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The tool is a beast when it comes to providing SEO services for free.

Yes, SmallSEOTools has already arranged over 100 types of tools on their site. They’re continuously bringing more and more SEO services to their platform.

small seo tools

All of their tools are quite handy when it comes checking your content’s SEO from different factors.



The first benefit of the tool is that you can check so many SEO related things staying on one platform. Because of the wide collections of tools on the same site, you can check grammar, plagiarism, SEO score, screen resolution, backlink analysis, Alexa rank, DA, PA, keyword research etc just by using one tool.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay a single penny at times of using the services because they are totally free.


Small SEO Tools Online Plagiarism Checker

seo small toolsIt is among the best free plagiarism checkers in the digital sphere. Now you can run your content through the tool expeditiously without registration. The Plagiarism checks online utility could be accessed by visiting the following link  The free plagiarism checker offered by them provides accurate results. All you need is to come up with your content and submit it to the tools. It will match the text with billions of web pages and let you know about any duplicated phrase or passage by highlighting it for you. The handy utility has outcast its competitors by giving out the best service to the users.

Small SEO Tools Backlink Maker

Another tool offered by Small SEO Tools along with Plagiarism check utility is backlink maker. The tool provides the opportunity to create quality inbound links to the website in no time; you would have to come up with a web page URL and submit to the tool, it will create incoming links for your website without charging you a single penny. The utility is critically acclaimed and referred by industry experts. You need not worry about spammy links, as the web portal only creates backlink on authoritative websites. You should give it a try for the creation of quality inbound links. A detailed article is also essential for SEO purposes.

Keyword Research Tool from Small SEO Tools

small seo tools plagiarism checker

The website moves further by providing one of the most in-demand SEO tools to the users known as Keyword search tool, you need to come up with your competitor links, and the site will fetch out all the keywords against which the web pages are ranking in the SERP. You would find it easy to cover those keywords in your content to give a tough time to your competitor, after getting the keywords to add it to your content. Afterward, you can run the content through Plagiarism check online utility, also offered by them to get content free of duplication.

Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter Tool

If you search for a tool that can rewrite the content without losing the crux and context, it is also provided by Small SEO Tools. You can use the utility to paraphrase your content. It will help you to come up with an entirely new article free of Plagiarism, but if you think you need to leave no room for duplication in your content, you can run it through the plagiarism check tool. Both tools are interrelated with each other. The tool also looks after the proper placement of synonyms and the grammatical structure. The tool is used by bloggers, webmasters, and digital marketers to create the bulk of content without spending much of their time. You would not have to hire a dedicated content writer or even outsource your work to freelancers, because this tool will satisfy all your needs of getting high-quality content.

Small SEO Tools Grammar Check Utility

Grammar check is also among the most in-demand online utilities by Small SEO Tools. The tool makes your content squeaky-clean and eradicates all the grammatical errors. It helps the user to publish content free of mistakes. No one would ever love to read content that is full of grammatical errors. After running your content through a grammar checker, you can run it through Plagiarism check online utility to remove all the duplicate phrases and passages from the content.

Small SEO Tools Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is one of the best tools offered by Small SEO Tools. If you are looking for a high resolution of an image, all you need is to submit the image to the tool, and it will fetch all the related sizes available over the web. You can also use the image to generate backlinks; all you would have to do is to submit your initially crafted image and let the tool find it out for you. Is there anyone else using the image without giving you the credits? You can then ask the webmaster to provide you with back credit for using the image. It will help you to generate free backlinks to your website as well.

Final Review for Small SEO Tools

Over the years, Small SEO Tools has gained a significant position in the market, and many industry experts often suggest using their tools. Along with the above-mentioned tools, you can find plenty of other tools, from unit conversion tools to video downloaders all for free and amazingly; they also don’t require the user to get registered or sign up. Therefore, if you want to use plagiarism check utility, you can visit the aforementioned link, and additionally, you will find other tools on their website as well.

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