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BuiltWith vs SimilarTech

Explore the comprehensive comparison between BuiltWith vs SimilarTech to understand their distinctions in terms of features. Let’s check it out!

Staying ahead in the online world demands knowledge of the tools and technology supporting websites, which is difficult given the rapidly changing environment of digital tools and technologies. BuiltWith vs SimilarTech, two well-known platforms, have become important tools for understanding the technical layout of websites. 

Both systems respond to various requirements and tastes while offering distinctive features and advantages. In this comparison, we examine the benefits and drawbacks of BuiltWith and SimilarTech to show how each platform helps organizations.

What is Builtwith?

An illustration of the BuiltWith platform

Unveiling the Essence of BuiltWith

A web technology profiler tool, BuiltWith, details the technology stack and parts used to build and manage a website. Users can learn about programming languages, content management systems (CMS), web frameworks, hosting companies, analytics programs, advertising networks, and other technologies that go into making a website.

BuiltWith provides reports and data visualizations that provide insights about the technologies and services used by examining a website's source code and various components. Businesses, developers, marketers, and academics who wish to understand the technological decisions made by various websites, keep track of trends, and make educated judgments based on this knowledge may find this information useful.

Builtwith Main Features

Here are the main features of BuiltWith summarized in a checklist format based on the provided information:

  • Comprehensive Web Data: Access data from 673 million+ websites and billions of web pages, regularly updated.

  • Technology Evolution Insights: Gain insights into the historical evolution of technology and trends for strategic decision-making.

  • Pardot Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Pardot, a marketing automation platform, for efficient lead generation and nurturing.

  • Extensive Technology Analysis: Identify and analyze over 53,000 web technologies, keeping you ahead of the competition.

  • Predictive Lead Discovery: Discover potential sources of leads even before they switch platforms using predictive leads.

  • Advanced Search: Conduct advanced searches to extract specific information for targeted research and evaluation.

  • Investor Center: Access information relevant to potential investors, showcasing your business potential for funding.

  • Unlimited Report Downloads: Download reports created multiple times with no limitations, facilitating data sharing and analysis.

Builtwith’s Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive website analysis for optimization and competition understanding.

  • Vast database for targeted lead generation.

  • Enhanced sales intelligence with technology insights.

  • Trend tracking aids in staying ahead of industry shifts.

  • Integration with marketing platforms streamlines workflows.

  • Predictive leads feature for proactive outreach.

  • Unlimited report downloads and flexible subscription.


  • High cost, especially for smaller businesses.

  • Complex for non-technical users.

  • Accuracy dependency for reliable insights.

  • Niche focus might not cover all industries.

  • Integration could require technical expertise.

What is Similartech?

SimilarTech is a platform known for its powerful technology

Introducing SimilarTech's Power

A technology business called Similartech offers services for website and technology analysis. It specializes in monitoring and cataloging the technological stacks utilized by various online domains. This comprises the programs, devices, frameworks, and plugins a website uses.

The platform of Similartech assists organizations and people learn more about the websites and digital tactics of rivals. SimilarTech can provide information about the popular tools and technologies within particular sectors or among particular sorts of websites by examining the technological choices made by distinct websites.

Similartech Main Features

  • Technology Detection: This includes programming languages, content management systems (CMS), web servers, analytics tools, advertising platforms, and more.

  • Market Intelligence: The platform offers insights into market trends and technology adoption rates across different industries. 

  • Competitor Analysis: SimilarTech enables users to analyze the technology stack of their competitors. This information can help businesses identify opportunities for improvement or optimization and potentially gain a competitive edge.

  • Lead Generation: The platform can be used for lead generation by identifying potential clients or customers based on the technologies they use. 

  • Data Enrichment: SimilarTech enriches its data with additional information, such as company details, social media profiles, and contact information. 

  • API Access: SimilarTech offers an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows businesses to integrate its technology insights directly into their systems or applications.

Similartech Pros & Cons


  • Provides information about the technology stack used on websites.

