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What is TeeSpring?

Teespring is a website where you can design custom tee shirts and other apparel such as hoodies, socks, mugs etc. using their proprietary online design software. Once you create a custom design, you can share a link with your friends who can buy your t-shirt design.

The difference between Teespring and other custom t-shirt design places is the shirts aren’t actually made until you have a minimum order.

This way you don’t have to buy a bunch of shirts you’re not sure will sell or not. Thus filling your garage full of crappy shirts. All you do is create the design and TeeSpring handles all the orders, payments and shipping once a minimum amount of shirts are sold.


How Does TeeSpring Work?

TeeSpring is quite simple. If you are a complete beginner to POD services then TeeSpring is the perfect platform to learn the ropes.

All you have to do is sign up, create a design, select your desired products, and promote them. Everything else will be taken care of by TeeSpring itself.

Here are the steps that will show you exactly how TeeSpring works.

1. Teespring Signup for Free

The signup process is quite simple at TeeSpring. Just go to the signup page and enter your details. That’s all you need to do, create an account. It’s absolutely free.

2.Teespring  Design Your Product

The next step is to choose your desired product. It can be anything from a t-shirt to a mug. Choose your desired product and get to designing.

The designer tool is very helpful and easy to use. You can add text, artworks, images, etc to your product. You can either use the available artworks or upload your own designs.

As you design your product, it will show you exactly how much it will cost to print it.

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3. Teespring Set the Price and Minimum Quantity

The major interest of this review is deep-rooted with just one concern question of how can you make money with TeeSpring. That is dependent on how you set the pricing of products.

Once you are satisfied with the design and the product that you have created. It’s time to set the minimum sales you expect.

TeeSpring works differently from other POD services. You set a minimum number of items to be sold. If that goal isn’t met, they do not print/ship your product and you are not charged.

So, make sure that you choose a realistic number of minimum quantity that you actually expect to sell in the timeframe you choose.

TeeSpring also suggests a recommended selling price for your product, but you have the ability to adjust the price which modifies your earnings on each sale. TeeSpring clearly shows you the profit you will make if you meet your minimum goal.

4. Teespring Write a Catchy Description

Now, you must write 2-3 lines describing your product. It could be anything, but this is where you have to be creative. Write something catchy, something that will attract your customers and make them buy your item. Hit Launch and your product are live.

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5. Teespring Market Your Product

Everything is up, your design is live, your product is ready to sell. However, you must market and promote your product everywhere you can. Ask your friends, share on your social media, etc.

TeeSpring Training Center is a great place to learn all about promoting your product. They also have a Marketing tab in the Dashboard area.

You can enter your Facebook ads ID and Facebook Pixel (Here’s how you can create a Facebook Pixel) to track the data.

6. Teespring Get Paid

This is definitely the best and most favorite step for any budding entrepreneur. You get paid when your campaign meets its goals.

TeeSpring offers payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Mail Check, and Payoneer. You can use any one of these payment methods to cash out your winnings.

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Who Uses Teespring?

The Teespring website is used by two types of people, the buyers who are looking for great looking and unique products, and people like you, who are looking to make money online.

For buyers, Teespring provides them with uniquely designed and quality products that they can purchase at an affordable price.

The website also allows them to have the design of the products customized, which is great if they need personalized items for themselves, their company or organization.

Buying products from Teespring also allow them to support upcoming designers or charities that designers have chosen.

For people like you, Teespring provides you with the platform to express your creativity and make some money from it.

You just need to create good and appealing designs for products like pillows, shirts, mugs, and more, set a target on how many products you can sell, set the price, and you’re all set.

Selling the products is still up to you, but Teespring will help in any way that they can. Once you’re able to sell a product, you get to keep the profits of the sale, while the company will earn from the base price.

To start designing and selling, you only need to register, which is free and easy to do.

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Teespring Review Pros

  • You only have to create the design, Teespring will handle the creating/paying/shipping info on their end. This is a huge space saver from the days you had to store tee shirt inventory in your garage.
  • You get paid per t-shirt. You can set your own price for your designs and that profit goes to you. So if you LOVE creating tee shirts, you can make quite a bit of money.
  • Their design software is pretty easy to use.

