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What is Wistia?


Wistia is an advanced online provider of professional video hosting services for businesses from various scales and industries. As a business-oriented service, it helps businesses grow their brand awareness,  and simplifies services and track marketing performance through its built-in analytics and video marketing tools.

Wistia provides tools to: customize videos so it matches the overall web brand of the business, increase website traffic through video SEO, and generate new, engaged leads for growing your business, and many more. It even offers seamless integration with a slew of third-party systems and applications, to make the business’ online marketing efforts even stronger and more productive. More importantly, Wistia ensures business owners maintain content ownership and control so they get better results in their online video marketing efforts.

On top of that, Wistia is a highly affordable system: It offers a free version tailored for starters and small companies, and a painless transition to higher paid plans to support the growth of your activities.

Overview of Wistia Benefits

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Being a primarily marketing tool, Wistia helps your business to attract new customers and maintain the loyal ones. You can link Turnstile email collector to your favorite email marketing tool and new leads will be passed directly to your email lists. You can also direct viewers as well to your sign-up page, more videos, or other parts of your website with calls to action. Every activity is recorded on a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and re-watched. There are also Trend Graphs which lets you track how your entire video library performs over time, and generate reports based on the information you receive.

What is probably the most distinctive advantage when it comes to Wistia is that its player can be customized with an option to select the colors, and adjust the functionality to suit the needs of your brand. Videos can also be easily organized according to your own workflow or structure, and can be set as open or closed when needed. Afterwards, video data can be sent from Wistia directly into your favorite marketing automation software in order to see how your videos are contributing to your overall marketing strategy.

Wistia’s embed codes completely automate Video SEO. With its embedded codes, JSON-LD metadata (including transcripts) is being added directly on your site’s page. Embedded Wistia videos are indexed by search engines and return results for your website instead of YouTube, thus providing more opportunities for traffic and eventual revenue to your product or service.


wistia pricing

  • Advanced Analytics, including identity tracking and engagement
  • Batch Upload and bulk management settings
  • Hosted video playback pages with commenting & moderation
  • Advanced HTML5 video player and delivery, with Flash fallback
  • Video meta data management
  • Customize the video player with templates and widgets
  • Organize video content into playlists that can be assigned to a player
  • Video security features, including IP white listing and password protection
  • Email gating and lead generation
  • Integrations with marketing automation and CRM platforms

How Much Does Wistia Cost?

Wistia is available in the following payment plans:

Free Plan

  • 5 videos/month
  • All features included
  • Wistia branding on player

$25/month Plan

  • 25 videos/month
  • All features included
  • No Wistia branding on player

$50/month Plan

  • 50 videos/month
  • All features included
  • No Wistia branding on player

$100/month Plan

  • 500 videos/month
  • All features included
  • No Wistia branding on player

Premium Plan-by quote

  • All features included
  • Marketing automation integrations
  • Account management, SLAs, Priority Support
  • Large number of videos, APIs, millions of views

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