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In the realm of affiliate marketing, the process begins with either a banner or a creative, and this holds true for push advertising as well. You have the option to either create your own push ad creatives or draw inspiration from a push spy tool. We've compiled a comprehensive list of the 7 Push Ads Spying Tools available, along with insights on how to effectively utilize spy tools in affiliate marketing.

Before delving deeper, it's worth discussing the significance of push ad spy tools and the reasons for their necessity.

What are the ads spying tools to consider?

About ads spying tools to consider

The ads spying tools to consider

An affiliate marketing spy tool, also known as a spy tool service, enables you to observe and analyze your competitors' advertising campaigns that are active on a particular advertising network or traffic source. 

Essentially, it acts as a repository of all advertisements that are currently being displayed on platforms like Facebook, push ads, pop-up ads, and more.

These spy services are beneficial in keeping you informed about the current top trends. They allow you to scrutinize creative elements and landing pages of these ads, and provide insights into the campaign settings used by others.

How to Conduct a Search in a Push Ads Spy Tool?

Exploring the proper search method within spy tools is crucial for discovering top-performing ad campaigns. So, how to use spy tools properly? The knowledge of certain features is key for success.

The outlined algorithm below is designed to assist in locating the most effective and popular advertisements, allowing you to discern which offers or brands have higher conversion rates.

It's advisable to use English keywords for a broader ad language search. However, this approach might not be effective in some free spy tools; in such cases, using keywords in the native language is recommended to access all results.

For illustration, we will demonstrate how to search for top antivirus ad campaigns using the Adplexity spy tool service, specifically within the RichAds (previously known as RichPush) advertising network.

Effective Strategies for Monitoring Push Advertisements

What are common strategies for monitoring push advertisements?

Strategies for Monitoring Push Advertisements

Utilizing spy tools provides the advantage of accessing pre-designed creatives and landing pages, enabling immediate campaign launch. This approach appears profitable initially, as these creatives are actively attracting traffic and their ongoing use suggests campaign success.

However, considering the viewpoint of the target audience reveals a different picture. Individuals subscribed to push ad networks frequently receive notifications. Repeated exposure to identical ads can lead to indifference or even irritation, with audiences wishing to avoid them.

For affiliate marketers, the strategy should be to draw inspiration from spy services while implementing subtle changes, applicable to both creatives and landing pages. Minor alterations in imagery and text are recommended, ensuring the avoidance of exact replicas.

Importantly, successful push notification strategies involve periodic updates to creatives, even if they are performing well. Experimenting with various methods is key to capturing diverse audience segments and exploring new engagement tactics.

Top 7 Push Ads Spying Tools To Consider

The growing popularity of push ads among digital marketers is primarily due to their direct reach to users on their devices, even when they're not surfing the web. To craft successful push ad campaigns, it's crucial for marketers to understand their competitors' strategies and learn from their achievements and mistakes. This is where free ad spy tools play a vital role.

These tools offer critical data and insights, aiding marketers in refining their campaigns for enhanced outcomes. This article highlights the top 5+ best ad spy tools available for digital marketers, aiming to provide them with an advantage in their advertising endeavors.


Anstrex stands out as a powerful push ads spy tool, offering an extensive database of push ad campaigns across multiple ad networks. Its user-friendly design and comprehensive functionalities position it as a preferred choice for digital marketers.

  • Advanced Search Filters: Anstrex enables searching for ads by specific keywords, advertisers, and even affiliate networks, allowing quick identification of relevant campaigns.

  • Ad Performance Analytics: Provides detailed analytics on ad performance, including engagement and conversion metrics, to evaluate the effectiveness of competitors' campaigns.

  • Landing Page Insights: Offers insights into landing pages linked to various push ad campaigns, shedding light on competitors' conversion tactics.

  • Competitor Tracking: Allows marketers to monitor changes in competitors' ad strategies over time, helping them tailor their campaigns more effectively.


BigSpy is the key tool for push ads


BigSpy is a notable push ads spy tool that presents a large assortment of ad creatives and landing pages from different ad networks. Its capabilities in real-time ad intelligence and trend spotting make it an invaluable asset for designing impactful campaigns.

  • Real-Time Ad Intelligence: Constantly updates its database with the latest ads and trends, keeping marketers ahead in the competitive landscape.

