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Verizon Media is expanding its demand side platform (DSP) and bringing its programmatic, premium and full native marketplace inventory together.

The DSP should now give advertisers a unified solution to control their ad buys across all formats and inventory opportunities. Verizon Media said its DSP has seen “significant growth year over year” with new features and functionality across channels including mobile, display, video, connected TV, audio and DOOH, all leveraging Verizon’s first-party data.

The company’s native marketplace provides access to experiences through native video, AR, carousel, DPA, moments and more across Verizon’s owned and operated sites including Yahoo, HuffPost and TechCrunch, as well as partnerships with digital and content companies.

The combination of an access to premium ad inventory and applying Machine Learning algorithms allows Verizon Media DSP to unable advertisers to reach precise audiences across all ad formats and desktop and mobile devices.

Key features

  • 165 million data points daily
  • powered by Oath ad tech expertise
  • Machine Learning optimization algorithms

verizon media

Veziron Media DSP Info

Types: Mobile DSP
Ad Formats: Banners, Native, Video
Models: CPC, CPM
Trading Models: Programmatic, Self Service

Verizon Media wants to make its programmatic offerings safer and easier for advertisers through its new DSP inventory storefront.

The storefront seeks to connect advertisers with opportunities like sponsorships, homepage takeovers and special packages across Verizon Media’s brands, such as Yahoo SportsYahoo FinanceHuffPostTechCrunch and Xbox, as well as other partners.

Storefront users are met with a series of opportunities like “TechCrunch Run of News” or “Engadget Reviews & Buyer’s Guide” and can funnel results by category, brand or buying method.

According to Verizon Media, advertisers are able to gain greater control of their advertising choices and effectiveness through an interface that allows them to propose a deal or request help with one click. Verizon Media’s account teams are on hand to assist inventory accessibility.

This latest tool joins Verizon Media’s other recent offerings for DSP and SSP clients.

During the summer of 2019, Verizon Media introduced a new omnichannel insights tool that helps marketers using the company’s DSP “navigate the programmatic ecosystem, aggregating omnichannel insights from all Verizon Media DSP activity and customizing it to reveal a client’s optimal purchase paths, supply mix and trends, ad formats, channels, auction type, and more.” The solution is powered by machine learning.

Last fall, the company signed publisher CafeMedia to a new ad offering that allows Verizon Media DSP clients to bid directly into CafeMedia’s header through prebid server technology.

In December, the company unified its digital out of home solution and offers capabilities for both SSP and DSP clients, along with an integration with Verizon Digital Signage.



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