  • Helps analyze competitors' online presence and tech choices.

  • Offers recommendations for adopting common industry technologies.

  • Identifies trends in technology adoption across industries.


  • May not accurately identify custom or lesser-known technologies.

  • Could make incorrect technology inferences.

  • Might not reflect real-time updates in technology.

Builtwith Vs Similartech Comparison

A visual comparison between BuiltWith and SimilarTech

Side-by-Side Comparison between the two

Here's a detailed comparison table between BuiltWith and SimilarTech based on the provided information:




Core Functionality

Web technology profiler tool that analyzes website tech stack

Technology analysis service for monitoring website stacks

Data Source

Data from 673 million+ websites and billions of web pages

Data on technology stacks used by various online domains

Technology Analysis

Over 53,000 web technologies identified and analyzed

Detection of programming languages, CMS, analytics tools, etc.

Historical Insights

Provides technology evolution insights and trends

Offers market intelligence and technology adoption rates


Integrates with Pardot for lead generation and nurturing

Offers an API for direct integration into systems

Search and Analysis

Advanced searches for targeted research and evaluation

Allows competitor analysis and lead generation

Lead Discovery

Predictive lead discovery to find potential leads

Identifies potential clients based on technology use


Unlimited report downloads with flexible subscription

Provides enriched data with company details and contacts


Comprehensive website analysis, trend tracking

Helps analyze competitors' online presence and tech choices


Vast database for lead generation, enhanced sales intelligence

Offers recommendations for adopting common industry technologies


Integration with marketing platforms, proactive outreach

Identifies trends in technology adoption across industries


High cost for smaller businesses, complex for non-technical users

May not identify custom or lesser-known technologies


Accuracy dependency for reliable insights

Could make incorrect technology inferences


Niche focus might not cover all industries

Might not reflect real-time updates in technology

Builtwith Vs Similartech, which one is better?

Your particular objectives and requirements will determine whether you use BuiltWith or SimilarTech:

  • BuiltWith would be a better option if you're a developer or technology enthusiast looking for information on the technological stack and tools a website uses.

  • SimilarTech would be the superior choice if you're a marketer or business analyst interested in learning about user demographics, social trends, and other data linked to marketing.

It's important to remember that these instruments have separate functions, and even while there may be some informational overlap, their primary objectives are different. The "better" tool ultimately comes down to the context of your investigation and the particular insights you're trying to glean.

If you value marketing analytics and technological stack insights, you can think about combining the two tools for a more thorough view of a website's environment.


Do they offer a free version?

The platforms of BuiltWith and SimilarTech are both available in both free and paid editions. The premium versions provide more features and data than the free versions, which generally only offer a limited number of features and data.

How accurate are their results?

Depending on the complexity of the website's technological stack and the techniques employed by each tool, the findings' accuracy may change. Although BuiltWith and SimilarTech both strive to deliver accurate information, there may be certain circumstances in which their data is not completely correct or up to date.

Can they track changes in technology usage over time?

Yes, both tools offer insights into historical data, allowing users to track changes in technology usage over time. This can help identify trends and shifts in technology adoption.

Which one is better for e-commerce analysis?

Both programs may be used for e-commerce analysis, but BuiltWith is frequently chosen because of its in-depth knowledge of shopping cart, payment gateway, and e-commerce platform technology.

Can they be integrated with other tools?

Both BuiltWith and SimilarTech offer APIs allowing users to integrate their data with other tools, platforms, or systems for more streamlined analysis and decision-making.


BuiltWith vs SimilarTech are invaluable resources for comprehending the complicated technological framework of websites in the changing world of technology, where being updated is essential. 

SimilarTech succeeds with its user-friendly interface and emphasis on competitive intelligence, whereas BuiltWith thoroughly examines web technologies. The particular demands and objectives ultimately determine which option is best. Either the accessible insights of SimilarTech or the in-depth insights of BuiltWith help navigate the complex internet technology network.

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