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Majestic has many reports, visualization, and analytics to showcase their strong backlink profile.

We can’t definitively say who has the best backlink index but usually Ahrefs and Majestic are the two names most often mentioned.

Majestic features include:

  • A large backlink index dating back to 2011
  • Possibly the most extensive crawler out of SEO tools (how they get all those backlinks!)
  • Metrics including Citation flow (number of backlinks) and Trust Flow (quality of backlinks)
  • Several backlink and domain comparison tools
  • SEO browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Majestic Million: a ranking of the top 1 million websites
  • Many reporting options
  • API
  • Its own “search engine” with transparent ranking factors
  • Several backlink and link building tools we will discuss throughout this review

What Majestic does not have:

  • Traditional keyword metrics like monthly searches, keyword suggestions, and keyword difficulty
  • Rank or position tracking
  • On-page SEO audit/technical SEO suggestions
  • Content tool
  • Organic search traffic data

Majestic’s data and analysis can help:

  • Guide your SEO efforts in order to bring in more traffic from search engines
  • Track progress of what content is working (or not working)
  • Analyze competitors and benchmark against them
  • Find opportunities of sites to partner with or even sites to avoid

Pros of Majestic

  • Strong backlink index that goes back to 2011
  • Several metrics and visualizations to analyze backlink data
  • Ability to search Fresh Index (last 90 days) or full Historic Index
  • Fast retrieval of information
  • Tools to handle bulk requests
  • Topical Trust Flow drills down into industry category

The best thing about Majesitc is that it is one of the best tools for backlinks analysis. I like the fact that a startup has collected one of the largest backlinks databases in the world.

I also like Majestic that I can analyze special matrices of Trust Flow and Citation Flow on the site. I don’t know the mathematical formula for Trust Flow and Citation Flow, but these metrics replace Google Page Rank better than any other.

I also like the fact that the site is responsive. Sometimes I use the site from a mobile.

I also like the fact that Majestic has developed a special extension for Google Chrome. This extension saves time. Using the Google Chrome browser extension, I perform site analysis without opening the Majestic website.

What do you like best?

Reliable database of links that is not mixed in with a lot of irrelevant links and you can go back and see links built over time. The trust flow and citation flow ratings are also a very reliable and easy way to get a quick overview of a sites backlink history in a snapshot.

The fact that this is THE source for backlinks, it is the world’s largest link database after all. Everyone in the search industry has high views of this tool. From all the tools I've used so far for backlink acquisition, Majestic returned by far the highest number of backlinks. Also, it's Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics are the best proxy for page authority I have seen in any of the search marketing tools I've used so far.

Majestic offers more backlink data than any other tool I have user, with reliable quality metrics that let you quickly gauge a score for individual links, as well as the overall quality of any website's backlink profile. It's easy to use and fast, with downloadable reports and CSV files

The best feature of Majestic is the Trust Factor (TF) and Citation Factor (CF) numbers - as of right now, they are the MOST accurate SEO numbers in the industry. Back in the day, it used to be Moz's DA PA, but they have stopped updating it and most of the time it gives of erroneous numbers that mislead.

You could almost use Majestic for everything as it helps you to monitor a website's online presence. Search engines rely heavily on links still, so it's essential to know what's working and what's not, being able to compare your website with others, discover new linking opportunities, and fix problems.

The fact that links are grouped into types and the fact that they have trust and citation. Those two metrics alone give me a tangible number to grasp onto to be able to gauge the quality of the backlink profile of our site. At the same time I can do the same thing for our competitors to figure out where we should be looking for our next link building campaign. has been a premiere link building service for me for the last couple of years. I have used it to look into key link metrics when analyzing my own links as well as client links. The "trust flow" and "citation flow" are famous in the link building world and majestic coined these terms. Majestic really provides me with great insights to the type of link research I need.

With strong backlink index, the backlink profile they create about any website is detailed and better than any other tool.

The metrics and visualizations to analyze backlinks data is something which makes this tool different. Even the backlink history for 5 years helps to understand your SEO journey as well.

Another feature I like is the trust flow & citation flow which actually helps to analyze the quality of backlinks.

The link profile fight makes comparing two sites quick and easy. Simply add in two domains and get a full report on how the two match up. You can gather a quick understanding on two sites.

If you're looking to compare 5 sites the back link history checker allows users to add in 5 sites and see how they all stack up. Detailed charts help show users what's happening.

Lost back links is a life saver. Constantly links are being removed, pages changed, etc. With this tool you can monitor what is happening with back links to your site. If a link is lost users can see where it was located and when it was last crawled

Majestic is a platform of tools and services created to satisfy the needs of todays digital marketing professionals. With Majestic your web marketing team can run analyses to monitor your website from malicious attacks and even identify hacking.

Digital marketing teams can use the data as an input to their big data models and derive pro-active strategies to network with other sites: a link is like a relationship - you want good relationships (=links) to improve your online reputation and increase your authority.

Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Topical Trust are key parameters which offer strategic insights on the quality of a website. I have found nothing which can compete in this field.

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