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Whitespark Overview

Whitespark is an online suite of SEO tools that places a special emphasis on local SEO. If you’re interested in building citations, earning reviews, or getting your businesses ranked in Google, then you might want to consider Whitespark among your top choices. Whitespark also offers a ton of “done for you” services, including content creation, link research, and ongoing review strategy. 

Whitespark,Whitespark review

So Whitespark is essentially more than a mere set of SEO analytical tools, they’re also an SEO service provider. So you can get more traffic, more leads, more people inside your door, without fussing over the intricacies of SEO.

Whitespark has a comprehensive citation finder. What does that mean precisely? Well, Whitespark scours every corner of the Internet to find precisely where your competitors are advertising themselves effectively. This allows you to “sneak in” via the back door and steal their SEO juice, legally and ethically (though to their dismay and frustration).

If you have a local business, you realize the dire importance of managing your reputation. So if you want to better gather and collect feedback, reviews, and testimonials from your best and happiest customers, then Whitespark could be of great use to your organization.

Whitespark will make your local SEO campaigns more organized, so you can have all of your campaigns on a single page, allowing you to focus on your trouble areas, while brainstorming future SEO campaigns. So you can stay organized and quickly determine the overall health of your local SEO rankings without fidgeting through a dozen different windows and apps.

WhiteSpark Advantages

Whitespark,Whitespark review

Done For You Services – If you’re interested in cutting out the middleman and would like to hire Whitespark to manage your entire SEO campaign, including review outreach, content creation, and local SEO listing, then you’re going to crack a massive smile as you learn more about their features later on in this review.

Perfect For Small Businesses – Whitespark was made by local SEO specialists, and it’s designed specifically to help you with your local SEO rankings. If you’re frustrated that your competitors are trouncing you in local search, then Whitespark is your knight in shining armor.

Builds Your Local Reputation – A few negative reviews can be enough to make a grown man (or woman) go crazy. For that reason, Whitespark specializes in getting your best and happiest customers to leave reviews, so you never have to beg in order to get noticed. In fact, Whitespark is willing to do all the work for you, so you can focus on being an awesome business that your customers want to review in the first place.

WhiteSpark Disadvantages

Whitespark,Whitespark review

Narrowly Focuses On Local – If you’re a local company looking to dramatically increase your local SEO rankings without breaking your back creating content and bawling your eyes out trying to get reviews from your top customers, then you’ll absolutely love Whitespark, it’s a service that’s literally designed specifically for you. However, if you’re not a local business, then you might be better off elsewhere.

May Not Be Best For Internet Marketers – If you’re a network marketer, blogger, or email marketing specialist, then Whitespark isn’t specifically catered to your area of business, and in all probability you could find better suited services with a third party SEO analytical toolkit.

Premium Pricing – Whitespark offers a premium “Done For You” service called LocalSpark. Whitespark doesn’t make any bones about their premium LocalSpark pricing. If you’re in the market for a nearly “done for you” local SEO solution, then Whitespark is arguably best in class. 

However, if you’re a penny pincher, you’re better off looking elsewhere. (Whitespark would concur with this analysis; if you’re curious to learn more about their LocalSpark pricing, and what free features Whitespark does offer, please continue reading until you reach the pricing section in this summary review).

Who Is WhiteSpark Ideal For?

Whitespark,Whitespark review

Whitespark is ideal for local business owners. If you own (or work with) a local business, Whitespark wants to talk with you. Whitespark offers a ton of services for business owners, including citation building, reputation building, and local rank tracking.

Whitespark also offers an entirely comprehensive local SEO package known as LocalSpark. With LocalSpark, Whitespark will conduct the optimization of your Google Places and other local pages, build all the citations your business needs, and tune up your website so that it ranks effectively for local search.

Whitespark will also work with you on an ongoing basis on your behalf. So you can sit back, relax, and let Whitespark handle the generation of reviews, content creation, and they’ll even work on getting more effective links to better promote your website. 

So you can focus on what you do best, which is of course run your business, and let Whitespark conduct your business with a fully “hands off” approach.

WhiteSpark Features

Whitespark,Whitespark review

Local Citation Finder – Whitespark’s local citation finder will enable you to find exactly the best places to list your business, so you can get better rankings, more traffic, and more eyeballs on your websites and ultimately through your door.

Reputation Builder – How would having more reviews so you could build your online reputation much easier feel? Whitespark makes it simple with their reputation builder, so you can get more online reviews from your top customers, all the while stacking awesome testimonials for your business.

Local Rank Tracker – Get your local and organic search status clearly presented so you know precisely which cities you’re ranking in, and what you need to do so you can improve your search standing.

LocalSpark – Work with some of the world’s top search engine experts under the Whitespark umbrella. So you can get your site ranked, get content created, and have links built for your website automatically, without breaking your back or doing any work.

