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What is SocialOomph?

SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

SocialOomph is an app designed by a Canada-based firm operating as part of the 3827992 Canada Inc. division. The app has been in the market since its inception in April 2008. Previously known as, the app concentrates on social media solutions for Twitter. But in August 2009, the app expanded its functionality by covering other social media networks. To support this expansive strategy, app was renamed as SocialOomph.

Originally launched as a tool to aid users in seeking out friends within Twitter, Social Oomph has grown immensely since then. The app is recommended for users seeking to increase their visibility and followers in social media.

SocialOomph Advantages

SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

  • Boatloads Of Integrations – If you’re a heavy hitting social media addict, then you’re probably going to benefit hand over fist from SocialOomph. So if you use services such as Tumblr, Plurk,, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, and you want to make your social media interactions much faster and easier, then SocialOomph not only makes integration simple, but has a ton of features that you’ll learn more about in this summary review.

  • Forever Free Account – If you’re absolutely flat broke, then SocialOomph still has your back. Of course, you won’t be able to unlock the best features, but you can still schedule content blasts, track keywords, use a URL shortener, view mentions, and attach up to five different Twitter accounts without paying a single red cent, and you can get free lifetime access. Pretty sweet, right?

  • Unimaginable Amounts Of Features – If you decide to upgrade beyond the SocialOomph free plan, you’re going to benefit big time from a massive collection of features. So whether you want to dramatically increase the amount of website traffic, find awesome leads who will probably love your products and services, or even schedule Twitter posts via email, then you’re going to find something that can empower your social media action dramatically. You’ll even be able to manage your blog posts, so you can automate and schedule an unlimited amount of WordPress and Tumblr blogs, which is definitely a cool feature if you’re a hardcore blogger, or if you want to be.

SocialOomph Disadvantages

SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

  • Too Many Features – Let’s be brutally honest, shall we? SocialOomph has a ton of features. More features than can possibly be covered in this summary review. The good news, is that the features work well, and they’re constantly being improved, tweaked, and brainstormed to help take your social media marketing to the next level. So if you want to get more followers, help your clients hand over fist, or if you just want to drive more traffic so you can get more sales or build your email list, SocialOomph has you covered, and then some. However, as you know, with this many options it’s so easy to get distracted. That’s precisely why you might love to continue reading this summary review, so you can discover 100% transparently which features are worthy of your time, so you’ll never get lost, confused or befuddled when trying to improve your social media game.

  • Fast Billing Cycle – One funny quirk about SocialOomph is that the billing cycle is every 2 weeks. This might throw you off if you don’t read between the lines, so it’s a good thing that you’re reading this review very carefully. Don’t be worried! SocialOomph on average is very underpriced, especially considering the massively impressive list of features that you’ll probably soon grow to love. Continue reading to learn more about SocialOomph’s best features!

  • Competition – If you’re reading this review, there’s a good chance that you realize by now the unfathomably large quantity of competitors that SocialOomph has. Everywhere you look, there are social media agencies, social media management tools, and social media gurus literally (and liberally) crawling out of the woodwork. This can be a blessing if your budget is massive and if you’re hungry for SEO promotion now, but a curse if you actually need to conserve your budget and spend money wisely. So, how is your SEO budget utilized wisely? Is SocialOomph a competitor? You’re about to find out.

Overview of SocialOomph Benefits

SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

SocialOomph contains a plethora of advanced features for effectively automating a wide range of tasks across social media sites. The app has capabilities to manage your activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. It can even handle blog-related activities.

Additional features lets a user enhance follower lists in Twitter via recommendations and an analytical process. A user can automate direct messages that are being sent to new followers while vetting new ones. A keyword search set up can also be done to seek high-influencing Twitter individuals.

Automated Facebook features provided by the app includes update scheduling and image uploads. Its LinkedIn capability lets users schedule shares. Plurk and tools allow for scheduled profile updates. The app can be used for writing posts on blogs, having them published on various blog platforms, and setting up automatic social media updates as well as RSS feeds from blog postings.

Additional benefits include:

  • Emails can be sent from a user’s personal email account and can be converted into updates across all social media platforms.
  • Removal of outdated messages from user’s inbox after a pre-set schedule.
  • Upload tweets in groups.
  • Profile filters.
  • New followers monitoring.

SocialOomph Features


SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

  • Schedule Content Posting – It doesn’t matter how you use social media, or what networks you use. With SocialOomph you’ll be able to schedule all kinds of content, be it Twitter posts, Facebook updates, or posts on a Pinterest wall. This is the ultimate set of features that will free up your time, allow you to get superior results, all the while keeping your followers happy so you can continue to build massive rapport, prestige, and authority.

  • Twitter Keyword Tracking – One of the best ways to get high quality followers and better leads on Twitter, is by keeping track of what people are saying. You can do this manually of course, but it’s never going to be ideal because you’d have to spend your entire day tracking keywords. With SocialOomph, you can setup keywords to track, and then analyze that data whenever you’re ready.

