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iAmAttila - iamAffiliate forum group buy account

iAmAttila - iamAffiliate forum group buy account

iAmAttila is an affiliate marketing forum for anyone who feels different and left out by Attila, an affilate expert

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iAmAttila is an affiliate marketing forum for anyone who feels different and left out by Attila, an affilate expert

Atlia've been an affiliate marketer for over 10 years full time. Made multiple seven figures in the process. Did it all from Seo to Paid Media Buys on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Native Sources, POPs and PUSH. Currently live in Budapest, Hungary full time with family..

Here are some questions and answers from Attila:

Is affiliate marketing dead?

If you ask this question, mods on forums and proud people will scream “NO ITS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER BEFORE!!!”

I find this statement a bit of a mystery. Were these people not around in the affiliate marketing world 5-10 years ago? Or is their ego so high that they can’t admit to themselves the fact that things evolved and matured; gone are the days of launching just about anything and printing money?

Things evolved in the policy department, approval teams both AI and manual are onto affliate style ads faster than ever before. These two things are the direct reason why ‘affiliate marketing is dying’

What old G’s like Neil Patel, Ian Fernando , and many other veteran affiliates mean when they say aff marketing is dead, is that it’s changed so much you can’t just throw shit up and print fuck you money.

Rip N Run doesn’t work as good as it used to, even tho this was the weapon of choice for the mememe affiliates that never share anything with anyone fearing that they’ll make less.

The easy way of affiliate marketing is dying indeed; but affiliate marketing itself won’t die because it can be very good if work is invested into more than simply turning $1 to $2 as fast, and with as little effort as possible.

ANGLES are going to be the way to dominate verticals; if you will have the creative force you will be a top aff.

Longer funnels, and user retention, having people return will be the trick to play with to increase profits. Sure, we will have to work HARDER for the crazy ROI’s that were had in the past (when affiliate marketing was ‘alive’) but the industry itself is not going to die… its just maturing… Snapchatads anyone? 

What sort,level of edge do you want to have, before joining an offer? Can you expand on the types of edges you have had now or in the past that has made all the difference?

One of the biggest edges you can have as an internet marketer before running an offer is to be known as someone that means money. If you have a good reputation, advertisers, cpa networks will go beyond the norm to get you to work with them. They may offer you a budget to just test their offer to prove that it makes money, they may give you entire geos/offers exclusively so you have zero competition or they may want to arrange for special payouts, ie give you the budget to run the offer and pay you a CPA on top for every conversion. This is what I experienced personally; so it's worth striving for.

Beyond 'showing them the money and that you mean business' one of the best edges I have is a really good team of people that help me get landing pages, angles done FAST so we can launch right away and launch big.

For example, I just finished my guide on sweeps on PUSH, in the process I did all the work - I tested offers, made the landing pages edits in notepad++, uploaded to FTP, made variants to split test, optimized etc. (I hate coding btw) and in the process discovered winning combinations that we're now scaling. I do all the 'path paving' myself, when I find winners, I hand it out to a total of 4 people - Aubrey (project manager) Niki & Blanka (assistants who set it up on traffic sources) and my design team (Miro) to get the landers/creatives made. We track all work using TRELLO cards.

KNOWLEDGE. And I don't mean the TAI LOPEZ in your garage type.

Specializing in a niche/vertical will give you knowledge that will give you an advantage when you reach out to talk to new advertisers/networks that carry your type of offers. You already know what kind of landers work best, what kind of offer pages, what a user needs to do to convert, and you can right away ask these Q's to get only the offers that meet your requirements.

and a good team. A good team that can learn on the fly and has the problem solver attitude not the I can't do this because I don't know how.

Would you recomend jumping in ecom one product or general store making? Or do cpa push this coming year(one man army) Btw, would you recomend to use amazon aws for landers or get a servers?

  1. FB is cracking down on shitty user experience ecom, they are banning accounts now like crazy, recently introduced ability to rank pages and soon they will rank the stores themselves perhaps?

If you want to do ecom you have two options

Single funnel branded route:

  1. Run branded ecom from cpa networks like viking (pm me for intro)

  2. Create your own ecom brand, where you take a product and give it a name, and then make 1 funnel for that product.

Niche store:
-Create a store that's highly niched. For example Rockers that Like Fishing and sell only niched items.

2) Amazon is great for hosting landing pages, we used them.. but now im using digitalocean and creating a vps in the hub of the continent we're targeting.

