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Adspy Group Buy Account cheap pricing

Ahrefs Agency Account Group Buy - cheap ahrefs pricing

Please see the full list of tools available here:

The price for Adspy subscription is $149 for one account with 100.000 views in account. Now, you can get full access to adspy account with service for just $20. With our adspy group buy service, you will get adspy premium account for just $20 and it come with 20.000 views. 

Please read those rules before buy our Adspy Group Buy account service:

Cheap Adspy group buy account is using Adspy account with another person. Adspy group buy account is focused than one people because many people use together will share account payment

1. Account is valid for 30 days. When you buy adspy account from GroupBuyExpert service, the payment is auto subscription, it mean that it will auto make payment in next month until you cancel your subscription in paypal account. If you keep subscription, your adspy account will automatic renew in next month. It mean account will valid for more 30 days. 

Example: You buy account on 25/3, then if you cancel subscription payment within 30 days (from 25/3 to 25/4), your account will expired on 25/4. But if you keep subscription payment on paypal, your account still valid in next month from 25/4 to 25/5.

2. Adspy account from have 20.000 views ads from Those views valid within your account expire time only. It mean that those 20.000 views valid for 30 days only. If you don't use those views, your account don't have extra views in next month. In next month, if you still keep subscription to renew account, so your account will have 20.000 views.

3. If you use all 20.000 views before account expired, you need to purchase more views to use adspy account from The price is $10 for 15.000 views. Those additional views never expired. You need to contact us via to buy more views if your account doesn't have views left

Please check this demo video to show how our Adspy Group Buy account work


AdSpy is the social media ad intelligence tool with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the market today


  • 41.5 million ads across 182 countries from more than 8.3 million advertisers and still growing in its database
  • You can search ads by ad text, URL landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks, etc
  • You are able to filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes
  • Affiliate offer scanning in all URLs including landing pages and redirects; comprehensive system using residential IPs and real browsers to avoid cloakers


  • Social media competitor research
  • Competitive intelligence, social listening and reputation management
  • Reviewing new social media ads released by your competitors

AdSpy is one of the advanced ad spying tool packed with the several unique features but doesn’t worry as it charges is less than other spying tools. Hence, we can call it a powerful and super affordable tool. In order to make your PPC campaign more effective, you have to track your keywords more than 7 times every day.


Before subscribing to its paid plan you can take a trial of their service for with the free ad credits.

You can use Ad credits by scrolling and showing ads. In order to get the relevant ads you have to modify your search term instead of continually scrolling.

adspy pricing

I like its search box feature, as it allows me to do pretty much search for anything you can imagine. Search by precise tags such as age range, countries, gender, daily likes, total likes and created date.

adspy coupon

If you want to search via advertisers’ text, the name of the advertiser, URL, and text on the landing page then you can only do this using AdsSpy.

This tool also contains search criteria to find an affiliate offer that being promoted by the ad sellers.

facebook ad spy tool

The AdSpy platform will provide you the actual ad along with their likes, comments, the range of the ad and countries.

For example, You can see the ads that are targeting Males 30-70 in the UK.


After it, click on the ad to see the actual ad or get the complete insights such as likes over time, landing page screenshots, technologies used on the landing page, affiliate tracking insights and more.

As you can see that their search results are never-ending however if you’re still unable to find a specific range of ads based on your need then you should check out their ‘examples’ page which contains how to do so without contacting their support team.

The possibilities of AdSpy are infinite; find out the new ads and then copy their success or modify them according to your requirements. No matter, you are running a digital marketing agency, drop ship store or lead gen business as you can easily reimburse your invested money (monthly charge of AdSpy).


ADSPY Advanced Features are:

Enhanced Basic Search

This is one of the necessary features having broad functionality. Via this, you can search using text in the ad, name of the advertiser, total number of likes, type of the media it uses, etc. After it, sort the appeared results using the clever filters such as

  • When was the ad last seen?
  • How do users react?
  • Which ad is the longest running?

Search through Comments

Using the comment search option you can search for the ad using their comments. Search via ad comments using your important keywords, track competitors’ brands or your own products, or verify the ad’s positive or negative feedback.

Accurate Demographics

With the help of its unrivaled network of providers, AdSpy can exactly review an ad that is trying to aim depending on their location, sexual category, and age range. All of your competitors that are targeting a specific region and across markets will never imagine that AdSpy can revile all of them.

