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What is Wiser Search?


Wiser Search is a search engine plugin built for your webstore and e-commerce website. This tool makes sure your products are found in your online shop when a customer searches for it. It looks through your content pages and products to show the customer relevant information about the product they are searching for. It also offers a refined filtering system to help customers find exactly the right item based on various factors such as price, size, color, or brand, among others, that you can configure.

This search tool integrates with your webstore in Lightspeed and Magento. It automatically indexes your products and boosts your search engine right in your e-commerce site. Aside from Lightspeed and Magento, you can use the tool through a custom-made installation. Technical knowledge is not required as the vendor will assist you during the process. You also get your own configuration module to customize your own search functionality, sorting, filtering and retrieval of results.

Overall, Wiser Search is a robust tool that provides you with a smart search engine to increase conversions and drive purchases on your webstore. It gives your customers accurate search results quickly, regardless of the number of products and content to search through, which leads to the improved customer experience on your site. Furthermore, you get insights on what your customers are searching for with the tool’s extensive keyword statistics.

Wiser Search Benefits

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Wiser Search helps improve your e-commerce site’s search quality. Here are some of this tool’s key benefits:

Makes products searchable

Wiser Search provides you with a smart search engine for your website. It is designed to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your search results when a customer looks for a product. After a customer types in a keyword for the item that they are looking for, the tool sifts through your content pages and list of products to provide the customer with the right information. It also has a filtering system to help the customers refine the results based on specific factors.

Integrates with Lightspeed and Magento

Installing the app on your webstore is easy. It integrates with some of the most popular e-commerce sites – Lightspeed and Magento – where scripts are automatically added on your site. It immediately starts indexing your products and content. You also have the option to configure your search function, sorting, and filtering to improve results. If you’re using other e-commerce platforms, Wiser Search has a custom-made integration. The vendor’s team of experts will take care of everything in the implementation process for you, hence, technical knowledge is not required.

Increases conversions

When a customer searches for a product, it means they are interested to purchase it. Wiser Search helps you improve your site’s search functionality in order to increase conversions and sales. It provides relevant search results quickly regardless of the number of your content pages and products to sift through. It also provides you with insights you can use to label your products from its extensive keyword statistics. Showing what keywords your customers are using gives you data-driven information on how to provide names, descriptions, and content for your products to make them more searchable.

Wiser Search Features

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  • Intelligent search engine
  • Extensive keyword statistics
  • Lightspeed integration
  • Magento integration
  • Custom-made integration
  • Quick search plugin
  • Filtering system
  • Automated product indexing
  • Configuration module
  • Search function, filtering and sorting management
  • Product display customization
  • Layout management

How Much Does Wiser Search Cost?

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Wiser Search Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

Quote-based Plan

Contact vendor

The Wiser Search pricing information is only available when you request a quote. Contact the vendor for a tailored plan.

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