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Powerful Software Features


  • 1. Review Cleaner

    Push down a bad review and bury it under other reviews, so it will be “invisible” on your product page. NO NEED TO VOTE ANY REVIEWS!

  • 3. Keyword Booster

    The only 100% safe and legit method to rank your product on page 1 without giving away any product. Normally it takes 5-10 days to rank depends on your keyword.

  • 5. Amazon Verified Reviews

    Get verified reviews from our carefully selected private buyers. No public review group is used. 100% safety and privacy guaranteed for your account!

  • 7. Amazon Internal Reports

    You can see the percentage of sales & traffic generated by each keyword, daily organic searches, traffic and sales data for your competitor’s product.

  • 2. Review Voter

    Upvote your good reviews to the top and show the trustworthy of those reviews. Report abuse your negative reviews to push them down and reduce their negative effects on your listings.

  • 4. Q&A Customizer

    Now you can customize your Q&A section based on buyer reviews and questions on your competitors’ listings to solve buyers’ doubts for your product and boost conversion rate immediately!

  • 6. Store Health Check

    Have you done a health check for your Amazon seller account? Do you know if it is under any risk of getting blocked? Or if it is already blocked, do you know the reason? Come and do a health check!

  • 8. Video Uploader

    Upload your video to the main image section of your listing no matter whether you have a brand registered or not. Fast, safe and legit.



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I'm Shafiq Armani, an expert in selling group buying tools. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry
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