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Due to the complexity of Amazon - the largest online marketplace in the world, it is becoming more difficult for sellers and their products to get TOP placements on page 1 in Amazon's search results ( SERPs ) every day. For this reason, it is now essential to use helpful Amazon SEO tools for an optimal ranking result. Starting with keyword tracking to an efficient PPC management tool, we have attached the 3 most important Amazon SEO tools that should help you to increase your sales performance on Amazon.

Helium 10: Amazon SEO Tool for Keyword Management and Tracking

With Helium10, you have the opportunity to operate efficient keyword management and tracking and to optimize corresponding product listings for their potential. The tool has 12 different features that support the user in a wide variety of ways, although we will only focus on a limited selection in the following.

Keyword Management:

One of the main USPs of the tool is that you can have the listing checked for the number of characters allowed or the keyword density. Since the Amazon algorithm reads these parameters and these also influence the ranking, you should be aware of this here. If you want to rank for a certain keyword and only include it once in the entire listing, your chances of getting a good ranking are poor. The exact conformities about creating an optimal Amazon listing can also be found in the Amazon guidelines.

helium-10 search volume

Keyword tracking:

Another important feature of Helium10 is designed to determine the monthly search volume behind any stored keyword. For sellers who are thinking about expanding the product segment, the tool can thus be used as a potential analysis tool. Sales or sales (including those of the competition) can also be forecast with corresponding placements. With an IQ score determined by Helium10 itself, you can also find out how high the search volume of a defined keyword is about the competition, i.e., you can also quickly estimate the market environment and the density of competition.

With Helium10's classic keyword tracking function, you also have the option of checking any ASINS that can be stored about your current placement with certain keywords. Example: What is the ranking of my product "Hammer" (ASIN entry in the tracker) for the keyword "Tool." With a good ranking, you can assume that customers will buy your product using this search term; with a poor ranking, you have the potential to target the ASIN better. You can find out more about an important feature within Helium10 called "the rocket" here.

helium-10 keyword tracker

Sellerboard: Amazon SEO tool for controlling

While many tools are designed for technical Amazon SEO components such as keyword, PPC, or review management, with Sellerboard, we would like to introduce you to a more business or commercial "controlling tool." The exact economic calculation of the sales and costs is the basis for aligning the technical SEO measures such as sponsored advertisements (bid strategy, setting of ACOS values) or the deposit of discount scales or promotions. If you only know your margin up to the first sale on Amazon and not beyond that, you cannot optimally manage and grow successfully. This is where Sellerboard comes in.

Profit analysis and cost structure:

With Sellerboard's profit analysis, all fixed costs from Amazon (fixed sales or shipping fees) and special costs such as return costs, storage fees, reimbursement costs, and much more can be calculated. Deposit. Thanks to intelligent selection functions, you can then track individual cost factors for set time intervals in the seller board. This gives you an exact overview of the sales that have already been made.

sellerboard profit analysis

Cash flow and liquidity:

In addition to the pure profit analysis function of Sellerboard, all incoming and outgoing payments can be determined in the cash flow and liquidity dashboard regardless of the operative marketplace sale. This function is handy for retailers for determining the planned values ​​in terms of pre-financing of goods. Sellerboard also creates forecasts for liquidity within the framework of the tracked data, which allows you to quickly calculate the corresponding order quantities and record capital tie-up costs.

Inventory planning:

Speaking of capital tie-up costs: In the inventory planning of Sellerboard, warehouse values ​​and stocks of individual products can be analyzed and compared with the sales already made, whereupon the toolsets sales speeds and automatically outputs an extrapolation of the warehouse range. This feature enables sellers to quickly enter an exact date for reorders of the respective products.

Sellerboard is currently working on new features and is constantly developing, as customer feedback & amp; The Sellerboard team will thoroughly examine the expansion options for certain functions and often implement them. Sellerboard, keep it up!


Prestozon: Amazon SEO Tool for PPC Management

The rule of thumb up front: If you do not place advertisements on Amazon, you will be left behind in the organic ranking and waste potential. We recommend every seller to set up sustainable Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns to be competitive these days.


Bid optimization:

With Prestozon, we give you a tool with which you can operate efficient PPC management. The tool automatically adjusts the corresponding keyword bids (individual budget per keyword) to the specified target ACOS value (percentage of advertising costs to sales) through the so-called bid optimization. For example, if the target ACOS value for a keyword is set to 20% (€ 2 advertising budget for a product that costs € 10 to sell), the ACOS value is currently higher, Prestozon's algorithm gradually regulates the bids down to the target value. The main advantage is that the bids no longer have to be adjusted manually in the Amazon backend, but the tool learns and takes over automatically.

prestozon bid optimization

Automatic keyword rules:

In addition, to bid optimization, Prestozon is intelligently programmed and has a so-called selection function. More precisely, the stored algorithm of the tool can differentiate well-performing keywords from poorly performing keywords and outsource the bad ones accordingly via a "negative alignment." Therefore, the cost-intensive keywords are no longer displayed within the campaign and lead to more efficient budgeting and bid adjustments for sellers.

In addition to bid optimization and automatic keyword rules, the PPC tool also offers various evaluation and tracking functions. For example, you can show the correlation between search terms and keywords. This knowledge is essential for the creation and revision of PPC campaigns with manual alignment. You can find an example here.

prestozone analysis


To a certain extent, Amazon certainly allows you to get reports and evaluations directly from Seller Central. However, to operate efficient Amazon SEO, sellers can no longer avoid using certain tools for management and tracking. Anyone who deals with sales on the world's largest online marketplace daily will notice that intelligent tool tools definitely help to increase sales performance.

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