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There are total 3 different plans for BuiltWith account

Basic - $295 / month

Pro - $495 / month. GroupBuyExpert is selling this plan account for just $150/month. It mean that you just pay $150 and you will get access to pro BuilWith account for 1 month

Team - $995 / month

If you don't want to buy Builtwith group buy account, you can buy single report from builtwith

Our price for report from builtwith:

1 report = $50
2 report = $80
3 reports = $100
4 reports = $110
5 reports = $120

For bulk report or buy report from BuiltWith, please contact us:

What's in the name BuiltWith?

"BuiltWith is a tool for customer relationship management, lead generation, competitive analysis and information gathering for enterprises.

Builtwith is a service that enables marketers to analyze the technologies used in the construction of a website, so lead generation, intelligence, and analytics can be performed. The list of web pages includes the information from the database that contains 5,000 technologies and over 250 websites containing 2 million active eCommerce stores.

It is also possible for users to interpret more information about what customers are using a particular technology at a specific time, and they can also learn about what web technologies are increasing or decreasing in usage on the web as well as the sales volume of eCommerce websites.

The software is frequently used as a source of leads, gaining access to data from around the world. It allows users to download and export all of the results such as addresses, telephone numbers, titles or names, depending on the company's spend, technologies or location.

BuiltWith Product Overview

  • 250+ million websites covered

  • Results updated weekly

  • Location information - actual locations of websites

  • Phone - verified telephone numbers for websites

  • Traffic ranking - US traffic ranking for 1.5m websites

  • 3+ years history - build technology reports back to 2011

  • Filtering - unlimited sub-technology reports

  • Email addresses for websites

  • Market Share Analysis - Full technology breakdown

  • TLD Analysis - Break reports down by location


BuiltWith Trends

In addition to providing links to the most popular websites across the globe, BuiltWith Trends provides some great statistics on the most popular web and internet technologies being utilized. If you are trying to find out what the most popular content management system is on the market right now, then you have come to the right place. This particular link will show you that WordPress is the most frequently used CMS on the internet. Want to know what the most popular eCommerce platform is? WooCommerce took the prize for the best e-commerce platform, with Shopify coming in a close second. Personally I think WooCommerce is the superior eCommerce platform, however I’m learning Shopify as it’s becoming increasingly popular. What do you recommend for an email provider? The most popular privately-hosted e-mail platform is certainly Google Apps for Business (GSuite) but the most popular public-hosted e-mail platform is SPF (Private Email Filtering).

Make Informed Technology Decisions In Technology

This instrument helps me to make the best decisions on which technology to use and which technology to recommend to my clients. It is no accident that I recommend WordPress as a CMS, WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform if you’re looking for an eCommerce platform and Google Apps for Business if you’re looking for email and web hosting (I am also hosting e-mail on my server). While “most popular” is not always the best, it helps make smart decisions regarding technology. In my experience, the cost, speed, availability, and support of my preferred host, InMotion Hosting, are superior to the top five companies.
Go check out your competitors’ websites. Maybe you’ll discover something that we can use on your site. If you are looking for a new website, already have an existing website, or can use SEO improvements, please contact me today. I would love to work with you to help your business improve.

Market Analysis
Being able to access BuiltWith's market analysis data and detailed reports gives you an accurate picture of your market. The company tracks more than a quarter of a billion domains, while also allowing you to locate over 42,000 web technologies and view usage history over the past decade.

It is a great resource to get an idea of how technologies are progressing and how well positioned they are in comparison to their competitors.

I think there are a couple of good features regarding the usage of segments. The segments can be narrowed down to find information about market share from only the top 10,000 websites, and those ranking from the top 100,000 or the one million websites based on Quantcast and Alexa rankings.

Based on the tracked technologies, BuiltWith grouped them into categories and subcategories. At a glance, you can view the big players in each category and see how the trends have changed over time and how customers have changed their technology infrastructure over time.

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