If you have 15K-30K and you had to start from scratch, what would you do? Would you pay 10K to have a mentor or not? Are you going to focus on building one brand/building a long term asset, or to just make as much money and do dropshipping, affiliate marketing, ...?

I'd start off by promoting the ecom offers on cpa networks and when I understand how to make those successful I'd create my own ecom brands and run my own media then focus on increasing LTV and backend sales.

Affiliate marketing is quick cash, whereas the above is long term.

Do you think POD with FB marketing is still viable to make $xxx-$xxxx a month?

Yes it is, and it's a really really fun business to do. It requires good designers first and foremost, and a system that continuously tests new designs. Not every design wins; in fact you can never know until you run a test campaign.

MUGS and PHONE CASES are also awesome for Facebook Ads POD.

Did you try web pushes? What do you think about?

i just finished writing a guide on PUSH that i will publish in the next 48 hours. Push overall is overpriced, and it's more like pops traffic to me than anything else.

However, it does convert well. Sad that you can't target it well like Facebook/Google ads.

If you lost everything and had to start all over from scratch with nothing but $1,000 budget, what steps would you take to start earning online?

I would work as a freelancer, and build projects that provide value.
I wouldn't even need $1000 - i started my first business with $1 i borrowed from AskDamageX to buy an .info domain back in 2008.

Do you still do ecom? Without your spy tools, will you still do it?

I am doing Amazon FBA right now. Currently evaluating product samples that arrived last Wednesday. Then ordering my first stock of 1000 units and shipping them to Amazon Warehouse.

Creating my own brand, as I believe general stores and even niched stores selling generic items isn't the way to go for long term.

If you lose everything (your list, partners, money) and had to start all over again? What would you do? How would you start all over again?

This is kind of hard to answer. Let's say I lost my email list (impossible, got tons of cloud backups), or I'd lose the partners I work with, or I'd lose all the money I have - I could still do what I do starting the next day.

For my blog, I'd make a new one on a new domain. I'd create a new list on a new mailing list provider. I'd make a bad ass ebook and give it away in exchange for email, then I'd post it on a few forums and it'd spread like a virus and I'd get a list of 5-10k in a few days.

For my campaigns, If i had zero money I'd be able to put up a post, and say I am looking for a JV partner that will fund the camps, I'll do the work.

I'm in a position where I have built my brand so high, and have track record with many CPA networks that I could start over with zero money and zero list without any problems.

NOW LETS ASSUME that you mean i'd start over as a new 'ghost'.

No one knows me, NO ONE wants to jv with me, NO ONE would download my ebook to build a list from scratch as fast as now.

I would join a community (a forum, fb group, reddit/subreddit) i'd start helping people, answering questions, and providing helpful advice. This would help build up reputation, eventually people would ask for private help and I'd teach them, I'd also meet more people and see what kind of stuff is missing, for example, what kind of service can I sell these people that will help them but also make me money. (That's how I started my copywriting biz btw, because then I was unknown, had zero money, etc)

Why do you beg for likes on your FB ads in various skype groups?

When you are ignorant, you may see it as 'begging'.

But when you understand the benefits of getting your target audience to like something right after you put it up, you too will start harnessing the power of this trick loved by the FB algo.

It's the exact same reason why DM groups for Instagram are so successful. People update their IG, then they 'beg' the people in their DM group to like, comment, or whatever on the post and then the organic reach increases.

Would you recommend doing email marketing to promote CPA offers through email? I heard some cpa marketers do this, but what would be your take on this approach being an expert affiliate?

Since I am no email marketer, I can't really recommend or speak out against email marketing. The only thing I do know, with email open rates and inbox rates (not to go into the spam or one of the filters inside gmail) is key to success.

The email marketers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves on how to optimize this; I only have experience with split testing subjects to improve the open rates, and also segmenting the lists to deliver relevant information to different groups past on past emails they opened, etc.

Email however is a must in any marketing mix, in ecom for example we used klaviyo to send discounts and followups automatically to our past customers and it brought in extra revenues.

Do you own bannersandlanders? And you run your media buying campaigns too? You have so many neat spying tricks, don’t tell me you don’t use your clients’ successful angles for yourself.

Yes I own Banners&Landers, and I make this known all the time. I am very, very proud to have built a highly reputable company thousands of affiliates use and rely on. It saves them time from having to explain to random freelancers on upWork or Fiverr what they need to get done, how they need it to look, it also saves them money because our rates are extremely affordable even to affiliate marketers with small budgets.

It doesn't matter what the truth is, you will believe we steal clients' ads, angles, landers and so forth. So why bother telling you otherwise? Think what makes you feel good inside.


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