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Builtwith vs Storeleads

Discover the unique features and advantages of BuiltWith vs Storeleads in this comparison. Learn how these platforms illuminate the technological landscape.

Staying educated on the technologies and ideas driving websites is critical in the ever-changing field of Internet technology. Platforms like BuiltWith vs Storeleads have emerged as critical resources for understanding the underlying technological underpinnings of websites in this changing digital landscape. 

While our last discussion focused on the advantages of the two, this talk focuses on the unique features and advantages of BuiltWith and Storeleads. 

In this comparison, we look at each platform's unique benefits and possible shortcomings, illumining how they help enterprises navigate the digital realm.

What is Builtwith?

A tool used for technology profiling and lead on websites

Unveiling the Power of Builtwith

BuiltWith is a comprehensive web technology profiler tool that provides thorough insights into the underlying technology stack and components used in website development and administration. 

It is a useful resource for people who want to learn about the many programming languages, content management systems (CMS), web frameworks, hosting providers, analytics tools, advertising networks, and other technologies that go into building a website.

This tool provides insightful reports and data visualizations by analyzing a website's source code and its many parts. These studies provide light on the precise technologies and services used, allowing companies, developers, marketers, and researchers to understand better the technological choices made by various websites.

Builtwith Main Featurers

Here's a summarized overview of BuiltWith's key features, presented in a checklist format based on the provided details:

  • Extensive Web Data: Access data from over 673 million websites and billions of web pages, regularly updated for accuracy.

  • Historical Technology Insights: Gain valuable insights into the historical development of technology and trends, aiding strategic decision-making.

  • Seamless Pardot Integration: Effortlessly integrate with Pardot, a marketing automation platform, to enhance lead generation and nurturing efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Technology Analysis: Identify and examine more than 53,000 web technologies, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

  • Anticipatory Lead Discovery: Predictive leads enable you to uncover potential lead sources before they transition to other platforms.

  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Conduct in-depth searches to extract precise information for targeted research and evaluation purposes.

  • Investor Hub: Access relevant information for potential investors, showcasing your business's funding potential and attractiveness.

  • Unlimited Report Downloads: Download reports as many times as needed, without any restrictions, simplifying data sharing and analysis processes.

Builtwith Pros & Cons


  • Thorough website examination to enhance optimization and comprehend competition.

  • Extensive dataset for precise identification of potential leads.

  • Improved sales understanding through technological observations.

  • Monitoring trends facilitates anticipation of industry changes.

  • Streamlined workflows by integrating with marketing platforms.

  • Proactively reach out with predictive leads feature.

  • Flexible subscription offering unlimited report downloads.


  • Considerable expense, particularly burdensome for smaller enterprises.

  • Non-technical users may find it intricate to navigate.

  • Dependence on accuracy for trustworthy insights.

  • The specialized focus might neglect certain industries.

  • Technical expertise may be needed for seamless integration.

What is Storeleads?

Specializing in e-commerce market research and competitive analysis

Understanding Storeleads and Its Purpose


Store Leads is a large and dynamic database with over 4.5 million active e-commerce businesses rigorously vetted for lead creation, market research, and data development. This resource is updated weekly to guarantee that the content is current and useful.

The database contains various attributes for each organization and painstakingly tracks over 1,750 separate apps and technologies relevant to e-commerce retailers. Using these qualities, users can quickly identify possible target firms within the Store Leads database and import these prospects into their favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Outreach.

Storeleads Main Featurers

Here are the main features of Store Leads summarized in a list format:

  • A database of over 4.5 million active e-commerce stores for lead generation, market research, and data enrichment.

  • Weekly updates to ensure fresh and accurate information.

  • Collects dozens of attributes for each company, enabling precise segmentation and targeting.

  • Tracks over 1,750 relevant apps and technologies used by e-commerce merchants.

  • Easily import prospect companies into popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Outreach.

  • Advanced Search feature for running complex queries to segment the database based on specific criteria.

  • Chrome Extension provides instant access to Store Leads data for websites you browse.

  • Create lists manually or by saving customized searches for quick reference.

  • The watches feature alerts you when stores install or uninstall specific apps or technologies.

  • Get notified instantly when store data is updated or new e-commerce apps are released.

  • In-depth analysis of Shopify stores using Product Reviews, including top stores, recent installations, categories, and countries.

Storeleads Pros & Cons


  • Boasts a database of over 4.5 million active e-commerce stores

  • Weekly updates ensure the information is current and accurate

  • Collects dozens of attributes for each company, including social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers, and installed apps,

  • Empowers users to run complex queries for precise segmentation, enabling efficient targeting of the desired audience.

  • Seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Outreach.

  • Offers a convenient Chrome extension to access Store Leads data while browsing relevant websites.

  • Provides historical information for tracking trending stores, apps, technologies, and industry verticals, aiding in strategic market research.

  • Proven valuable for public and private equity funds, offering insights for informed investment decisions.


  • While the pricing is reasonable, it poses a budget constraint for smaller businesses or startups.

  • Primarily tailored for e-commerce lead generation, making it less suitable for businesses in other industries.