  • Social Media Ad Analysis: Encompasses a broad spectrum of social media platforms, allowing exploration of successful ads across various channels.

  • Ad Trend Identification: BigSpy's trend spotting feature assists in recognizing popular ad trends, ensuring campaigns stay current and effective.


MINEA stands out as a premier push ads spy tool, offering marketers a comprehensive database of push ads from various ad networks. It boasts sophisticated filtering features, enabling easy identification of specific ads based on multiple criteria. The tool's user-friendly design and in-depth insights render it a top pick for digital marketing professionals.

  • Ad Tracking: MINEA empowers marketers to monitor their rivals' ad performance over time, offering key insights into trends and seasonal campaigns.

  • Landing Page Analysis: It allows an examination of successful push ad campaign landing pages, providing inspiration and insights for enhancing one's own landing pages.

  • Advertiser Profiles: Detailed profiles of advertisers are available, aiding marketers in comprehending the broader advertising tactics of their competitors.

Dropispy Brief

What are special things on Dropispy Brief?

Dropispy Brief

Dropispy specializes as a push ads spy tool targeting the dropshipping sector. It equips marketers with a diverse array of dropshipping ad creatives, aiding in the discovery of effective products and strategies within the dropshipping realm.

  • Dropshipping Ad Database: Dropispy maintains a vast collection of dropshipping ads, proving to be an invaluable asset for marketers in this field.

  • Niche Analysis: The tool enables exploration of various niches, revealing potential additions for dropshipping inventories.

  • Ad Performance Data: Dropispy offers data on the performance of dropshipping ads, assisting marketers in pinpointing products and ad approaches with high conversion rates.


PowerAdSpy is a robust tool for spying on push ads, encompassing numerous ad networks. It aids marketers in uncovering effective ad campaigns and understanding their rivals' tactics.

  • Advanced Search Filters: Enables efficient and precise ad searches through sophisticated filtering options.

  • Ad Engagement Metrics: Offers insights into ad performance through metrics like likes, shares, and comments.

  • Affiliate Ads Monitoring: Facilitates tracking of affiliate ads to glean insights from successful affiliate marketing campaigns.


PiPiADS is a detailed and free tool for push ad spying, providing real-time ad intelligence across various networks. Its user-friendly design and potent features make it a favored tool among digital marketers.

  • Live Ad Updates: Continuously refreshes its ad database, providing the latest and most pertinent ad campaigns.

  • Performance Tracking: Allows tracking of specific ads and alerts for any changes.

  • Targeting Options: Enables ad searches based on specific criteria like keywords, devices, and countries.


AdPeriscope excels in online ad campaign analysis and optimization with its straightforward interface and extensive capabilities. Its large database includes ads from Instagram, Google, and other platforms, making it a top choice for Facebook ad spying.

Besides, this tool is particularly useful for international marketers, offering insights into advertising and consumer behaviors in various countries such as the US, UK, Germany, and more.

  • Global Ad Database: Covers numerous countries, assisting marketers in studying successful ad campaigns worldwide.

  • Landing Page Insights: Provides insights into competitors’ landing pages and their successful conversion tactics.

  • Affiliate Ad Tracking: Enables tracking and analysis of affiliate ads' performance.


Are Push Ads Spying Tools Easy to Use?

The ease of use can vary among different tools. Most are designed with user-friendly interfaces and offer tutorials for beginners, but some may require a learning curve to fully utilize their advanced features.

Can I Track Real-Time Data with These Tools?

Many push ads spying tools provide real-time data tracking, allowing marketers to stay updated with the latest trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Do These Tools Offer Global Data?

Most top push ads spying tools have a global reach, providing data from various countries and regions. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to expand or monitor international markets.


In summary, gaining an upper hand in digital marketing is essential. Utilizing an effective push ads spy tool enables digital marketers to outperform their rivals and optimize their advertising tactics. 

The top 7 Best Push Notification Ad Spy Tools highlighted in this article provide crucial information on competitors' advertising efforts, allowing marketers to discover and adopt successful approaches for their own campaigns. Equipped with a suitable push ads spy tool, digital marketers can make well-informed choices, boost their return on investment, and successfully meet their marketing objectives.

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