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What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands (or WWB) is a Florida company that was founded in 1999. The company is classified as a wholesale directory service that connects you to millions of products and thousands of suppliers. Worldwide Brands is not an actual supplier and they do not sell you anything.

The company is the only publisher of wholesale product sourcing information that is certified exclusively by eBay.

Worldwide Brands connects you to 16 million products and 8,000 suppliers for a one-time fee. After you get access to the service, you get the opportunity to work with all of the suppliers without any limitations. You have the option to drop ship products directly to your customers or purchase the products in bulk and ship them yourself.

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How Does Worldwide Brands Work?

Worldwide Brands locate their suppliers/ wholesalers through mediums like trade shows. They get the details of each supplier or wholesaler, and perform a thorough investigation on them to make sure they are legitimate.

They even pay a visit to the supplier’s warehouses in order to verify their authenticity.

They then ensure the wholesalers are willing to work and sell their products on a wholesale price to the online retailers, who will further sell it on their own websites to the end users.

They even try to negotiate with the wholesalers to lower the minimums for the Worldwide Brands members.

Once the Worldwide Brands find their genuine wholesalers, they certify them and list them on their database. Though the list is made for the international market, most of the suppliers are based in the USA & Canada.

This database is regularly kept up-to-date with the addition of new suppliers. And in case a supplier shuts down or is getting bad reviews from other members, Worldwide Brands simply removes them from their list.

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Benefit of Signing Up for a World Wide Brands Account

Worldwide Brands is the largest directory of dropshipping and wholesale sourcing suppliers. The directory has over 16 million products from over 8,000 wholesalers. No other dropshipping directory offers such a huge amount of inventory or suppliers as WWB.

For example, Salehoo lists 2.5 million products while Doba has 2 million.

Even better, the Worldwide Brands products and supplier database is consistently being updated. For example, this year, about 500,000 new products were added to the database. No matter what niche you are in, you can almost be sure of getting a supplier in WWB.

Worldwide Brands Light Bulk Suppliers

One of the features I love about Worldwide Brands is that apart from bulk suppliers, you will also find light bulk suppliers.

If you have tried sourcing wholesale products before, you are probably aware of minimum inventory requirements from the suppliers. Most suppliers have a minimum requirement of $2500 worth of products.

On the other hand, “light bulk” suppliers have low minimum orders that usually range from $150 to $500. This means you can start your wholesaling business with these suppliers without spending a tone upfront on inventory but still get their wholesale prices.

The suppliers listed at World Wide Brands specifically work with online businesses, including independent dropshipping stores, eBay sellers, and Amazon FBA sellers.

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Worldwide Brands Vetted Suppliers

Perhaps the best feature about World Wide Brands is that they research all the suppliers prior to listing them. This eliminates the risk of you dealing with bad or unreliable suppliers.

One of the problems with most dropshipping or wholesale directories is that it can be difficult to find dropshippers and wholesalers that offer their products at a cheap price, which will make it easier for you to resell them at a profit on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

The suppliers listed on Worldwide Brands are different and especially work with dropshippers. This is why WWB is the only eBay certified wholesalers directory. The founder, Chris Malta, has included the top suppliers that made him a power seller on eBay in the directory.

Worldwide Brands Millions of Products

WWB has millions of products that you can dropship. What’s even better is that most of the suppliers in the directory are based in the US and Canada. Therefore, if you prefer working with local suppliers who offer fast shipping times (under 7 days), you should sign up for Worldwide Brands. Moreover, since there are millions of products in the directory, you will often find low-priced items here than at any other directory.

Finally, when you log in your WWB account, you will see the contact details of each supplier. You can contact the suppliers directly, build relationships with them, negotiate on the prices and hence have more margins. The suppliers listed in WWB are not middlemen. This means you can get the best prices for the products you want.

As a member, you will find the Worldwide Brands customer service very helpful. For example, if you cannot find a particular product you would want, you can contact the customer service team and this will send you a list of suggested suppliers.

If the suppliers still don’t have the product you want, the team will find the product for you.

With the huge number of items at Worldwide Brands, it becomes easy to build a profitable dropshipping store as you will not be competing with everyone else that is sourcing products from AliExpress.

You will discover some weird and profitable niches from the products listed in Worldwide Brands. For example, when I was browsing around, here are some examples I found:

  • Diversion safes
  • Chicken coops
  • Stand Up Paddle boards
  • Insulated cups

These are all hot niches right now. Imagine being able to dropship the products to your customers without paying huge upfront fees?

Most suppliers listed on Worldwide Brands do not publicly provide their dropshipping information. Therefore, you won’t find them when you search on Google something like “dropshipping companies”. Some of the brands are also exclusively listed on Worldwide Brands and not any other dropship suppliers’ directory.

You will find suppliers in nearly any category in WWB, including electronics, clothing, jewelry, tech, and more. The suppliers at the directory offer both brand and generic products.

Majority of the suppliers listed in WWB are from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. However, there are also other suppliers from around the world, but not as many as those from the four countries we have mentioned before.

Your membership to Worldwide Brands comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Therefore, if you don’t find the products you are looking for, you can request for a refund.

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Worldwide Brands Pros

  • Worldwide Brands is not a scam but a legitimate company.
  • It provides an impressive directory of genuine suppliers and wholesalers, and keeps it updated on a weekly basis.
  • They have a responsive and helpful support system.
  • The Worldwide Brands membership offered, is for a lifetime. It involves no other annual, monthly or middleman fees.
  • They do follow a refund policy, if the need be.
  • Their services could be accessed on the go, as they have mobile apps for both Apple & Android devices.

Worldwide Brands Cons

  • Worldwide Brands lifetime membership comes with a whopping $299 price tag.
  • Despite the costly membership, the free perks are either limited or irrelevant.
  • They also tend to up-sell other services to their members and each comes with a separate billing.

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Worldwide Brands Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Worldwide Brands charges a one-time fee of $299 for a lifetime membership, with absolutely no recurring fees. If that’s a bit too steep for your liking, you can take their Easy Pay Plan. This divides the cost into three payments – $99 upfront, then two monthly payments of $110, totaling $319.

They also promise a money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with their service. You have 60 days to review their service if you pay in full, and 30 if you go for the payment plan. You can pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or PayPal.

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Services of Worldwide Brands

Along with access to their massive supplier directory, membership to Worldwide Brands also comes bundled with some handy complementary features. These include:

  • Market Research Program: While Worldwide Brands will not tell you what products to sell, their Market Research Program does take some of the guesswork out of the decision. This feature gauges a product’s potential success using criteria like demand and competition levels. It’s not the most advanced tool, but it’s handy.
  • Member Center Access: You’ll get expert advice and learn valuable information to help your business succeed. The Member Center contains instructional videos and guides to help with most common concerns. You’ll also find the Wholesale Forum, exclusive to members, where you can get plenty of insight from other users no matter your level of experience.

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Worldwide Brands is a legitimate wholesale directory that will give you access to thousands of suppliers and millions of branded products. It is one of the longest-running wholesale supplier directories on the internet and continually adds to its massive supplier database.

Although the members area is easy to navigate and was apparently recent updated, it still looks a little bit outdated, especially when you compare it to its rival, Salehoo, which has a clean and mobile responsive website.

However, that should not be a hindrance to the service that Worldwide Brands provides, which is one of the largest and thoroughly vetted wholesale supplier databases you will find online.

The only real issue is its price, which is expensive when compared to its competitors, however, it is only a one time fee and you get access for life including all updates. If you are serious about starting an eCommerce business, having access to a wholesale directory will save you a lot of time and headache and will be a good investment for your business.

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