  • Data accuracy relies on regular updates; any lapse in weekly updates might lead to outdated information.

  • Although it offers advanced search capabilities, running highly complex queries may require a learning curve for some users.

  • The Chrome extension and certain advanced features might be restricted to paid plans, limiting access for free users.

Builtwith vs Storeleads: Detailed Comparison

In-depth comparison between Builtwith and Storeleads

Delving into the Nuances - Builtwith vs Storeleads

Here's a detailed comparison between BuiltWith and Storeleads based on the provided information:




Main Focus

Comprehensive web technology profiler tool for analyzing underlying technologies of websites.

Database of active e-commerce stores with detailed attributes and technologies used.

Data Source

Analyzes source code and components of websites.

Curated database with vetted e-commerce businesses and their attributes.

Data Coverage

Data from over 673 million websites and billions of web pages.

Over 4.5 million active e-commerce stores with weekly updates.

Technologies Covered

More than 53,000 web technologies including programming languages, CMS, analytics tools, etc.

Tracks over 1,750 e-commerce apps and technologies used by merchants.


Seamless integration with Pardot for marketing automation.

Integration with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Outreach.

Lead Generation

Offers anticipatory lead discovery with predictive leads.

Enables running complex queries for precise segmentation and targeting.

Data Visualization

Provides insightful reports and data visualizations.

Offers historical information and trending analysis for strategic market research.


Flexible subscription with unlimited report downloads.

Reasonable pricing with potential budget constraints for smaller businesses or startups.


May require technical expertise for seamless integration.

Advanced features, such as Chrome extension, might be limited to paid plans.

Industry Focus

Provides insights into various industries using web technologies.

Primarily tailored for e-commerce lead generation, less suitable for other industries.

User Interface

May be intricate for non-technical users.

Certain advanced features may have a learning curve.


Relies on accuracy for trustworthy insights.

Data accuracy relies on regular updates.

Which One Is Better?

Find out what is the better tool to choose

Which one should you consider choosing?

The decision between BuiltWith and Storeleads is based on your needs and ambitions. Both systems have distinct features and benefits. Therefore, examining which characteristics are more significant for your use case is critical. To help you decide, here's a breakdown:

Choose BuiltWith if:

  • Comprehensive Technology Insights: BuiltWith is a good option if you want to learn about various web technologies, programming languages, CMS, and other topics. It provides an in-depth examination of the underlying technological stack of websites.

  • Historical Trends and Strategic Decision-Making: If you value historical, technological insights for strategic decision-making and want to follow industry trends, BuiltWith delivers historical data that can help you make such judgments.

  • Predictive Lead Discovery: BuiltWith's predictive lead discovery function can be useful for finding potential leads before they transfer to other platforms, providing you a competitive advantage in lead creation.

  • Integration with Pardot: Using Pardot for marketing automation, BuiltWith's seamless integration can enhance lead generation and nurturing efficiency.

Choose Storeleads if:

  • E-commerce Lead creation: Storeleads is a good option if your major objective is e-commerce lead creation and you require access to a large database of current e-commerce businesses. It provides specific characteristics and technology employed by these firms.

  • Weekly Updates and Fresh Data: If you need current and relevant data about e-commerce businesses and want a platform that gives weekly updates to assure accuracy, Storeleads can supply it.

  • Integration with CRMs: If you use CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Outreach, Storeleads' seamless integration may help you handle leads more efficiently.

  • Advanced Search and Chrome Extension: If you need advanced search capabilities and the convenience of a Chrome extension for accessing data while browsing websites, Storeleads provides these features.


Can I integrate BuiltWith or Storeleads with other platforms?

Yes, both platforms support integration. BuiltWith works smoothly with Pardot to improve lead generation and nurturing efficiency. Store leads link with major CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Outreach, making managing and using the obtained data easy.

Which platform offers advanced search capabilities for segmentation?

Both systems provide sophisticated search features. BuiltWith enables detailed searches to retrieve specific information for study and assessment. Store leads give customers the ability to conduct complicated queries for exact segmentation, allowing for effective targeting of the targeted population.

Are there any limitations to consider when using BuiltWith or Storeleads?

BuiltWith can be costly, especially for small businesses, and might be complicated for non-technical users. While fairly priced, store leads may be more customized to e-commerce lead creation and require regular upgrades to guarantee data accuracy.

Can I access data from both platforms while browsing websites?

Yes, Storeleads has a handy Chrome plugin that gives you fast access to its data when you visit websites. Certain sophisticated functionality of both platforms may be restricted to premium subscriptions.


Finally, the BuiltWith vs Storeleads comparison demonstrates their respective capabilities and benefits in the ever-changing internet technology and e-commerce field. BuiltWith excels in providing extensive insights into a website's sophisticated web technology stack, assisting in strategic decision-making and predictive lead discovery. 

Storeleads, on the other hand, specializes in e-commerce lead generation with its massive, frequently updated database of current retailers, which includes seamless CRM connection and comprehensive search features. 

Now, do you have your own choice? Leave a comment to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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