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Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

Viral Launch offers a complete collection of Amazon seller solutions, as you can see listed above.

The package offers:

  • A product research function to compare ideas and see the potential demand and competition for them, allowing you to make intelligent decisions on which products to go forward with
  • Competitor tracking that alerts you when your competitor’s listings increase or decrease in rank, allowing you to learn from their moves and immediately be aware of what works
  • A keyword research tool for new suggestions and ways to achieve organic (or paid) traffic from new angles
  • A well-designed, interactive listing optimizer that provides insights on what changes can increase your conversions and improve your sales
  • A conversion rate optimization tool that allows you to test different product photos and written copy against each other to help you decide which changes work best
  • A product launch tool to work directly with Amazon’s algorithm and launch with as high a ranking as possible by this service
  • A PPC management suite to maximise your ROI and trim the fat from your campaigns
  • A keyword rank tracking tool to keep track of your listings ranks and to gain insights on which changes lead to better ranks


There is a lot to unpackage here, and it’s all stuff that can be hugely beneficial to Amazon sellers.

If everything above works as well as it should, this could transfer your entire business and lead to insane growth.

So, of course, your next question should be – how effective and easy to use are they?

Viral Launch – Main Features 

Ease of Use / How It Works 

Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

While the US market is usually the principal focus when it comes to Amazon FBA selling, Viral Launch happens to go above and beyond this one marketplace. In essence, it covers a total of 8 Amazon marketplaces – USA, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the U.K.  

This means that as long as you’re selling one of these versions, you can proceed using Viral Launch for market and product insights. 

A word of caution though. Although Viral Launch extends that far, not all its tools can be used in every single Amazon marketplace.  

Competitor intelligence, for instance, is only available to Amazon US sellers. So, you might want to confirm all the functionalities you could use in your specific marketplace version before you consider joining the bandwagon.  

That said, Viral Launch is a dynamic platform that comes in two separate forms. You could begin with its Chrome Extension, which is the simplest and lightest of the two. Simply download the tool from Chrome’s Web Store, integrate it with your Google Chrome browser and voila! 

With the Viral Launch Chrome Extension, you should be able to conduct extensive market research on Amazon. The goal here is to generate intelligence on various products’ sales numbers, monthly revenue, monthly sales, historical trends, etc.  

Hence, you can identify the most profitable products as you explore the Amazon marketplace.  

And speaking of which, the Chrome Extension usually provides insights while you continue browsing Amazon. The interface itself is well-designed to seamlessly provide quick sales estimates and market analytics.  

In fact, even beginners can comfortably use this version of Viral launch. Every single function is straightforward and you can bet it takes almost no time to learn the ropes.  

But, here’s the kicker. That level of simplicity means you won’t be getting all the tools. The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is basically built for brief market intelligence. Nothing more.  

So, in short, the extension is only useful when it comes to product discovery. Beyond that, you’ll have no choice but to switch to the other version. 

I’m talking about the main Viral Launch dashboard, which is based on the web. Once you sign up and then log into your account, you’ll notice that this version is adequately comprehensive, with all the tools the company has built so far,  

Don’t get me wrong though. Viral Launch won’t hand you all the functionalities. The feature privileges depend on the plan you choose to subscribe to. So, if you want everything, you have to pay about $166 a month for Viral Launch’s Kinetic plan.  

Sadly, the only problem with all these added capabilities is compromised system usability. While the Viral Launch web-based version is pleasantly intuitive, beginners might need some time to piece together everything.

On the bright side, however, at least Viral Launch has done a good job of organizing its dashboard and menu options. The dashboard itself displays two columns – one side lists the software tools side while the other provides a summary of the extra services you could purchase. Then to simplify the onboarding process, both tools and services come with clear tutorials.  

All things considered, a basic Amazon seller might typically need a day or so to learn how things work here. And once they finally do, everything going forward should be a breeze.  

Keyword Research 

Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

As you’re probably aware by now, the Amazon search framework uses pretty much the same approach as Google search. Shoppers look for products by entering keywords, and then Amazon employs a specific search algorithm to rank the subsequent results.  

This is where the Viral Launch Keyword Research tool comes in. It seeks to help you identify the specific phrases you could use to capture your specific target audience with favorable search ranks  

But how exactly does it manage to do that?  

Well, the tool relies on an extensive database that’s filled with volumes of Amazon’s search data. Viral Launch essentially scans it with an AI system, which then conducts a detailed analysis of the search patterns to establish the potential impacts of various keywords.  

