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Wordze Reviews

Knowing what phrases and keywords people are using in their search queries is absolutely vital to planning a new writing and/or marketing campaign.  After all, who would write content that nobody is going to read because the average searcher will not be able to find the content easily based on their own existing searches.  This is where utilities like Wordze come into the picture.

What is Wordze?

Wordze is a keyword research tool that is designed to give users the ability to dig deep into the keyword universe that people search for everyday on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, and AOL.

The tools that Wordze provides do more than just give users a general idea of how often a keyword is being search for, they also allow the user to track daily trends as keywords or industries fall and rise in popularity due to seasons or events in the news.


Features of Wordze

Wordze has so many features, and many are very unique, that I won’t be able to touch on even half of them in this review. I therefore encourage readers, if interested in Wordze, to visit the site themselves and go through their tour to get more information. 

Their site is extremely fast and easy to use, resembling a Google-esque type of site. There are just enough graphics and styling to provide a comfortable experience, while keeping load times extremely low and usability great.

There is a total of 12 different tools that Wordze offers. Here’s a short introduction to four of them:

Wordze Keyword Research

The keyword research tool gives users a few options to filter results. You can filter adult, drugs, gambling, warez & hacks, all, or none. In addition, you can change the results per page and the search style (exact match, broad match, etc.)

The keyword research tool yielded results very quickly. I’ve used a couple different keyword research tools and Wordze was by far the quickest.

For the keyword “search engine optimization”, nearly 2300 results were found. Wordze gives users the keyword count and estimated count. According to the site, “the count column is what Wordze has seen from Internet Services Providers in the last day, or 30 days, depending on the tool.” The site states, “the estimated column is a cross calculation from Internet Portals. Around every 30 days, Wordze will evaluate its estimated traffic by reviewing top ranking sites and/or by us manually running PPC campaigns for keywords in various markets for a better estimate on over all traffic.” In addition, the tool gives users an option to see the keyword’s traffic history, market competition, and a keyword effectiveness index (KEI).

After you choose your keywords, you can download the list as an Excel file or a text file. This makes compiling your potential keywords much more manageable by using Excel’s built-in sort functions.

Wordze Keyword Expander

When I started writing this review, I somehow missed the Keyword Expander tool. As a result, I had to rewrite a lot. Using Wordze’s keyword research tool in tandem with their keyword expander tool is extremely powerful.

Basically, the keyword expander tool is a secondary filter. Once a keyword list (or project) is saved, it can then be used in the Keyword Expander. There are really only three different filters here, but believe me, they are unbelievably useful. They are:

Count Limit, which filters by traffic/volume for that keyword/phrase.

Limit number of words, which filters the amount of words (greater than 3, less than 10, etc.)

Required/Omitted words, which filters out or requires certain words.

It would be nice if they added the option to limit number of words via “Less than X” up to 10; currently you can only limit under 6, and since AdWords does not allow more than 10 keywords, this would be very helpful since some keywords are over 10 and have to manually be removed.

The great thing here is that users can filter a 30,000 keyword list, save it, and then immediately filter it again instantly. This simple but robust feature allows users to start off with an enormous list, filter it down exactly to their specifications, and then end up with a large list of targeted long tail kewords.

wordze reviews

Wordze Historical Keyword Data

The Historical Keyword Data tool displays data in both chart and percent form and details the trends in volume through time for a certain keyword or phrase. This is useful for things such as tracking changes due to holidays or news stories. For example, the term “Mother’s Day” showed a massive spike (310% increase) on the 10th of May.

Savvy marketers can take great advantage of such information.

Wordze Download Manager

All saved keyword searches and search-engine digs are saved in the Download Manager and are archived. This is particularly useful as one may want to take a past heavily filtered list of 1,800 keywords and modify it by adding a new keyword instead of having to start again from scratch.

All downloads can be downloaded in Excel or normal text file format, with optional KEI and word count information.

Wordze Referral Program

Wordze has a referral program and pays out 30% commission on any trial or monthly subscriptions for the lifetime of the referred customer.

They have no minimum payout and claim to pay 15%-25% higher commission then any other keyword research affiliate program.

Wordze’s referral program pays via PayPal or Check.

I was surprised how elaborate their referral program control panel was. It is very elaborate and so large that it could warrant another review in itself. They have tracking codes, creatives, custom reports, the works.

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Wordze Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

There are currently two methods of payment:

  • Day Trial: $7.95
  • Monthly Membership: $35

Wordze currently has a special offer of $35 a month, but normall charges $45. However, they state that if purchased now, they will only have to pay $35 in the future as the offer will be grandfathered.

Payment is done via credit card only unfortunately. It would be nice to see Wordze accept PayPal in the future; I’m sure they’d get a lot more users that way.

For those of you who are interested in trying Wordze, I’d recommend the day trial. That gives you a full 24-hours to try them out and won’t cost you as much as a full month.

wordze pricing

Conclusion of Wordze

Overall Wordze is an efficient device for the cash. It is actually a step up from utilizing a free device and is a superb choice for a starting to intermediate marketer who will not be trying to put extra money into key phrase analysis. The reality is most new entrepreneurs merely don’t perceive how essential key phrase analysis is to good on-line advertising and marketing. Others could possibly do good analysis to seek out key phrases, however not perceive find out how to successfully combine these key phrases into content material. That is why a complete web coaching program is a should for anybody who actually needs to study to generate profits on-line.

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