Citation Building – Citation building with Whitespark is arguably the best and fastest way to improve your local search engine rankings dramatically. The best part is that you’ll find only the right citations, because Whitespark has years of experience and they know precisely which indicators to search for, so you never waste time or effort.

Citation Audit – Have you ever been stressed out because your website listings are totally botched on the big 50 business directories? If that’s the case let Whitespark take the load off, they’ll perfect your profiles across the biggest directories, so your data is always up to date, fresh, looks great, and most importantly, helps you rank to the top.

45 Countries Supported – Maybe you’re scared that you’re not from the USA and you still need your businesses to rank locally? If that’s the case you can proceed with the utmost assurance because Whitespark integrates with 45 different countries, so whether you’re from USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Argentina, Austria, Belgium or other countries around the world you can get your website listed and ranked.

Citation Monitoring – Once you list your business’ citations, you’re finished, right? Wrong. The next crucial step is to constantly monitor for new citation opportunities, so you can reengage old searches and see which new services your competitors are using, and which new openings exist for yourself and your own websites.

Google Places Optimization – Face it. Out of all of the different online directories, Google Places is easily one of the most important. That’s why Whitespark places special emphasis on Google Places, so you can proceed with unstoppable clarity and confidence knowing that your Google Places listing is fully optimized for traffic, ranking, conversions and sales.

Guaranteed Information Quality – What good is comprehensive keyword and citation data if the information is erroneous, bunk, or distorted? Whitespark guarantees top quality and accurate information, so you’ll never waste your precious time or marketing budget on information that’s not real time, current, and accurate.

WhiteSpark Pricing


The first thing you should know is that Whitespark offers free features for all of their customers. The offline conversion tracker and the review handout generator are readily available for you to use for free, and you never need a credit card to use these services. 

So you can instantly start generating more reviews among your top prospects, customers, visitors, and clients, in addition to tracking the conversions on many of your website (and brick and mortar) properties.

The premium tools and services that Whitespark offers have independent pricing plans, and include several moving parts. So there is no “one price fits all” pricing, and each plan operates differently.

If you’re curious to learn more about a premium Whitespark menu of sorts, please read the following information.

Whitespark’s local citation finder starts out at $16.67 per month when you pay annually, you get 20 searches per day, 5 projects, and unlimited citations. If you’re looking for something more significant Whitespark also offers an SEO enterprise plan that offers 100 searches per day, 100 projects and unlimited citations for $83.3 per month when you prepay annually.

Whitespark’s online reputation builder is free for 15 days, and then $27 per month with the ability for discounted rates if you run or represent multiple businesses.
Whitespark’s local rank tracker plans start at $5 per month with their small business plan for 10 location keywords, and go all the way up to 2,500 location keywords for $200 per month in their enterprise plan. 

Whitespark’s citation building and submission service will cost you $4 for generic citations, and $5 for local (niche) citations.

Whitespark’s citation and auditing service starts at $750 with their basic plan which includes the top 25 sites, $1,000 for the conversion plan which covers the top 50 sites, and $1,200 for their pro plan which covers the top 50 sites, in addition to 5 industry specific sites.

The cream of the Whitespark crop, is their LocalSpark plan. The LocalSpark plan is a premium plan where you can get the heavy lifting of your local SEO campaigns done for you. So your Google places page, citation building, the fine-tuning of your website for SEO rankings, ongoing link building and even content creation are all done for you. If you’d like a quote for LocalSpark, you’re advised to contact Whitespark through their website, however they cite their cost to be around the $1,500 to $2,500 range.

WhiteSpark Conclusion

Whitespark,Whitespark review

Here’s the bottom line. If you’re a small business, a startup, or even a well-recognized authority in your local market, then you realize that the cost of advertising just keeps getting higher and higher.

That’s why local search engine rankings have never been so important. But you probably realize by now that hiring a fulltime SEO staff can cost you tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Maybe you realize the benefits of solid SEO ranking, but you just don’t have the marketing budget to invest that kind of capital at the moment?

If that’s the case, and you’re still in a position to benefit tremendously from added exposure, superior SEO ranking, better reviews, and ultimately more website traffic, then consider checking out the Whitespark website.

It’s 100% free to start, you’ll get a feel for the company, and should you ever require to take your local SEO rankings to the next level as quickly as possible, you can get started with LocalSpark so you can get everything done for you. 

So ask yourself how that would feel. How it would it feel to have your business and your websites dominating local search, all the while everything is done for you? Including website content, link building, and reputation management, so you can focus on running a beautiful business that your end users love you for. 

If it would feel good, then check out Whitespark’s website, and register for an account. It’s risk free, and might be the best thing for your business that you do all year.

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