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What is ZIK Analytics?

ZIK Analytics is a leading e-commerce software platform that offers a suite of tools to help eBay sellers find profitable items to sell and then sell their items fast by ranking them on the first page.

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

Everyday, we help over 5,000 eBay sellers, just like you, to start, grow and build the online business of their dreams and get the freedom and flexibility to work on their own terms. Our members enjoy more time with family and friends, the ability to explore the world or to build the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

The business was founded by a former eBay seller, and as such we know first hand that the number 1 challenge for sellers is finding profitable items to sell. That’s exactly why we created ZIK Analytics! The tools we’ve developed allow you to save endless time, make more money and confidently list products on eBay knowing they’re in high demand.

Private Facebook Group: By staying in touch with this excellent community, you can ask your questions and make sure they are answered. The community is both active and helpful on topics related to selling on eBay.

Private Mentoring to Skyrocket Your eBay Dropshipping Business: Gurus sometimes charge a lot of money for private lessons. In Zik Analytics, you’ll find several successful dropshippers that can help you grow your eBay business and take it to the next level. These professionals charge minimal fees in exchange for their expertise, which is far more reliable than random gurus on Facebook or YouTube that aren’t upfront with their experience.

You can check the date to see when a product was listed. Zik’s market research tools help you determine if an item is selling well on eBay. No more guesswork involved!

Why is Zik Analytics the best eBay search tool on the market?

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

The following main reasons suggest that Zik Analytics is the best software to find successful products on eBay:

  • Direct mail: to help them find out what and how they can sell on eBay
  • FREE Course: Free eBay 2018 dropshipping course that will help you get started with this online shopping experience and avoid the endless time spent watching videos on YouTube
  • Browse by category: Browse a category and find the top-selling products on eBay for this category.
  • Market Research: You can check the date to see when a product was listed. Zik’s market research tools help you determine if an item is selling well on eBay. No more guesswork involved!
  • Find Competitors: See other drop shippers and see which products have been sold on eBay over the past 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.
  • Branch Analysis: An excellent tool that helps you understand the important statistics of your eBay store, such as: For example, the sales rate, the number of products listed, sales, and more
  • Live Webinars / Successful Dropshipper Weekly Questions and Answers: As mentioned earlier, the owner of the tool is a direct sender who provides updated information and organises Q & A sessions in the Facebook group to help and respond to the community Questions that people can have,
  • Private Facebook Group: Excellent community, you can ask your questions and make sure they get an answer. This is a very active community on eBay.
  • Private Support in Sky Rocket Your eBay Dropshipping Company: Gurus sometimes charge a lot of money for private lessons. In Zik Analytics, you’ll find a group of reputable shippers to help take your eBay business to the next level. A small fee in exchange for your time is much better than the random gurus on Facebook or YouTube, of which you know nothing.

Benefits of using ZIK Analytics Pro tools to build your eBay business

You can quickly find millions of hot products

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

Fill your eBay store with profitable items! Get eBay sales data of all items and see what products have the biggest sales potential. Filter for sales, comments, and prices to find valuable earning opportunities. Next, save the products you found, and export them into your listing software.

You can learn from providers who dominate the market.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors. Scan all providers that use the competitor research tool to be inspired for new product ideas. You’ll soon see what sells well, and learn the strategies that successful sellers use to dominate on eBay.

You can discover the best-selling article categories

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

Discover the categories for hot products. Access to the sales potential of each category with important data (such as total sales on eBay, the average price of a product, or Google sales trends) helps you make informed decisions.

You outrank your competitors in the search results

Get your products on the first page of eBay’s search results. View the best keywords for each eBay product, sorted by various competitors and sales metrics. Next, use the data to create titles for your listings that can be used to rank high in the search results.

ZIK Analytics Pro Review: Pros & Cons

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

ZIK Analytics Pros

  • eBay Product Research
  • eBay Category Research
  • eBay Competitor Research
  • eBay Keyword Research
  • AliExpress Market Research
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • Get the world’s best market research tools
  • 500 Best-Selling eBay items
  • ZIK funnel
  • Building the right team
  • Find profitable items to start selling on eBay
  • Rank your products higher than your competitors
  • Discover the best item categories and keywords

ZIK Analytics Cons

  • A Little Bit Expensive

ZIK Analytics Pricing

ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

Starting Price

$29.99 per month

Pricing Details

$19.99 - If billed Yearly

$24.99 - If billed every 6 months

Free Trial

Free Trial available.


ZIK Analytics,ZIK Analytics review

Zik analytics is probably one of the best tools. However, if you do not like it, need a better deal or are looking for features that zik analytics does not offer, the alternatives above are part of your best options.

We hope you’ll find the right tool to grow your business with our list of free solutions for all to more expensive projects for experts

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