Calling Affiliates

With the help of this tool, one can easily find ads by an affiliate network, or search for precise affiliates and offers. In order to see how others are promoting ads you can search via the Offer IDAdSpy will also help you to bypasses the cloakers, hence all the insights provided by this software are flawless and straight from the landing pages.

Review from GroupBuyExpert customer for Adspy group buy account service

1. You may want to try AdSpy which is the best ad intelligence software in the market today especially for Facebook and Instagram. Here are some features that you can take advantage of using this:

32 million ads and growing every day

  • Mobile ads

  • 7 million advertisers tracked daily since 2016

  • 180 countries

  • 80 different languages

  • Search by ad text, URL, landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks

  • Filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes

  • Set when the ads was created or seen by users

  • Search by technologies used, for example search all ads which use Shopify on its landing pages

  • Affiliate offer scanning in all URLs including landing pages and redirects. Comprehensive system using residential IPs and real browsers to avoid cloakers

2. Facebook AdSpy tool can help in one's business in a sense that you get updated on what your competitors are doing on social media. How a business can benefit from it is you can see which ads are working for them and it can be a source of inspiration or idea when you make your next ad so that probability of its success would be high as well. You can also get feedback or insight from your customers when you can see customer comments on your social media ads. You can do all these and more with AdSpy which has a substantial database of around 40M ads in 82 different languages across 182 different countries and more than 8M advertisers.

3. Try our AdSpy. You can uncover the ads you need to see in one place with one tool. It is the only Instagram ad intelligence tool that incorporates top social media data. And you can also use it for Facebook too.

4. You can also use AdSpy to monitor your ecommerce competitors on social media. With its comment search, you can search through ad comments with the keywords you think are important: monitor competitors' brands, your own brand, or see what had positive or negative feedback. That's just one of the many features that you can take advantage of in using AdSpy to check on your ecommerce competitors.

5. You may wanna try our AdSpy, it's a great tool to monitor social media ads whether yours or your competitors' especially on Facebook and Instagram. It offers the most search options of any Ad Intelligence Tool, so you can find the data you want, how you want. Search in the usual way: ad text, URL, page name. Search true data from user reactions in advert comments. Be as rigorous as you need to: search or filter by affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies - whatever helps you find the information you can work with.

6. You may also use our AdSpy for searching competitor's ads on Facebook and Instagram especially if you want to monitor ads across countries. You can either search by ad text, URL, landing page, comments, affiliate networks, or filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes, etc. Pretty helpful if you're running several social media campaigns and want to see how successful competitors are doing it or if you want to have instant feedback on how customers are reacting to certain brands and products.

7. You could try our A lot of dropshippers are using it to search for new and popular products. You could search for Shopify ads that are gaining momentum in the last weeks. Or on the contrary are created long time ago and are still running

8.  Adspy is a social media ad intelligence tool. What it does is it can quickly search for successful Facebook and Instagram ads practically across the globe since AdSpy has a database of more than 52 million ads in 187 countries.
It has several search and filter features that you can use like search by ad text, page name, URL, advertiser, comments, affiliate ID, etc. or filter by gender, age, daily and total likes, media type and more. You can mix and match these features to find already successful ads of others that you can consider as a competitor. AdSpy may also be used for social media monitoring, listening or other possible functions you can think of in terms of launching a marketing campaign.

9. You may want to try using our which is an ad intelligence tool for social media with a huge database of Facebook and Instagram ads numbering to more than 52 million ads to date across 187 countries. How it can help is that you can take advantage of its robust search and filter capabilities (e.g. by ad text, URL, page name, advertiser, comment, age, gender, location, total likes, and more) to search for ads in the luxury niche. You can just type in search by Ad Text: "luxury" and filter by total number of likes so you would know what social media netizens are following when it comes to luxury. If your target market are women then you can filter by gender or if you have a target age bracket, you can filter that too. Get creative with the search and filter functions and you will have an idea on how luxury retails do their marketing and how potential consumers are reacting.

10. This is a tool I've been using over the last month or so and I've actually found a couple of really awesome products that I've managed to scale pretty big off the back of using it now we're all in business here this isn't a hobby and this will cost you a hundred bucks a month so it is a premium tool but it's all about ROI right so if you can get an ROI off using this. Tt's well worth the investment now the reason I love it is it saved me a ton of time and itshows things in my in the feet


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