And since online search trends are typically changing by the minute, Viral Launch taps into Amazon’s system several times every week to update its keyword data. We checked this and confirmed that indeed Viral Launch was keeping up with the accurate search trends. 

Now, the keyword insights you get in return are quite helpful. I, for instance, began by sampling a list of recommended keywords for my product listings. I just click on a button and the tool automatically generated thousands of keyword suggestions along with their search statistics.  

Then from the figures, I was able to track the relevant historical search trends, from which it’s possible to identify keywords that are losing or gaining relevance.  

What’s more, Viral Launch displays even the keywords your competitors are ranking for, combined with their broad variations.  

And speaking of which, you might want to pay keen attention to the Opportunity Score column of your keywords. This is where you get to gauge the competition levels across various market niches, based on the specific values awarded by the tool. 

Product Discovery 

Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

Your success on Amazon depends substantially on the type of product you choose to sell. Even the best marketing strategies cannot possibly guarantee great results if you’re dealing with items with low market demand. So, in short, we could agree that product discovery is the most important process overall.  

Now, when it comes to identifying the best products, demand alone is not enough to sufficiently qualify an item. You should, instead, use a dynamic approach that holistically combines demand with additional factors like competition levels and potential profit margins.  

Well, it turns out that’s essentially what Viral Launch attempts to review through its Product Discovery tool. But, it doesn’t stop there. Viral Launch further evaluates parameters like sales volumes, amount of reviews, categories, brands, number of sellers, etc.  

Therefore, you should have an easy time assessing the business potential of every single item of interest.  

Don’t be in a rush though. The possibilities here are limitless because Viral Launch is pretty flexible. It basically gives you the freedom to explore endless Amazon products and categories.  

All this data, for your information, comes from the integration between Viral Launch and Amazon. The tool dives deep into billions of genuine historical and current Amazon data points to provide accurate, real-time insights.  

That’s why in addition to sales estimates and product trends, you could review your projected profits, plus the required upfront capital for each product. And while you’re it, you might as well go ahead and supplement the figures you get here with insights from Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence tool.  

It’s also possible to filter the results based on multiple concurrent parameters. Viral Launch allows you to specify what you consider as the core criteria for qualifying products. You could, for example, focus on selected categories, brands, product lists, etc. The choice is yours.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

Beginners Plan – $59 per month billed monthly, or $50 per month billed annually. 

24/7 Customer support 
3 tracked competitors 
Product idea score 
Product discovery 
Market intelligence 

Pro Plan – $99 per month billed monthly, or $83 per month billed annually. 

24/7 Customer support 
30 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking 
2,000 daily keyword rank and ad tracking
50 Listing analysis 
Listing builder 
Keyword research 
3 tracked competitors 
Product idea  score
Product discovery 
Market intelligence 

Brand Builder Plan – $149 per month billed monthly, or $125 per month billed annually. 

24/7 Customer support
100 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking 
5,000 Daily keyword rank and ad tracking 
100 Listing analysis 
Listing builder 
Keyword research
100 tracked competitors 
Product idea score 
Product discovery 
Market intelligence 

Kinetic Plan – $199 per month billed monthly, or $166 per month billed annually. 

Automate your PPC strategy 
PPC data and insights 
24/7 Customer support 
100 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking
5,000 daily keyword rank and ad tracking 
100 Listing analysis 
Listing builder 
Keyword research 
250 tracked competitors
Product idea score 
Product discovery 
Market intelligence 

Viral Launch Review – Pros and Cons

Viral Launch,Viral Launch review

Pros of Viral Launch 

  • The Keyword research tool provides comprehensive keyword insights.  
  • Viral Launch is a full-stack system that combines multiple helpful tools in one platform.  
  • Viral Launch offers a light, easy-to-use chrome extension for product research. 
  • There are several supplementary services you could purchase from Viral Launch to have your campaigns managed by real professionals.  
  • The overall Viral Launch system is well-designed and intuitive.
  • Viral Launch offers a robust set of tools for a product launch. You can capitalize on them to identify promising opportunities, and then hit the ground running.  
  • The customer support team at Viral Launch is very responsive and accessible. You can contact them at any time of the day or night.   
  • Viral Launch has a pretty solid AI system that collects and analyzes data for you.  

Cons of Viral Launch 

  • The learning curve can be steep for beginners.
  • While Viral Launch has a host of tools to help you with product discovery and launching, it lacks enough tools to support the subsequent selling process.  
  • The amount of information generated by Viral launch can be overwhelming to beginners.  

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