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The Domcop Power plan pricing is $98/month, is selling Domcop Power account group buy for just $10 per month. 

Basically, DomCop is the best recommendation for those who are looking to aquire top notch expiring domains quickly. The best part about their service is that they can sort based on standard SEO metrics that ensures you pick the best among the bunch. They collect the API information from various top sources like MajesticSEO. In short, this is the way through which you can avoid the hectic experience of finding out a high PR expiring domain.

DomCop is regarded as among the tools you can use online to find expired domains which are not a desktop application. Aside from that, this is also popular for conducting more research to look for all the related expired domains to the keyword you have inputted. There are also users who say that this can also be used for looking for auctions or several browser expired domains. The one thing that makes this particular good is that when you input your keyword perfectly or if the filters are put correctly, you can easily determine all the expired domains available in the online market.

DomCop is the most recommended tool for people who would like to quickly get topnotch expiring domains. The best thing about this service is that it can sort according to the standard SEO metrics which guarantees that you choose only the best among the rest. It collects the API details from different sources. This tool is a great way for you to avoid that hectic experience of trying to find high PR expiring domain. While there are a lot of other methods available out there to do this process, nothing else can bring you the same efficient results as DomCop.

The only notable downside to this tool is its somewhat expensive price of $99 per month for as much as 10 crawlers. But, if you only have 1 crawler with a minimum of 10 items, you need to wait that the first one finishes before the next one can proceed.

DomCop adds 300,000 domains to its list everyday from various sources: GoDaddy, SnapNames, NameJet, DynaDot, Flippa, NameSilo, NamePal, Hunting Moon, Domain Market,, Bido & Drop Catch. Its hard to figure out the high quality domains from the scammy and low quality ones. Below is a short tutorial on how to to find those high quality expired domains. Let us assume for this example you want to find all domains that have a minimum Open Page Rank of 2, Domain Authority of 29 and are not "Counter Offer" auctions

Ok so here’s what the Domcop software tool looks like and here are the two features that I like about this tool.

First, it’s cloud based so you don’t have to download it and run it on your computer. Everything runs on their servers so it doesn’t take up resources on your device.

Second, it has a nice clean interface and gives you a lot of data here such as Moz authority, Majestic backlinks, trust flow and a lot more.

You also have filters you can set up so you can find niche specific domains with good quality metrics.

Unfortunately that’s as far as it goes so here is what I don’t like about it, which is a deal killer for me and it should be for you as well.

It misses a lot, and I mean a lot of available domains. I have tested this software against it’s rival Domain Hunter Gatherer multiple times. I have found that DHG retrieves far better results, but only after perfecting a system that I will share with you. This is best demonstrated in an actual test or case study so let’s dive in.

I’m not going to delve into a full explanation of all of the metrics I am analyzing as I will be doing that in the free training course. So let’s say I was looking for an expired domain in the golf niche.

I typically search for domains that have a Moz domain authority of 20, 50 backlinks or more and a Majestic trust flow of 5 or more. I also want the domain to be at least one year old and only .com, .net or .org extensions.

So let’s enter those metrics into the Domcop filter and search for expiring domains. See the screenshot below of the filter settings and the results that Domcop found.

Setup the right parameters

Setup Parameters to search for Expired Domains

Set the page Rank Slider to show domains from PR2 to PR 10. Set the Domain Authority slide to show all domains with DA from 29 to 100. Check the "Hide Fake PR" checkbox to make sure that fake PR domains are not shown and ensure that the "Offer/Counter Offer" Auction type is unchecked. This only displays the domains that will definitely be sold when bid upon.

Check Results

Review Expired Domains Search Results

Its always a good idea to check the values of Moz Domain Authority & Majestic Trust Flow. A low DA or TF might mean that you need to do manually check the backlinks for the domain to verify why one of the metrics is low.

Use other filters to narrow down on results

Once you have the list of domains, you can use additional filters to narrow down the list - say Trust Flow, or Domain Authority. You can set the price below a certain value. If you find a domain that you are interested in, you can then click the grey star icon in front of the domain name to add the domain to your watchlist or if you click the domain name, you will be directly taken to the right website where you can buy the domain.

How DomCop can be effective:

Many filtering options caution you of domains with fake ranks

DomCop is the platform through which you can consider all the above aspects of site prior going for it within a very short while. It lists domains from many popular sources like GoDaddy. It can tell about the false page ranks as well. There are multiple filters to filter using different metrics like Page Rank.

Making searches more specific to gain advantage:

DomCop lets you create searches based on your need. It is the best tool for those who are not aware of the tricks needed to find the expired domains. It gathers information from dropped lists, pending delete awaiting, etc and combines them into a better list for you to choose from. Through this process you can save most of your precious time and money.

Metric are flexible:

You can really bag domains with excellent parameters like organic traffic, etc at much affordable prices. Whether you prefer Alexa rank, SEMrush rank, TrustFlow, or any other metric, DomCop has every available metric for you. It keeps you updated regularly when you pick a particular domain. There is also an advanced search that can offer you a better result.

Final Verdict

Domcop assists you in getting the domains that best suit your needs. Remember that it doesn’t sell the domains. Making money through internet/blogging is quite exciting, but need loads of knowledge and tricks. That’s the reason many are not able to continue and survive in long run. Being a little smart, you can get better domains through DomCop and save your crucial time.

Reviews from customer:

1. This is a great place to check out and buy expiring domains. I've gone through them a couple of times and it's always gone 100% smoothly. Their monthly fee is very reasonable and you can get a free trial to check things out. They have domains from multiple sources, so you get a great selection to chose from. Happy Hunting!

2. I think that DomCop is amazing place to find quality domains!
Other place that I can recommend is Subscribe for the list. It's super easy and you will safe a lot of time


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