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What is SkuVault?

SkuVault is a cloud-based inventory management software designed for small and medium-sized omnichannel businesses with a focus in eCommerce. SkuVault features inventory management applications that include multi-warehouse inventory visibility, Hyper Picking, barcoding, real-time marketplace data syncs, and quantity buffers.

The inventory management software integrates with other eCommerce software solutions and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, ShipStation, ShipWorks, Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and QuickBooks. SkuVault also features a quality control system that helps users ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and is able to identify where an error occurred during the order fulfillment process. SkuVault is an operating system agnostic and also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Additionally, SkuVault offers features like cycle counting, paperless wave picking, serialization, and replenishment reports to improve warehouse operations and reduce human error.

SkuVault is priced on a monthly or annual subscription with upfront launch package fees and potential integration cost depending on individual requirements. A dedicated customer service team including Onboarding Specialists is available for users five days a week in addition to community forums and support documentation.


Skuvaul Features

Prevent Human Error

SkuVault checks the SKUs against the order, and displays a photo, as well as other pertinent information about the SKU, and will alert the warehouse worker should they attempt to pass an item/item quantity, not on the order.

Prevent Out of Stocks

SkuVault works to provide real-time quantity syncs on all of your online marketplaces, constantly providing you with accurate inventory levels.

Manage Inventory

When you use SkuVault for inventory management, you can be certain that the quantities in your warehouse are accurately reflected on your marketplaces. Type or scan in a product’s SKU or UPC to instantly see that product’s associated locations and the quantities in each location, pending sales, product photos, product specifications, and more.

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Manage Kitting/Bundling

Product Kitting is a term used in order fulfillment to refer to the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship sets, or kits. Kits are generally assigned a unique SKU in order to differentiate the assembled kit from its individual components and to allow the kit to be inventoried and tracked as a single unit.

Manage Purchase Orders and Receiving

You check the purchase order number from the original purchase order against the shipment, and you scan the new product into SkuVault. SkuVault checks the received items against the purchase order – from there you can check discrepancies, move the products to locations, and more.

Streamline Operations

SkuVault utilizes barcode scanners in conjunction with product and location barcode labels to manage your inventory. Products are created in SkuVault, product quantities are associated with physical locations in your warehouse, and from there, it’s as simple as scanning the barcodes to add, pick, or remove quantities.

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Real-time inventory updates to ChannelAdvisor

The SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with ChannelAdvisor to update inventory quantities onto your marketplaces according to what is physically happening in your warehouse. SkuVault pulls all of your orders and product data in from ChannelAdvisor, to ensure that out of stocks are kept to a minimum.

Real-time inventory updates to shopping carts and marketplace

When a sale occurs on one of your connected channels, the quantity of the item changes on your other channels to reflect what you have available.

Order Syncing

Any time an available quantity is changed, that quantity is automatically updated on your online marketplace site to prevent oversells and undersells.

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Pushing Locations and Quantities

SkuVault pushes locations into your shipping software so that you can use your invoices as viable pick lists. SkuVault can also pull your orders via your shipping software and generate efficient pick lists that can double as packing slips.

Full Barcoding Capabilities

Full barcoding capabilities ensure that picks are fast and accurate – no more manual entry.

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SkuVault Benefits

SkuVault is a very popular web-based inventory management platform for many retailers and warehouses around the world. For one, it is a user-friendly platform that doesn’t present users with a steep learning curve, allowing them to learn the software in a short time and immediately leverage its features and capabilities to handle all their inventory and warehouse-related processes.

Its inventory management is very accurate. Just search for an item and it will provide you will the most up to date information about your stock or material, from remaining number of items, expiry dates, scheduled delivery or maintenance, etc. Its powerful search engine also helps you locate any item in your warehouse in mere moments.

Do you work with multiple warehouses and distribution centers? SkuVault simplifies the whole management processes by centralizing all information and making all data easily accessible to you and your team. With SkuVault’s dynamic locations and multiple warehouses and distribution tools and capabilities, you significantly minimize the instances of re-allocating your products.

SkuVault helps you remain on top of your purchase orders and receiving. Are you managing multiple stores both physical and online? The software synchronizes all your stocks across your stores, marketplaces, shipping platforms, POS, and more. You know the status of your inventory in real-time, allowing you to do business, make purchase orders, and ship items with confidence.

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  • I love Skuvault and it makes my job in retail so much easier.
  • It also helps us to reduce out of stocks with individual item re-order points and purchase order generation.
  • Ability to add, manage and do a rolling inventory.
  • Provides all of the necessary functions for successful warehouse management.


  • There is too much downtime with unstable servers, and some of the functionality (lot numbers, lot tracking) are not well done.
  • Heck, they made us buy a $2,000 training package. BThe product search function is frustrating.
  • About the cloud, if you're worried about that. We've haven't had any down time the entire time that we've been with SkuVault.
  • You are also unable to resize columns in the catalogs making it difficult to see long strings of text.

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SkuVault Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

SkuVault offers a standard enterprise pricing package at $199 per month.

Monthly Subscription – $199/month

  • 2 users
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited warehouses
  • Unlimited API calls

Packages are also available for remote and on-site training. Get in touch with the vendor for pricing information or visit their website.


As you can see, SkuVault offers a very versatile and flexible API. There are a ton of more calls that are available at your disposal to create the perfect integration. We strive to offer the most functionality possible to enhance our software as well as others. We are always open to suggestions so feel free to start a post on our Developers forums! Thank you!

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