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SixLeaf is a cloud-based solution that helps Amazon sellers grow their online e-commerce businesses.

The goal of SixLeaf is to help its users grow their Amazon based businesses. To that end, it offers a set of tools that can help its users spy on their competitors, promoting products on the right channels, turn buyers into reviewers, rank tracking, in-depth keyword research, and a lot more.

The platform is designed for e-commerce owners and managers that want to gain some edge over their competitors. 

Its real-time integrated sales engine is their most sophisticated feature. This feature offers unprecedented access to the best possible keywords and other metrics for guaranteed success.

SixLeaf Gives Brand Owners Superpowers

SixLeaf was created to provide tools and expertise to help Brand Owners build and scale their operation to the next level. But SixLeaf wasn’t built on foundation of theory; we’re Sellers too. Each tool and service we offer is born from the real needs of entrepreneurs like you. As we learn, we share. As we overcome obstacles, we build the tools to help you overcome them.


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