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What Is Seo Panel?

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Seo Panel is an open source search engine optimization (SEO) software that allows users to check their websites and track their rankings and progress. The main functions of this control panel are: automatic directory submission, keyword position control, Webmaster tools, social media analysis, site control and Sitemap generator, backlink verification, page speed analysis, MOZ positioning test and multilingual support.

This controll panel seems to be able to offer much more than the free version: Sitemap generation, page speed analysis, and an integrated and well-designed backlink checker.

Website owners can choose between "Add" and "Edit" option. They can choose the type of language they want their control panel to support as well as select the automatic or manual submission options. Site speed analysis is enabled by default. The auto submit feature does not work as expected for everyone as it sometimes uploads .xml file as direct or page-version files; we recommend you to disable this feature if you don't want it to auto-submit your website's XML data. The moz position test doesn't work at all (no result).l panel can be installed on any Windows OS with the help of .NET Framework 3.5 or higher or by using a proxy in Mac OS. 

The software is available for both free and paid version and the paid version provides additional features such as:

The number of files supported by Seo Panel can be increased up to 250,000 and will automatically hide and re-enable them if they are needed. To hide a file, it is necessary to unmask it first before uninstalling the program.

The major features of Seo Panel

Directory Submission

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Automatic Directory Submission - Automated Directory Submission Tool help us to submit our website to major internet directories.

Featured Diagrams - You can find here some of the most popular Diagrams.

Latest News in SEO - Latest inseo news in our blog.

SEO Bookmarks - Links to the best sources for webmasters, information about search engine optimization (seo),seo bookmarking webmasters websites.

SEO Forums - SEO forums, where you can share your questions and thoughts with other webmasters.

SEO Software - List of different SEO Software that will help you to optimize your website and get the most out of it. 

Top Classified Ads - Listed here are several of our most popular top classified ads, so you can advertise your products or services at a fraction of cost!

Best And Professional Sites To Learn Something New - We've listed over 37 different websites that will help anyone learn something new ranging from cooking to programming to more specialized subjects like business management. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you plenty to choose from.rectory Submission - To create featured listing in seo free directory.

Directory Submission Reports - To track the status of directory submission reports of each website in seo panel.
Article Submission Reports - To track the status of article submission reports of each website in seo panel.

Site Map Submission Reports - To track the status of site map submission reports of each website in seo panel.

Submit Site - Submit your site to major top seo directories instantly!

Submit Paas Sites - Submit your website to the best paas sites instantly!

Keyword position checker

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Create a list of the top 10 most common causes of hair loss.

No hairstyle will cover up hair loss, so if you’re dealing with it, it’s time to have an honest chat with your doctor. Though there are many reasons for losing your mane - from genetics to heredity to medication side effects - most cases stem from one of these 10 common causes. With the right treatment, chances are that even balding can be reversed! So if you find yourself struggling with something as simple as thinning or receding hairline, don’t fight it; try one of these remedies today.

Keywords Manager - A tool to manage your targetted keywords for each website.

Simple Repo Content Manager - A simple tool to manage the content from the Simple Repo.

Simple Search - Simple Search is a package for Laravel which provides a simple interface to a number of search providers, without the bloat.

Quick Search - QuickSearch is a Laravel package for searching records in your database. It offers a simple method of searching records which provides pagination and sorting out of the box with no additional configuration required.

Graphical Reports - An advanced graphical Report containing performance of your targetted keywords in major Search engines.

Generate Reports - A tool to generate daily reports of search engine position rank of each keyword in the major search engines.

Keyword Planner - Keyword Planner is an open source keyword research tool that helps you discover high-volume, long-tail keywords.

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is an online analytics service for measuring and tracking the traffic on your website. It allows you to see how many visitors are coming to your site, what they do when they get there, and which pages they look at while on your site. It gives you insights into how your site is performing over time, allowing you to make decisions about what changes to make to get your traffic up even more.

Sitemap Generator

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Google Sitemap Generator - A Google sitemap generator to create XML,TEXT and HTML Sitemaps.

Sitemap generator - a link building tool, helps webmasters generate lists of pages to submit to search engines.

XML Sitemap - a free service that tells search engine crawlers where your site's content lives on the web.

Free XML sitemaps generator - Free XML sitemaps generator to generate an XML sitemap on the fly from any URL. No software installation required...

Rank Checker


Google Pagerank - A tool to check google pagerank of multiple urls.

Alexa Rank - A tool to check alexa rank of multiple urls.

Rank Reports - A report to track alexa and google pagerank of each website.

MozRank - A tool to check moz rank of multiple urls.

Alexa Rank - A tool to check alexa rank of multiple urls.

Rank Reports - A report to track moz and google pagerank of each website.

Standard SEO Checker - A tool that checks the SEO status of a site by detecting internal links, page title, meta description, alt tag, title tag etc... where necessary this tool is also able to help with cached pages.

Internet search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing web pages in computer databases so they are easy for computers to locate via searches.Generate Reports - A tool to generate daily alexa and google pagerank reprts for each website.

Backlinks Checker

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Backlinks Checker - A tool to check number of backlinks of each website in google,yahoo,msn,altavista and alltheweb.

Backlinks Reports - A Report to track the number of backlinks of each website in google,yahoo,msn,altavista and alltheweb.

SEO Tools - A tool to check the number of backlinks of each website in google,yahoo,msn,altavista and alltheweb.

Article Spinner - Tool to create unique articles using synonyms with all english alphabets.

All Ip Checker - Find all ip address range using this tool.

Other Features

Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

Automatic directory submission tool: it helps to send websites to the main free or paid internet directories. You can track the status of each consignment through a periodic check using the consignment status check script

Site reviewer: the program will check all the SEO factors of each page of a site and provide a detailed report on each. This will help you create the site’s XML, HTML, TEXT sitemap files for submission to search engines

Checking the MOZ ranking: it will find the MOZ page ranking, the domain authority, the page authority and the backlinks of the websites and store it in the system. In the rankings report section, we can see the daily MOZ rank of each site through detailed reports

Keyword position control: find the position of the search engine of the targeted keywords of your site and store them in the system. In the Keyword position reports section, we can see the daily positions of the keywords in the different search engines thanks to splendid graphs and detailed reports

Search engine saturation: the search engine saturation control finds the number of indexed pages of our websites in different search engines such as google, yahoo, msn etc. And it stores it in the system

Keyword diffusion: the Keyword diffusion control finds the number of pages in search engines containing keywords that we want to fill with contents and store it in the system

Title Tag generator: Title Tag generator tool will help you to create the title tags for all your contents to help you get a better ranking in different search engines such as google, yahoo etc.


Seo Panel,Seo Panel review

The world of marketing and advertising is a wild and exciting place. From billboards to commercials, there's always something new and exciting to be discovered. But it can also be overwhelming; with everything happening at once, how does one keep up? "Marketing" is the perfect primer for those who want to know more, but don't know where to start.

Written by Philip Kotler marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management, this book explains how businesses harness marketing principles in order to maximize profits.Seo Panel is a set of SEO tools to increase and track the performance of your websites. Its main feature is that it is highly customizable. Leave a review on this powerful program.

Seo panel is an essential tool for any website’s success, and with its highly customizable features it has no limitations; however, the only drawback we found was that it needs to be re-installed every time you want to run a 15-minute test. This means that for hardcore users who want to experiment with different settings and design design elements, Seo panel could become problematic in terms of storage space which could cause them to look elsewhere for their needs.

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