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SpyFu Kombat

With SpyFu Kombat you can look at overlapping and site specific keywords for up to 3 websites. For the PPC version you can also see a chart which goes back over a period of a few years showing the overall amount of keywords being bid on by all three sites. You can also rollover the chart to see keywords specific to just 2 of the sites if you feel the 3rd site may not be doing as good a job (or vice versa) as 2 of the other sites. It will also show you the PPC budgets of the sites as well as the number of organic keywords ranking in the top 50 results for said keyword.

spyfu kombat

When you click on an area of the circle chart it will show you the keywords in whatever bucket you click, to the right of the chart. You can view and download those keywords for your own use. As you can see I am on the ads tab but the options are similar when you click on the organic tab (on the top box, the organic one on the bottom shows you total organic keywords).

Switching between the organic tab and the ppc tab (as well as the overall # of organic keywords + PPC ad budget should also give you an idea of which of the bigger sites are more into the PPC or SEO side of things which can be a good barometer to look at if you happen to be concentrating on one area over the other.

SpyFu Review: Keyword Groups

SpyFu groups your competitor’s organic keywords into segments. That will give you further insight into the company’s content strategy. Use the Keyword Groups report to:

  • Filter based on specific keywords
  • Export all grouped keywords into Excel using CSV format
  • Learn more about clicks, keyword expenses, and search volume
  • Refine your research using global or local searches

You might even gain some keyword inspiration when you see how SpyFu groups the search terms.


SEO Keywords

Although your competitors might have snagged some great keywords, it’s not likely that they’ve captured every keyword related to your niche. SpyFu’s SEO Keywords report gives you ideas by identifying keywords related to the search terms your competitors rank for. Here are some ways that you can use the SEO Keywords report:

  • Export the full list of keywords in CSV format
  • Learn the dollar value of a competitor’s total organic clicks
  • Filter the list of keywords so that you only see related keywords
  • Learn about the history of ranked content

Use the info from this report to imitate a competitor’s strategy.

spyfu com

SpyFu Review: Rank Tracking

Once you’ve developed an SEO strategy based on the info you’ve gained from SpyFu, you’ll want to know if that strategy is drawing a crowd. SpyFu’s got you covered there, too. The tool offers a rank tracking report that will show you where your content ranks for a keyword over time. As of now, the tool tracks rank in Google and Bing. You can use the tool to track either PPC or organic keywords. Keep in mind: data is updated weekly. If you need more frequent updates, you’ll have to look for another tool.

SpyFu Review: Pricing

SpyFu is priced competitively. For just $39 per month, you get access to 5,000 tracked keywords and 10,000 top lists. There’s no cap on the number of search results or data exports at that price point. Also, if you go for an annual plan, the price drops to $33 per month. A more expensive plan will give you API access, more tracked keywords and top lists. Even the most expensive plan caps your API results at 10,000 rows, though. SpyFu offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can always ask for a refund. You can cancel any time via phone, live chat, or email. Nobody will ask you tough questions or require you to fill out a form.

spyfu login

SpyFu Review: Pros & Cons

So what do users like and not like about SpyFu? Here’s what some of them are saying online. First, the pros:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Reveals competitors you might not know about
  • Plenty of keyword data to develop a content strategy
  • Saves time on research by identifying the best keywords
  • Shows a competitor’s ROI
  • Allows you to learn from a competitor’s mistakes
  • No limits to how many reports you can run
  • Tutorials are helpful
  • Excellent support

Now, the cons:

  • User interface is a bit overwhelming
  • Limited data for some industries (life sciences or niche sport)
  • Not easy to tell which geolocations the rankings are coming from
  • A little slow at times
  • Data only available for US and UK
  • Ad spend is just an estimate
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