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What is Zonpages?  

According to ZonPages,com, ZonPages is an all in one digital engagement platform for Amazon sellers to cater to their clients and customers, be it potential or past. It’s a marketing solution and its one page conversion machine for your Amazon products. I’m not going to lie, ZonPages does a lot of things. A lot of vital things we all need as Amazon sellers. So its really really important to take some time and look into it. You can go and buy a lot of other platforms only to realize that they are all included in ZonPages already.


Zonpages Features

I know it’s kind of customary to discuss features in the order of their appearance but I’ll use a different criterion. I’ll start with the features I think are most exciting.

Zonpages Landing Pages

I’m not sure if this information will impress you on not, but the landing page building process is entirely centered on templates. ZonPages provide a good range of templates that you can fully customize to blend with the theme of your brand.

Creating a landing page with ZonPages is a wonderful experience because all it takes is to click and drop. It collects all the necessary information (titles, descriptions et al.) and the only thing that’s left for you to do is to enter your product’s ASIN number.

The quality of the creator is at par with many 2018 sales page softwares. It creates one long page and lots of bullet points and beautiful images.

zonpages review

Zonpages Coupon Distribution

There’s a misconception that Amazon promotions and Amazon sellers are the same thing; this is so not true. Customers will likely prefer a $ to a % discount because the latter involves a lot of calculation that not many people have time for, especially when making impulsive purchase decisions.

See, when a customer gets a coupon for $3 off a product worth $20, they immediately know they will be paying $17 for this product. This is the same as offering a 15% discount on this product, but many customers won’t look at it this way because they don’t have the patience to do the calculations.

ZonPages offers an easy landing pages that make converting claim codes enjoyable and faster. You can manage your coupon distribution on your ZonPages dashboard and as this is connected to your Amazon Seller Central account, the buyer will only need to click the check mark.

Zonpages GiveAway Page

GiveAway is a strategy that sellers can use for a more perfect product launch. It involves building proper GiveAway page, using Facebook Video Ads and YouTube to get to your target market, and configuring your FB Pixel more appropriately as this will lower the cost of ads on FB. Finally you can create a perfect email list to make your launch perfect.

zonpages coupon

Zonpages Email Autoresponder

The ZonPages EAR is another tool that makes this platform a big deal.

It allows you to automatically send emails to your Amazon customers through the Amazon Messaging System depending on the events of the order status. So if it’s not obvious already, you must have an Amazon Seller Central Account to use this service.

ZonPages makes it easy for you to send emails directly from your Amazon account by allowing you to connect to the Amazon API (known as Marketplace Web Service) from a link on the dashboard.

Pros of Zonpages

  • One of the best landing page creators.
  • Coding is not required, nor any expertise to develop a strategy.
  • Easy distribution of coupons and discounts amongst new as well as existing customers.
  • Attractive in terms of price and offering.

Cons of Zonpages

  • They charge for a 30-day trial whereas some competitors offer free trial.

zonpages landing page

ZonPages Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

There are 3 packages available for ZonPages. The starter package begins at $19.95/month. Synchronize your Facebook audiences and Amazon clients with no additional packages. Business packages begin at $49.95/month. Enterprise package starts at $99.95/month.

zonpages how capture customer emails


ZonPages are a great way to drive external tools to your Amazon listings. While there are numerous tools out there, we found ZonPages with its features and wide niche of tools to be a hit among seller.

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