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About TrafficGuard PPC Protection

trafficguard,trafficguard review

Competitors clicking on ads, bot traffic and click farms are just some of the ways that your PPC budget could be wasted on fraud. Using TrafficGuard’s PPC protection, you can stop click fraud in real-time and ensure that every dollar of your GoogleAds budget generates genuine advertising engagement, delivering to your bottom line.

When you are using TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection, your Google Ads campaigns result in:

  • Genuine ad engagements – No more bots, clicks farms or competitors clicks draining your ad spend. Just genuine advertising engagement.
  • More customers – Campaigns that reach real people who have the potential to become real customers.
  • Faster growth – With more budget going towards attracting actual customers, you can scale your advertising confidently to achieve faster business growth
  • More time – TrafficGuard removes the burden of blacklist management from your Search Marketing team so that they can spend their time on growth-focussed initiatives.
  • More value – All of the above means more value from your PPC spending. In fact, with traffic volume, average cost per conversion and lower costs per click, you can expect to have a higher return on investment from PPC advertising.

Why should your company be using our PPC protection service?

trafficguard,trafficguard review
Competitors can exploit your traffic at a fraction of the cost. If you do not have a paid-for service that filters out competitors’ clicks and ads, then you could be losing up to 40%* of your Google Ads budget due to click fraud and other network abuse, meaning that if it were not for TrafficGuard’s PPC protection you would not be as profitable as you can be today.


trafficguard,trafficguard review

  • Real time click protection

TrafficGuard’s PPC protection stops click fraud in real-time, automatically blocking malicious IPs and devices from seeing your ads. Blacklists are automatically updated by TrafficGuard via the Google Ads API. PPC fraud is the No. 1 cause of negative earnings for advertisers.
With this feature, you can take back control of your account. In addition, PPC fraud is a leading cause of Google AdWords account suspension and an even greater threat to advertisers who have established a large number of campaigns.

  • Superior fraud mitigation

TrafficGuard’s PPC protection has been developed by the same team of dedicated engineers and data scientists behind TrafficGuard’s enterprise ad fraud solutions, delivering you an unprecedented level of PPC protection.

TrafficGuard will block all of the most harmful PPC bid strategies including click spam, fraudulent clicks, fake traffic, ad stacking, domain spoofing and others. It protects against these PPC bid strategies across all regions where Google Ads are available.

TrafficGuard monitors every click that is generated through your ad campaigns to identify potential malicious behavior. When malicious activity is detected, TrafficGuard automatically blocks the traffic source(s) responsible for the activity. This means you never have to worry about false positives or blocked campaign performance due to false positives.

TrafficGuard is fully client-side and works in conjunction with your Google AdWords account in real-time without any additional setup required on your end.

  • Detailed reporting

At any given moment, get a comprehensive view of your GoogleAds traffic and types of fraud detected at the click, campaign and organisation levels. Insights for organic traffic, including organic impressions, clicks, CTRs and conversion rates. For more granular insights of your campaign by day, week or month.

  • Expert support

Our customer success team is available to answer any questions and offer support for your TrafficGuard PPC protection implementation. We provide the following services:

  • Live consultation
  • Setup and setup support
  • Support during your trial period
  • Monthly and annual support plans.
  • You'll always be connected directly to a customer success manager in case you run into any issues.
  • Email and ticket support
  • Consultation on managing SEM, SEO and PPC
  • Consultation on PPC account structure and bidding strategies.

You will be assigned a customer success manager who will assist you in implementing TrafficGuard PPC. The sales team is available to help you setup your account or give professional consultation on any other protection from PPC attacks from SEMrush. Your assigned customer success manager will also perform a consulting service regarding the use of SEMrush's products for your company's marketing strategy, in addition to providing support during the trial period.

Pros and Cons

trafficguard,trafficguard review


  • "It's super easy to set up and pays for itself just by saving me from wasting my money on bots and ad fraud."

  • "I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend TrafficGuard to anyone advertising on Google Ads. Support team is very helpful and quick."

  • "Its simply and keep my google ads traffic clean."

  • "Thanks to you and your team for what you do. The Nuclear Networking squad is extremely happy to implement TrafficGuard with our campaigns."


  • "I have tried some other anti-fraud tools and they have been very aggressive and blocked lots of real traffic."

  • "TrafficGuard shows me exactly what is invalid and why so that I can see it is only stopping fraud."

  • "The features are a little confused for me yet."

  • "I can see all coming fraud click from google ads. I watching continuous on real time."

TrafficGuard Pricing

trafficguard,trafficguard review

Starting From:  $50.00 /month

Pricing Model: Usage Based

  • Yes, has free trial
  • Yes, has free version

PRICING DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):

Protect PPC - Free ProtectPro PPC - Pay as you go


trafficguard,trafficguard review

TrafficGuard’s PPC protection leverages the sophistication of our enterprise ad fraud prevention solution to now protect PPC campaigns on Google Ads.

TrafficGuard processes in excess of 3 trillion data points a month. That data is continuously strengthening the machine learning models that operate across all of our products, including TrafficGuard PPC Protect.

We have a data science and engineering team that lives and breathes ad fraud prevention – building the most comprehensive solution specifically to address the problem of ad fraud. We have some of the best minds in ad fraud prevention on our team so you can be assured that your traffic will not only be protected from the risks of real-time ad fraud but that they are being delivered to its intended destination.

Other types websites and ad networks track and report user behavior; we measure and prevent it.

Other types serve up ads and content; we create and deliver it.

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