  • Retweet And Mention Monitoring – Who’s interacting with you on Twitter? This can be relatively straight forward (and advantageous) to track manually, if you have enough dedication and focus. However, if you have more than one Twitter account, then watch out, because it’s going to be nearly impossible to maintain and keep constant track of unless you spend hours each day. That’s why SocialOomph boasts this feature so heavily, so you can easily stay atop of your social signals without monitoring Twitter manually 24/7, and you can finally liberate yourself of the chore while taking advantage of the significant benefits that come with keeping an eye on your closest followers and fans.

  • Automated (And Reviewed) Direct Messages – Have you ever wondered how people send direct messages on Twitter? With SocialOomph, it’s a piece of cake, and they also expand on this basic function. So you can send direct messages to everyone who follows you, or, you can manually approve direct messages only after you verify that the follower is worthy of a direct message. This allows you to promote absolutely anything you want, while at the same time blocking your outgoing direct messages from going to your competitors, or shady looking accounts.

  • Manage Any Amount Of Pinterest Boards – Pinterest is one of the best ways to share your infographics, images, book covers, course covers, illustrations and any other artwork. However, as you know, manually sharing and managing all of this content can be a pain, especially if you manage different boards. With SocialOomph, you’ll be able to add your images onto infinite (theoretically) amounts of Pinterest boards, even if you have multiple accounts.

  • Schedule LinkedIn Content From Different Accounts – One of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn, is by posting unique content on your business page, and on your LinkedIn profile. However, as you know, this can be a massively time consuming process, especially if you’re managing different pages and profiles. With SocialOomph, you’ll be able to automate and schedule all content posting, so you never have to login manually ever again unless you choose to.

  • On The Go? Tweet Via Email (Works With Multiple Users) – Imagine if you could not only send an email to post on Twitter, but if your entire team could do the same? This will enable you to post boatloads of high quality content from multiple sources (so your entire team could send emails and post to a single Twitter account), without even logging into Twitter, or SocialOomph for that matter. This feature really opens the doors to your creativity and shoots the potential of your social media through the roof.

  • Automate And Schedule Any Amount Of Blogs – Not only can you use SocialOomph’s what you see is what you get editor to create and publish blogs, but you can also centralize all of your blog content publishing from one central hub, which is definitely cool. You’ll also be able to automatically update your social media networks each and every time you write a blog post, so you can drive traffic, entertain your subscribers, and educate them every single time you write a blog post, all without any extra effort or work.

  • Drip Fed Social Publishing (YES!) – This is one of the best features that you can hope for if you need to keep your social media followers updated indefinitely. The way it works, is that you attach a content reservoir to your social media accounts, and then, simply stuff that reservoir with content. You never have to worry about scheduling the updates, all you have to do is fill the reservoir with content, and then the content is automatically drip fed to your social media accounts, enabling you to keep your social media profiles updated without any extra work, period.

  • Custom URL Shortening – If you’ve ever been annoyed with character limitations when updating your social media profiles, then don’t worry because SocialOomph provides their own custom URL shortening service, so not only can you save valuable URL real estate, but you’ll also be able to track your clicks, enabling you to gain insights on your results, and better brainstorm future campaigns.

How Much Does SocialOomph Cost?

SocialOomph,SocialOomph review

SocialOomph offers three enterprise pricing plans, including a free one for keyword tracking and Twitter scheduling. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business:


  • Scheduling of tweets
  • Tracking of keywords
  • Drafts
  • URL shortener
  • Monitoring of mentions/re-tweets 
  • Purging of Twitter & DM inbox 
  • 5 Twitter accounts (maximum)
  • Pre-defined channels (Twitter)
  • Private Tweet interests channels

Professional – starts at $17.79/half month

  • Tweet scheduling
  • Keyword tracking
  • Drafts
  • URL shortener
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn functionality
  • Mentions/Re-Tweets monitoring
  • DM inbox and Twitter purging
  • 5 Twitter accounts (maximum)
  • Pre-defined channels (Twitter)
  • Private Tweet interests channels
  • Self-destruct updates (time limit)
  • Recurring/Pause recurring updates
  • Drip-feed social accounts
  • Bulk Tweet uploads
  • Follower check-ups
  • Latest enhancements

Twitter Unlimited – $6.97/half month

  • Additional Twitter update scheduling (for Professional users)
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts


SocialOomph is a solid and reliable tool for scheduling social media updates. It’s been in operation for years.

If your small business spends a lot of time on social media marketing, chances are that it’s worth investing in a SocialOomph or a similar type of tool.

Try to estimate how much time the features we’ve looked at will save your business, and how valuable that is to your business. Take advantage of the free trial to get a more accurate estimate if you’re not sure.

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