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Spotibo is a new SEO review and on-page audit tool being developed by a team of developers in Slovakia, central Europe. There’s a lot of SEO tools around the internet and a new one pops up every day. Most of them offer shady terms, rely on other services to provide their analysis and in general, do a poor job of a of their intended purpose.


Spotibo Product Features

  •  Auditing
  •  Content Management
  •  Dashboard

spotibo reviewPRICING

It’s free offering of 3 projects is a great starting point to do basic auditing and website reviews. The first tier paid option is also priced with smaller budgets in mind. $40 a month for 5 projects seems like a pretty fair offering. The high end offers would be great for someone focusing on SEO analysis and doing lots of on-page research and optimizing.


First impression of the Spotibo’s user flow and design of the website is absolutely great. It has a minimal design. There’s no annoying pop-ups or spammy links flashing everywhere trying to get you to click. The intent and goal is well laid out and the signup process is simple. So simple in fact, it took me less than 5 seconds and two clicks to get started. Anyone with a Google account can be up and auditing in a matter of minutes.

The meat of the project and interface of the SEO audit tool dashboard area is just as great as the home page. Minimal design. Clean interface and welcoming colors. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A lot of the times with these SEO tools, the dashboards are overwhelming and simply using the services takes time because you don’t know where to start. That’s not the case with Spotibo. Right from the beginning. I knew exactly where to click to find the information I was looking for. The Spotibo designers really did a all around awesome job on the site layout and design.


What can I say. Spotibo delivered exactly what it promised. It collected all of my pages, assets, images, alt tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, outbound links, rss feeds, redirects. Pretty much everything. It assembled them in a very presentable manner and flagged any possible issues.

In my sites case, I did have a couple of gripes but the issues weren’t really issues with Spotibo. More so issues with my own websites setup. The first issue was Spotibo flagged my inline styling as duplicate header tags. As in on my home page. Spotibo flagged my h1 heading tag as duplicate. The issue i had was above my heading tag, in the header, I have inline critical styles of the home page and in those styles is the h1 class css rule that defines my header on this page. Spotibo flagged it as a duplicate heading tag. Again. No big issue and mostly my fault. I just thought it may throw off some people and they may wonder why css classes are being flagged as duplicate headings.

Another issue which really isn’t a issue, more like a priority gripe, was the audit flagging my noindex RSS feeds as critical issues. With over 100 RSS links, that’s a lot of critical errors. Again. More of a priority and wording issue. Nonetheless. The audit did make me aware of the noindex status on my feeds (tho I was aware, it’s intentional) and that’s the exact intended purpose of the audit.

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