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What is SellerChamp?

SellerChamp is a cloud-based multi-channel eCommerce solution designed to help small to large businesses manage listings, repricing and cross-selling across various online platforms. The platform automatically extracts product details, features, and images via universal product codes (UPC) or Amazon standard identification numbers (ASIN).

Key features of SellerChamp include inventory and catalog management, data synchronization, order management, and marketplace integration. Artificial intelligence technology evaluates and adjusts prices using competing prices and selling data. SellerChamp allows users to manage multiple accounts, products, and shipments via single sign-on and centralized access. Auto-print functionality helps users label, pack and auto-submit packages for shipping.

The inventory management module in SellerChamp lets users filter, search and download inventory across multiple sales channels. The module also allows users to manage multiple warehouses, create custom repricing rules, and view revision history. SellerChamp provides detailed insights into competing sellers, product prices, the sales rank of each item, and restrictions, helping businesses with buying decisions.

seller champ

Best For

SellerChamp is the perfect tool for e-commerce sellers that sell on multiple channels and need a way to quickly list a large number of items and keep them synced across all their channels.

Product Details

SellerChamp is the fastest way to list, reprice, ship and cross-sell your inventory on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Walmart and more. List 1000+ items in minutes on multiple channels, automate your operations, and grow by 10X! We keep your items synced across all your channel and fulfill your order via FBA or other fulfillment providers. Create FBA shipments and use our advanced features like custom inventory feeds and more.

seller champ


There are numerous useful options for inventory management (variations, grouping, location, etc.) I absolutely love the bar code scanner option. It saves me a ton of time and the fact SellerChamps uploads all product images as well is a huge help. The customer service is outstanding. They 100% do believe in their program and will take as much time as needed to get all set up.

Best Multi_Channel Listing Tool & Inventory Management Software Ease to Use & Implement Fantastic Service & Support . Affordable & Awesome.

Simple, straight to the point. Does exactly what is says most of the time.


Not crazy about the live updates on product listings. I understand it has to be enabled for the quantity tracking feature but it would be nice to have a "Lock Listing" option where the details could not be changed without your permission. With so many inaccurate descriptions/images out there, I do not want anyone else editing my products.

Too many glitches that ended up costing us a lot of money over the years. Constantly catching glitches and having to learn how to dodge them on day-to-day operations.

seller champ

Starting Price

  • $49.99/month

Free Trial

  • Yes

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