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About TrendSpottr

TrendSpottr is a predictive trend intelligence platform used by global brands, marketers and digital and PR agencies. TrendSpottr predicts emerging trends, viral content and key influencers for any topic in real-time. It helps to establish thought leadership, and acquire customers.

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

TrendSpottr helps in identifying emerging trends like news, events, memes, crises, influencers, etc, hours or even days before they gain significant momentum, mainstream popularity or go viral. TrendSpottr also identifies what will be trending and the influencers that are directly associated, enabling them to identify and engage with the most relevant influencers.

TrendSpottr is intelligent, real-time, and predictive. It ranks the relevance of real-time data, predicts growth and viral potential of data, improves the signal-to-noise ratio, automates viral content discovery and many more.

What is TrendSpottr Used For?

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

TrendSpottr is a growing cloud-based Social Media Management software, it is designed to support small, medium and large size business. Small businesses can use TrendSpottr to quickly and easily monitor their social media metrics in real-time and compare competitors.

Medium and large size businesses can utilize TrendSpottr to excel at digital marketing, social listening, and employee engagement.

The software and this service provides six core services: Social Media Monitoring, Social Listening, Tweet Management, Competitor Comparison Analysis, Employee Engagement Management, and Contribution Tracking. Social Media Monitoring allows users to track millions of posts on social media networks, view competitor posts in real-time, and analyze top influencers. TrendSpottr allows users to track brands, topics, hashtags, users social handles and more. This feature can be used by online companies or B2C business.

TrendSpottr’s Social Listening service allows businesses to listen to their customers’ voices via social media networks. It also helps the brand stay up-to-date with their target audience's conversations across hundreds of hashtags within a specific time period.

Features and functionality

TrendSpottr list of features include the following: We are still working to collect the list of features of TrendSpottr.

Content Marketing

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

Share high-ranking social content with your prospects and customers - before it goes viral

As you know, there is no one size fits all in marketing. A lot of social media campaigns have been built with mainstream audiences in mind only to find they fail in the long run because a majority of their followers are inactive or unable to click on, share or comment on posts. You can avoid these pitfalls and gain long-term engagement by sharing engaging content with your target audience before it goes viral. In this article, we'll cover some examples of high-ranking content that may not have had the best success metrics initially but saw significant growth after being shared with an audience that was specifically targeted from a sales perspective.

"Businesses that create a personable, trustworthy connection with their brands are the ones brands want their influencers to talk about." "In 2017, it's all about authenticity. The truth is, your customers don't care if you have the perfect Instagram feed or an office dog named after a company slogan. They want to know what you know. They want real advice from someone they trust. Influencer marketing doesn't have to involve big names and glossy effects – it's all about humanizing your brand.

Crisis Management

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

Anticipate threats and crises to your business and brand reputation with the help of the Internet. By monitoring potential disasters and promoting company transparency, you can avoid the occurrence of a crisis. The best way to do so is by opening up your business to social media. Not only will this give you a constant connection to your customers, but it will also allow for quick feedback about any areas that might need improvement. This feedback can be used as a database for evaluation purposes and create a more open dialogue with the public.

Establish the right presence on social media and practice good social media policies within your corporation. This helps to prevent any type of crisis from occurring and also allows you to keep your reputation clean. To establish the right presence on social media, create a policy that describes what types of content can be posted and how it should be posted. It is very important that you get the word out about your policy because if there is a problem with anything posted under your brand name, it will be considered your fault. Good social media policies also provide support in handling customer complaints in a timely manner in order to maintain top levels of customer service.

Influencer Targeting

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

Provide salespeople with real time insights into industry and competitive trends, build thought leadership and connect with key prospects and influncers in a personalized manner using social media.

The key to success in the modern era relies on your ability to stay connected with prospects and influencers in a world of rapidly evolving technologies, globalization and constant change. Your ability to capture, convert and close leads is paramount for business growth regardless of industry or company size.

In this ever changing market, competition has become even more aggressive than before which means that you have to be able to react rapidly when opportunities arise - but how? Tracking these changes from afar is no longer an option as the global nature of our society demands a local approach.uencers within the industry.


Paid Media

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

Optimize media planning and buying with predictive insights to drive loyalty and revenue.

The process of media planning usually starts with an initial media plan, which includes the estimated reach of a marketing campaign. Media planners use many factors to estimate the reach including demographics, psychographics, geography, seasonality and other marketing trends. With the increase in data providers that offer predictive insights about users' needs based on purchase behavior or demographic data that can be mapped to locations to provide predicted reach for specific groups, predicting the reach is becoming more precise. The next step in this process is buying media coverage at a cost that will cover this calculated target audience with enough margin for variability in advertising plans.

The media planning process has seen a significant change in recent years. One of the most significant changes is the availability of data, which makes it possible to predict a target audience based on purchase behavior and demographic characteristics. This prediction can be used to define a target audience and, consequently, to plan media coverage that will reach this specific group of consumers.

Media planners use many factors to estimate the reach including demographics such as age, gender or income; psychographics such as personality or neighborhood; and geographical factors such as market size or postal code. With the increase in data providers, targeting consumers by taking into account their preferences and behaviors is becoming more precise.


Market Research

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

Track emerging trends, memes and consumer sentiment in real-time - alongside the latest trends in social media, marketing and advertising. Ignite your innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Get daily social media insights to inform your strategic marketing, research and communications decisions.

Compare the performance of your online platform with other brands in your category or industry. See how others are performing, learn what you should do next to improve OR determine if it is time for a change.

Follow your competitors’ social media strategies in one easy-to-read dashboard so you can stay ahead of them and future potential threats. Take control of what they are doing on social media that impacts you - automatically track their latest content, get alerts when they publish new posts or ads - even check out what products they are showcasing on their Instagram accounts.

Gain a ‘team service’ perspective of what your audience is saying about you and your competitors. See how hashtags, keywords and sentiment are changing - then take action to address issues before they become major problems.

Monitoring multiple social channels for content across the web is time consuming. Track posts from the top social media sites, news sites and blogs from one location – saving you valuable time so you can focus on creating content that your customers want to engage with online. Know what’s being said about your brand, products or services before it spreads – so you can have a real-time response in place OR avoid a crisis before it occurs.


Trendspottr Pricing

Trendspottr,Trendspottr review

The cost of license starting from $199 per user/month.

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