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SpyFu offers a wide toolset for SEO and PPC managers (and small business owners). Our goal is to help you learn the search marketing secret formula in you industry so you can put it into action.

Keyword and PPC research solution to help you outrank competitors, track your rankings, and increase web traffic.

SpyFu is a competitive intelligence tool for search marketers. You can type in a domain to see all of the keywords it ranks for (including the content that ranks), the ads it buys on Google, and an estimation of how they compare to their competitors in the marketplace. You can also type in a keyword to find the domains that buy it, the domains that rank for it, and how that has changed over time. With deep insights into both SEO and PPC, SpyFu is a solid tool for people who are starting a campaign and those who are improving what is already in motion.

Spyfu is the master of competitor analysis. Want to know your competitions keyword strategy? Want to know their AdWord history and it's effectiveness? Want to create your plan for total domination? SpyFu does all of this and more better than any other software, hands down.

SpyFu manages to combine an amazing amount of competitive data with an easy to use interface. You have access to most everything your competitors are doing in terms of PPC, keywords and SEO. It can identify competitors in your industry as well as recommend top Adwords to buy.

SpyFu helps level the playing field for my small business clients. We are able to spend the marketing budget wisely by quickly knowing what ads are working and not working in the industry. It's like having an ad specialist on the team. I also use it for optimizing client websites for SEO, optimizing blog posts and other content marketing pieces, and various SEO projects.

SpyFu is the best tool for competitor Keyword Research for Google Ads PPC and SEO. We can use this tool to spy the keywords of our competitor to rank our website in SERP. We just need to enter our competitor's website to get all keywords information with just a single click. This tool is helpful in increasing the traffic of our websites.

One of the best things about SpyFu is it gives you all the information that you need on any website you look at. It is easy to use and provides concise correct information the first time. Whether you are looking at good keywords that your industry use or you just want to have a look at how much traffic you are getting it can do all sorts of different things.

It's very simple and intuitive to use, yet surprisingly deep, detailed and accurate when compared with sample data. Reporting automation is a great addon - quite intuitive and can be shared with less savvy individuals with minimal effort to explain various elements.

SpyFu makes it very easy to compare our own website with competitors, seeing which keywords we're missing, and where we can improve. Over the month of using SpyFu, we've seen SERP ranking increase by an average of 2 places for each landing page.

The user experience is clean and intuitive - I'm not an SEO expert (yet) but I was able to learn a lot based on just their information architecture.

Being able to view competitor's actual Google Ads is extremely useful.

The tutorials are great and I even took them up on a live tutorial session with someone on the customer service team, which was beneficial.

It provides useful that would otherwise be hard to obtain. It tells you right away whether people are going to a given website, which, in many cases, it turns out that they are not.

Awesome tool for getting actionable data on what your competitors, or your client's competitors, are doing online. Having ppc data along with SEO data and keyword data in one app saves a ton of time doing research. The app works, the data is solid (as solid as estimated ppc ad spend can be) and the value of the app is outstanding. Very easy to monetize the monthly spend for this app.

Quickly identify your client's top search results, the competitors appearing in their top search results, and the imputed values of an organic search term let you show the client the traffic value in dollar terms, makes a powerful business case for client investment in search traffic, you can demonstrate their competitor's ROI, and calculate an ROI for their search marketing with confidence. Also I love the ability to add keywords when they are not currently being indexed by SpyFu, a great feature when your client is in a smaller industry or working with niche search terms.

First, the ease of use. You can get a lot of insights on your competitors as well as your own site. You can find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for, new keyword opportunities also you can find backlinks that will help you rank for specific keywords... to name a few benefits!

This tool digs deep into what keywords a site ranks for, how their competitors fare, and what the opportunities are across organic and paid.

The not-so-secret weapon is the Kombat feature where you can compare up to 3 domains at a time. The nifty venn diagram shows you the cross-section of search queries across the domains. You can see where your nemesis shows up in search and you don't, and vice versa.

The easy to use and understand interface is beyond helpful. Right out of the gate I was able to analyze and interpret essential keywords and phrases used by specific competitors of ours. Not only did they target specific companies I chose but their competitors as well.

Each product of this type has a lot of different ways to slice and dice the data. SpyFu has been around for some time, and still provides a super clean interface with clear workflows. The online training videos are targeted, to the point, and full of valuable information about how to use the tools to get the most effective results.

SpyFu is a must-have tool for anyone who is doing professional SEO services whether for an agency or if they're doing SEO in house. It's valuable for brainstorming on the top levels as well as providing deep-dive information.

I know it's in Beta, but the Project tool has become one of the most important features to me. I use it to research keywords and track results. It's a great tool for showing clients how vast their pool of competition is, especially for local businesses. Not to discourage them, but to show them how important a tight focus is on long-term keywords.

SpyFu is excellent for developing useful lists of keywords, backlink opportunities, and SEO observations. I especially SpyFu's historical PPC research tool, which allows a user to see exactly how a competitor has changed their advertising over time.

Over the last year, SpyFu has made great strides in refining their project view for keywords—it's now very easy to assemble and act on persistent keyword lists for individual clients or projects.


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