tool

Seller Snap: Verdict

To be an e-commerce seller in a pool of competition, especially on Amazon can be difficult.

Seller Snap helps you with precisely what you need: Repricing. Its progressive technology has a foolproof mechanism and helps your business thrive using Artificial Intelligence to get you your entitled BuyBox share.

Seller Snap is also an affordable investment with subscription plans convenient for all types of businesses.

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