Teespring Review Cons

  • Even if you create the best t-shirt design ever, you have to market it completely on your own. Meaning you have to email it to all your friends or create Facebook ads to drive traffic to Teespring’s website for people to buy your t-shirt. You’re basically selling Teespring’s t-shirts for them.
  • You have a limited space on the front and back of the shirt for your design. This makes it easier for Teespring to create the t-shirts, but you can’t get super creative creating unique sleeve designs or anything like that.

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Teespring Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code and Profit Potential

Teespring Pricing

Where costs are involved, you’ll want them to be as low as possible. Thankfully, Teespring does very well in this regards. In terms of service costs, Teespring is a dream service provider as it is absolutely free to use. You’ll not be charged when you sign up or create your storefront, and you’ll not be charged to create a custom product or to have it listed. There’s no upfront cost whatsoever to use Teespring; you only need to register as a member, which as mentioned earlier is pretty straightforward.

Teespring only makes money when you make sales. Its profit is factored into the base price of the product. Thus, the base prices are important considerations because, with a high base price, there’ll not be much up room to set a selling price to bring in ample profits. You can set any selling price, so the temptation is there to go high so that you can make as much profit as possible. However, your custom item should be competitively priced. So, to extent market prices will determine your selling price. Thus, you’ll want base prices that are as low as possible so that there is still for ample profit.

In this regard, you will find that Teespring is priced a bit on the high side. For example, at the time of writing this review, the base prices for some of the Teespring products (without pricing discounts) were as follows: Basic Tees – $10.57; Long Sleeve Tees – $13.82; Tank Tops – $13.32; Hoodies and Sweatshirts – $20.21; Totes – $12.25; Mugs – $8.00. If you look at the product pricing of other POD providers, you’ll find that Teespring is a little pricey. It should be noted that the base prices are not inclusive of shipping costs.

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Teespring Profit Potential

The question of whether Teespring is worthwhile is simply asking if you can make money with Teespring. To this, Teespring answers that “

Yes, despite its relatively high base prices, you can still make money with Teespring. Take for example, the basic Tees whose base price is $10.57. Teespring suggest a selling price of $21.99, which makes for a profit of $11.42. First, fancy T-Shirts in the open market will go for about $25, so even after factoring in shipping charges, the customer is still getting a good deal. The good part of Teespring is that you get to keep 100% of your profit. So to push more sales, you may choose to blow away the competition by bringing down your selling price.

In the online customers’ review channels, you’ll easily find testimonials of persons who have used Teespring to earn a fortune. And these are limited to the self-published testimonials by Teespring; you’ll find many such reviews in independent customer review platforms, and in independent industry watchers. For example, Forbes Magazine once ran an article that Teespring is minting millionaires, and that many other users are earning 6 figures.

Teespring Payment Methods

It’s been mentioned that Teespring will only swing into action if the sales target is met, but not before processing payments. Once the orders are processed, your profits will be made available for withdrawal. For this you’ll want convenient payment methods, so that there’ll be no hassles with receiving payment.

Teespring does well in this regards. It supports PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, and mailed check. With these options, you shouldn’t have problems with getting paid.

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Our overall view of Teespring, from taking a look over multiple Teespring reviews, is that the site is an innovative platform for designing and selling t-shirts.

Teespring allows you to get started with no upfront costs and makes it fairly easy to design and sell custom items. However, just as with any type of selling, as the reviews show us, the shirts won’t just sell themselves.

So if you want to be successful, do a search on “What is Teespring” and look for step-by-step guides – there are plenty of them out there.

Reading both negative and positive reviews online will help to give you some good pointers and things to avoid if you are planning to make some money on the site.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Teespring FAQs to ensure you completely understand the platform and tips you’ve read in Teespring reviews, including the length of shipping times, what campaigns are and how they work, and how and when you get paid. reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the company, and they have a lot of great success stories.

In our final Teespring review analysis, its platform does provide a great opportunity to do “crowd-funded” t-shirt sales and make money for yourself or for a charity or school but don’t forget that sales fundamentals still apply.

If you’re looking to sell t-shirts online through Teespring, keep in mind that your Teespring shirts will only be as successful as your marketing campaign.

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